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Up to this moment in my interviews, I have focused my questions on the positive aspects of life as an escort, and on the motivations that pushed these girls to choose this life.
Today I want to try something different and learn about strange experiences, particular clients and some unusual requests. I also wanted to learn about the negative aspects of the job.
I talked to the agency about this, and the staff (kind as always), suggested that I have to speak with Renata, one of the most experienced escorts, who could help me go into this.
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Contacting the beautiful Renata was not easy, she is one of the most requested escorts and in her free time she does not want to have any commitment, she just wants to rest.
I waited patiently, and finally, I had my meeting with Renata, between one service and another.
I will have little time, so I have to try to ask the most exciting questions immediately.
Renata is always very elegant, it is clear that she loves to wear beautiful clothes and jewelry, stylish shoes, and very expensive sunglasses.
The dress is tight, and I can see her shapes, the shape of the breast and of the ass.
Yes, Renata is beautiful when she is dressed, and I imagine that she is even better naked.
I understood why this girl has so many bookings, I don’t want to waste her time.
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“Hello Renata, thanks for the interview.”
“Hi, I’m sorry, but I have very little time. Can we start?”
“Okay. I talked to many girls, and they all described the positive aspects of the job to me. But does escorting have negative aspects too?”
“Negative aspects? It has so many.”
“Can you talk about it?”
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“Well, first of all, as you can see, free time is very little. I always have commitments with clients, or I have to take care of my body or buy new clothes. I often have to travel with clients to other cities or spend a lot of time with them. In a nutshell, I never have time for myself, I earn money that I don’t have time to spend. ”
“In this case, can’t you reduce your commitments?”
“I wish, but I can’t, or rather, it wouldn’t be the best thing for me,” says Renata, smiling.
“I do not understand.”
“Do you know why so many men pay for escorts?”
“To have sex or for erotische massage?”
“Yes, but not only. They want to see beautiful bodies, beautiful girls, but above all young people. Yes, there are also customers who love MILF or mature women, but the vast majority of customers love younger girls. Our time is limited, and the best thing to do is monetize to the maximum until we are young and pretty. ”
“Perhaps you are too pessimistic, you are a beautiful girl, and you will be too in ten years.”
“It’s not true, the escorts have an expiration date, sooner or later a younger girl will come and take our place, and in ten years I don’t want to do this job for other reasons.”
“What reasons, if I may ask?”
“This job is very tiring. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, and erotic massage but doing it every day is tiring, and it’s not so nice. My body sometimes requires rest, and my pussy is tired. I have severe pain in some days because of intense sexual activity. I know well that to continue with this lifestyle for too long is deleterious. ”
“I didn’t imagine it. Can’t you reduce bookings?”
“I could, but in the long run, it’s a mistake. As I said, we have an expiration date, and I want to monetize to the maximum to stop when I want, and with a lot of money in the bank.”

Renata amsterdam escort
Renata amsterdam escort

“What are your plans for the future?”
“My dream is to have a big house in the country, with a garden, and to have children. To do this I have to have a lot of money, and besides, my job prevents me from having a stable relationship.”
“What does it mean?”
“Not all boys agree to be engaged to an escort, it requires a lot of open-mindednesses to conceive that the job of their girlfriend is having sex with strangers in exchange for money. I tried to have relationships but they are all shipwrecked for jealousy, and not I can blame them. Maybe I’d do the same. That’s why I decided that I’ll stay single until I work as an escort. ”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, it’s the best solution for everyone. Getting a family with this job is very difficult, and I can also tell you that it’s not easy to change one’s life.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, if you work for important agencies, this is a full-time job, and the proof is the little time I can give you. You don’t have time to study, to gain experience in other jobs, and so when you stop you have no skills to do anything else, unless you start your own business, or continue in this business with other jobs. ”
“For example?”
“Recruiting other girls, or creating your own agency. There are not so many alternatives. I know girls who have continued as camgirls, or as pornstars. I try to attend online business courses, but I have little time to do it. I have the idea to open a wellness center or a massage center, but I’m not sure. The future is uncertain, and so I’m enjoying the present. Now I’m sorry, but I have to go to my client. ”
“Thank you for your words, they helped me see things from a different perspective.”
Renata leaves towards her booking.
I didn’t think escort life could be so stressful. Renata’s words helped me to see things from a different perspective, and I want to explore this topic with the next girl and listen to her opinion.
Thanks, Renata, I can do my job better now.

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