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Bella is an escort who offers many services to her clients. Bella is blond and has long hair, a beautiful body, and tapered legs, and she uses her body to be more seductive and to put at ease every man. Bella knows very well the art of sensual massage, lingam massage, and oil massage, practiced rubbing the naked body on that of the client, even in intimate parts.
Bella babe in amsterdam
Massages have been a passion of Bella for many years, and the young escort has integrated them perfectly in her sexual routine with every man. To always be perfect and do professional massages, Bella trains every day and uses professional beauty products, such as creams to moisturize her skins, to care for hands, to have soft and sensual skin, delicate and non-vulgar scents, balms and delicate soaps. Bella loves beauty products created by prestigious brands and spends a lot of money to buy them every week. Bella loves money a lot, and she has realized that money is the best way to get what she wants.
Bella young escort Amsterdam
The best way to make money? Use her body and her charm to seduce men, get pleasure, do massages and get paid to do it. Bella is always very kind and creative with customers, and every day she studies new massages and systems to make a man happy, make more money and be able to live the life of a real queen.
Gfe amsterdam escort Bella
Bella is perfect for people who love seduction and are looking for something different than the classic escort.


If you want to know Bella the best way to do it is to spend time together in one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, the Pantry. Book now a table in this place for your personal evening with the beautiful Bella, who will explain all the details of the massages and will wear a dress only provocative for you. It will be a wonderful evening, and you will never forget.


Bella is in love with the luxury and mysterious charm of Amsterdam and loves to walk around the city and visit the most characteristic places, such as the zoological park Artis. If you have never visited the zoological park, then you can visit it together with Bella, she adores it, and you will make her really happy, besides the beautiful Bella will thank you in a very personal way if you go to the bedroom of a hotel.


Here is Bella’s personal specialty, her tantric sexual massage and her sex. Bella loves having sex only in the privacy of a warm hotel room with all the comforts, like the suites of the Hampshire Hotel. Book your suite immediately and tell Bella the meeting schedule, and she will come with her oil, her sexy outfit and all the time in the world just for you.
Bella loves taking a shower with you before and after sex and the escort requires the use of condoms.

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Overall Rating: 5
    Special lady!

    By: Fabian | 3 years ago

    Bella is a lovely, special, friendly and tiny little beauty blonde girl. I received her in my airbnb apartment for 3 hours. She is the best blonde. Great service, she really nice worth it. Thanks!

    Bella GFE Best time ever

    By: Siebenbürger | 3 years ago

    I am a person with extraordinary sexual tastes, and Bella has been able to satisfy them fully, creating the perfect environment to realize all my sexual fantasies in my hotel room at Amadi Panorama Hotel Amsterdam. I also have to thank the staff of the site which accepted my conditions and wanted to know the details of the sexual activities that I like to prepare my evening. Easy booking way with Whatsapp chat witch it was helpful for me. Big kiss my sweet dream, Bella!

      By: Admin | 3 years ago

      Dear customer, for us to realize the sexual desires of each client is not a job, but it is a real mission, and we are delighted that you have appreciated our efforts.

    Bella Hot Blonde Babe

    By: Fernando | 2 years ago

    Ciao I am Fernando Pellegrino, and I was a customer last week who use booking service for the first time during a business trip to Amsterdam with Bella and want to say that Bella was a true professional. The whole contact phase was managed in the best way, and i ask for maximum privacy with my contact, and it seems my privacy was protected until now. I am delighted with the service, and I will try it again of course when I will came back to Amsterdam, first of all, I will ask for Bella and definitely will want to try another girl too perhaps Bella and her girlfriend. I will want to try a trio if this will be possible.

      By: Admin | 2 years ago

      Dear Fernando, thank you for time with our escort as you have used our agency service, and of course, for the beautiful words, you writed for our Bella. We always protect customers’ privacy, and we will continuously work to improve the service, is a service we keep to be the best and every time we ask the girls to keep in mind and respect it. Thank you again, Fernando!

    Bella best blonde

    By: Zultner | 2 years ago

    Agree with you, Bella is really a beautiful woman, a real sensual escort and a phenomenon in bed. I had the best sex in my life with her, and I can not wait to do it again. I admit that I do not have much experience in this domain, but I felt happiness. The money spent with her was the best investment of the year :))), and I recommend everyone to try Bella at least once in their life. Bella please wait for me I’ll be back next month :)))

      By: Admin | 2 years ago

      Hello, dear James! Thank you very much for the kind words. For Bella, it was a pleasure to work with an extremely polite customer, and our escort is looking forward to spending another evening with you. So she will wait for you 🙂

    Best blonde!

    By: Mohamed | 2 years ago

    Great service. Sex with her is awesome. I had best time with the best blonde in the city!


    By: Kenn | 2 years ago

    This girl exists. Until yesterday I was convinced that she is not, I tried her services. If you spend a few hours with her, you don’t want another girl than her. I really want to subscribe to her services. She is the best in Amsterdam!

    Best girl

    By: Danny | 2 years ago

    Bella is the most beautiful girl on the planet. I didn’t find any flaws in her, she’s perfect. Bella is the woman who can make you fall in love with her in the first minute. It’s so nice to be inside her vagina, that I felt like I wanted to stay there forever. I love you Bella


    By: Hauser | 2 years ago

    The girl was perfect!! Beautiful girl, nice and kind. I ask her for anal, and she agrees, but she asked me another 100e more which I paid it because it was my desire from some time… 🙂