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Bella Amsterdam Escort Story

Life Story Amsterdam Escort

Amsterdam is one of the most famous European capitals of sex. Sex and transgression are two constants in this city, the red light district is always full of women in the showcase, men looking for the right girl and escort always ready to meet customers.

Bella is a luxury escort, and she works for one of the most famous escort agencies in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is her place of work, reservations come through the web or WhatsApp and Bella has a big schedule of commitments, but she has agreed to talk to me about her work.
The meeting takes place in the restaurant Pantry, her favorite and where Bella often welcomes her clients.
The girl arrives on time, gorgeous, with a short white dress and black high heels, perfectly combed blond hair and flawless makeup.
The first impression is that Bella is a real escort, professional and who knows how to seduce every customer.
Bella is smiling, she is very polite and kind. I have the impression that she is really interested in spending time with me, and this feeling is incredible.
Bella young escort Amsterdam
After the presentations, we sit at the table and start our dinner.

The first question is a great classic.

“Bella, how did you start this job?”

Bella smiles, I’m sure she has heard this question hundreds of times.
“Unfortunately I do not have a great story behind my choice, I’ve always been a big fan of massages, and my first job was in a massage parlor.
I spent time massaging people, and I learned all the secrets of erotic massage, sensual massage, and lingam. My clients paid me to take their cock in their hands and get them cum.
Initially, all this was surreal, but then I started to appreciate the potential that sex could offer me. I talked to the boss and proposed to provide paid sex included in the massage, and he did not accept my request. “
“Why?” I ask.
“The massage does not have to be prostitution, I still remember those words. Your massage center walked on a thin red line that separated legal and illegal activities. I was not allowed to practice the lingam massage with cumshot, but I ignored the ban and did the massage in exchange for a little extra, and he knew it. Maybe he tolerated him because customers had increased, but he could not promote sex in the massage center. I can understand his position. “
Bella does not seem angry. Instead, that was her opportunity to enter this business.
Bella babe in amsterdam
“So you lost your job, what did you do?”
“At first I was angry and worried, my work at the massage center did not bring me much money, but it was a job I liked, I started spending some time in the red light district, a friend of mine worked there, and she talked with me about the escort business.”
“What attracted you to this business?”
“The money. The first thing I thought about was the money I could make in a month, or a year, or just a week of work, I’ve never been a person very attached to money, money is just one way to get what I like, and I’ve never based my life on money, but that does not mean that I do not like to make money. My friend assured me that it was possible to make a lot of money and I decided to give it a try. “
“An attempt?”
“Yes, I contacted some escort agencies, because I did not want to go to the red light district, my goal was to make money with selected clients, polite people, clean and in a luxury environment.” I was very ambitious. “
Bella sexy escort in hotel amsterdam
Bella laughs, and she is really irresistible.

“Did you audition?”
“Yes sure.”
“Can you tell me about your auditions?”
“Well, I wore my sexiest dress, high heels, sensual lingerie, and I told the agency agent why I wanted to do that job, he told me about their business model and the chance to meet unpleasant customers and to do something that I really did not want to do … He was very correct in telling me, and the agent assured me that they would do everything possible to put me at ease … I said I had stringent limits in sex, and I did not want to go beyond them by any amount. “
“What limits?”
“Anal sex and violent sex, I do not want anything in my ass, I’m sorry for the vulgarity, he understood and did not insist, but some clients pretend not to understand and try the same to penetrate the ass. In that case, I react, and I’m going away. “
“This thing happened many times?”
“Fortunately no.”
Bella looks like a girl capable of taking care of herself, penetrating her without her consent is not a good idea.
Bella gfe teen babe
“I passed the audition and created my profile, I had sex with the agent to get ready.”
“You look surprised, but he wanted to test my talent, it’s also something that women pornstars do.”
“Are you happy with your career?”
“Yes, I can choose my clients, I earn a lot of money, and I can decide what to do and what not, freedom in this sector is not guaranteed, I want to plan my exit from the industry, and to start another chapter in my life, but not now.”
Bella seems to have bright ideas for her future.
Bella babe in amsterdam
“Thanks for the conversation, I hope we two will talk again.”
“You can be my client if you wish.”

The proposal is interesting, but I am a married man, I can not do it, but you can live a beautiful evening with Bella, follow my advice and you will not regret it.

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