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For today’s interview, I want to try something different and focus on another aspect of the escort’s life. I already know why almost all the girls choose to enter this business, and the motivations are always money, love for sex and the desire to have control over a man. Raise money quickly, make some good investments in the real estate market and then retire without any financial problem for years.
Now I want to focus on “how to enter in this business” a little more. I want to know the story behind the girls and how they choose the agency and the selections they have overcome to become a luxury escort.

Dephane sex in hotel Amsterdam
Dephane sex in hotel Amsterdam

Today I will focus most of my questions on this topic, and the agency sent me Dephane, one of the hottest newcomers in the catalog, and I’m curious to have some advice from her.
Dephane is beautiful, and the meeting takes place at the DeBlauwe Hollander restaurant, her favorite.
Dephane looks like a movie star, she is wearing a little black dress, heels, black glasses and gloves. Dephane loves the vintage look a lot, and for this reason, she also wears a hat.
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A lovely girl, who has a particular charisma, very elegant and not vulgar.
This is my impression, while my mind imagines Dephane unleashed and full naked in a bedroom with a client.
“Hi Dephane, thanks for being here with me.”
“Thanks to you for giving me the chance to speak, I’m always happy to be interviewed.”
“Well, I guess the main reason that led you to choose this life is money, right?”
“Absolutely, money. The number one reason.”
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“Can you tell me something about your previous life?”
“Well, maybe it’s amazing, but I never planned to become an escort, actually, a few years ago this idea would never have appeared in my mind, for any reason.”
“What happened?”
“Initially I worked as a secretary in a big company, and my boss was always watching me, he had applied a dress code, and I always had to wear miniskirts and heels, and during the summer high heels open. He was a pervert, and I think that look and be able to see my feet excited him a lot. ”
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“A very uncomfortable situation.”
One day he called me in his office and pulled out his cock, he wanted a blowjob for a € 100 increase in salary, I did it because I was interested in money, but it was not pleasant, and that was my mistake.”
“Because a precedent has been created.”
“Can you explain better?”
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“Since then my boss has increased his misbehavior, and often came out of his office naked with his cock straight to have sex with me.”
“Were you become the boss’s lover?”
“Yes, but then I got sick of that situation, because he demanded sex every day, anal sex and other things, and then I started to refuse, ad mobbing started.”
“It must not have been easy.”
“I quit immediately, and I started to reflect, it was my fault, because I had sold my dignity for 100 €, and from that moment I lost control of the situation. I thought about what I could do, and I thought ” I like sex and massage, money and, if I have to sell off my dignity, well, I’ll do it at a very high price.””
“And you chose to become an escort.”
“Exactly, I talked to some girls, and they told me that big money can only be made in agencies, and then I started to study a way to impress them.”
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“What did you think?”
“First of all I did a photo book, it was the first time I had nude pictures. From a certain point of view, it was very embarrassing, but it also excited me. I was Nude, naked with heels, with cream on my tits, and I shoot some provocative poses. It was strange to be naked in front of a photographer, but I had to lose shame because otherwise, I would not be able to stand naked in front of a client. ”
“Was the photo shoot useful?”
“Yes, you do not know, but a lot of girls try to get into these agencies to make money, the selection is hard, and you have to be unique to attract attention. An escort cannot be like a woman you can see at the supermarket or to the office secretary.
No, we must have something special, we must be unique, to push people to pay a lot of money to spend an hour of our time with them.
In the end, it’s the same concept behind the restaurant. Why pay so much money to eat fish when you can go to an all-you-can-eat? The answer is simple: for quality.
I can guarantee you that you will never find a girl in the red light district as beautiful as an escort. I can bet any amount. ”
“Do you have any advice for girls?”
“You have to be special, your body has to be perfect, so spend a lot of time in the gym, do fitness or yoga, a healthy diet and a lot of effort.” Your body is the ticket for this business. ”
“And what can you tell me about the meetings with the selectors?”
“You have to be beautiful, willing to be naked, to be touched and have sex, if required, I brought something unique.”
“A friend and we fucked in front of everyone, so I had the total attention of the breeders, and I got the job.
Even in that situation, you must be unique. There are so many beautiful naked girls, you have to give something more, show what you can do. ”
Thanks to Dephane, I have a lot more information now, and I know what questions ask to the next girls.

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