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Today I have to meet a new escort from the agency for my series of interviews, and this girl is “old” for some agencies. Sorana is 25 years old and works as a luxury escort for 6 and has lots of experience.
When the agency told me that Sorana received negative comments for her age I did not want to believe it, the photos are beautiful, and a 25-year-old girl is in the prime of her youth, but some clients have a particular way of reasoning.
The beauty of the world is the variety of opinions, is not it?

sorana escort amsterdam
sorana escort amsterdam

Meeting Sorana near the Red Light District, she requested this place because she wants to walk among the girls to observe their outfits and look for inspiration for new ideas.

Sorana is beautiful, with long blond hair, a model body, beautiful black shoes with heels, jeans and a black jacket.
The agency told me that Sorana loves to provoke a lot, and in a fraction of a second Sorana opens her jacket, and she has nothing underneath, no bra or shirt.
Only a black jacket covers her breast.
I’m excited, I can not deny it.
“Are you scandalized?” says Sorana with a big smile.
“No,” I say, but I’m sure she can read my embarrassment on my face.
“I have many customers who love this kind of thing, the jacket without any other clothes, the skirt without underwear, going around the city in this way excites them a lot, and in some circumstances, I like it a lot.”
“You have a beautiful body.”
“Thank you.”
sorana escort amsterdam
We start walking in the red light district, and Sorana is very interested in the girls in the window.

“Poor girls, I work at a higher level, and I can not accept such a thing.”
“What do not like?”
“These girls can not choose the client, the customer chooses the girl, you have to have sex with pretty young people, with an old obese, with dirty, insignificant, rude people, etc. In a day of work you meet a lot of people, and not all the meetings are pleasant. ”
“I imagine.”
“Then you have the godfather nearby, you have to have sex watching the clock because a window occupied for too long means less money, never reach orgasm and sex becomes just a fitness session No, I could never work this way I have a dear friend who tried to get into the red light district and could not resist a week, she did not want to have sex with some rude old men. ”
sorana escort amsterdam
“Is the agency different?”
“Very different, a different planet. First, the staff filters every single request, and then I have the right to refuse customers, not all of course, but I can reject those who do not like, aesthetically or character.
For the agency we are precious, they can replace us, but they know that we can easily find other agencies, and bring with us the most loyal customers. By collaborating, you get better results, and I can confess that when I have sex with a client, I always reach orgasm thanks to the initial selection and the possibility of having sex for a long time. ”
“Do you perceive yourself as privileged?”
“From a certain point of view yes, because I’ve had more luck than many girls you can see in the district, I’m beautiful, I’m talented, I have no problem staying naked in front of people and having sex with strangers. my friend who worked in the district no, and now she is a waitress in a bar and has a webcam show on the web. ”
“Why did you choose to become an escort?”
“I could give a simple and a complex answer. Do you want to listen to both of them?”
“Yes sure.”
sorana escort amsterdam
Sorana stops for a moment, then looks at me, and looks at the girl in the window behind me.

“The simple answer: for the money, I want to make money quickly, without getting tired and having fun, straightforward, no particular motivation, I preferred to be an escort, become a bartender, an ice cream parlor or a secretary.
The more money I make with my body, the better it is, sooner or later I will be too old for this job, and for some clients, I am already old. Competition is intense, but I’m starting to study investments never to have money problems. I do not want to be an escort when I reach 40 years of age. ”
“And the complex answer?”
“I wanted to dominate men.” My father is an asshole, a bankrupt who was unable to keep his job for more than a month, able to get drunk until he fainted every night and spied on me from the keyhole when I went into I took a bath and showered myself, and I started to masturbate on purpose to get him excited, and one day I surprised him to masturbate on my panties.
My mother was dominated and pretended not to see, and when I turned 18, I left home to live with a friend.

sorana escort amsterdam
sorana escort amsterdam

I can say that I project my father’s image on every client, and sex is my way of dominating him and making him understand that I command. Maybe it’s convoluted, but it’s a motivation.
Also, my first sexual experiences were disappointing: one guy was so nervous he could not get an erection, another guy ejaculated after a few seconds, once a sweaty dude fucked me for half an hour, but I did not feel anything.
I thought “Hey if I have to make love then it’s better to get paid for these situations.” And that’s why I started planning everything. Dominate men, make money quickly and make money with sex. The solution was just one: become an escort. ”

Sorana greets me and provokes me again, taking off her jacket and remaining topless just for me.
A part of me would like to pay for her services and go to the hotel, but I have a family.
Sorana, beautiful and impossible for me.

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