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Today I would like to understand better what kind of clients they pay to go to escort girls My interview with Renata made me realize that escort life is often not easy, but I want to go into this topic, talking about the strangest customers they have met, and knowing some hot secrets.

The agency advised me to talk to the beautiful escort Daniela, a very experienced 24-year-old escort born and living in Amsterdam, and one of the agency’s most popular girls. Daniela is the perfect girl for this interview, and I want to understand what kind of person an escort can attend. I have to know if the primary motivation is the pure desire to have sex without any emotional connection, the willingness to betray, the desire to transgress, or even to realize fantasies that otherwise would never be possible.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condemn those who have erotic fantasies, we all have them, and as long as they don’t hurt someone, or violate the laws, everyone has the right to carry them out if possible, even if society’s conventions often condemn them.
Daniela professional girl escort for Amsterdam Casino
I’m sure the beautiful Daniela has so many stories to tell, and we organize a meeting at the restaurant Bordeau restaurant Gastronomiques the best location for it.
Bordeau restaurant Gastronomiques

Daniela is happy to help me, and she really wants to tell stories.
Daniela is lovely, she is wearing a black suit with red heels. The make-up is exquisite and has a gold necklace around the neck. I understand that you really are one of the agency’s top escorts.
Daniela professional girl escort for Amsterdam Casino
“Hi Daniela, thank you so much for the collaboration.”
“Thanks to you. I talked to Renata, and she told me about you. Your inquiry is fascinating, and I want to contribute.”
“Let’s start talking about you. How long have you been working as an escort?”
“Since I was 18. I was born in Amsterdam, and I wanted a job that would allow me to make money fast, and that would give me pleasure. I started as a game, to make money to pay for university, and then I continued because I understood that my passion for sex was greater than my passion for books. Being an escort has gone from being a game to a real job, which keeps me busy 24/7, it’s a true way of life. “They really understand, and I’ve lost hope of making them understand. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone, and I live my life. If my job is a problem for them, I don’t care.”
“You have a great customer experience. I guess you met so many very special people.”
“I met normal people, shy boys who wanted to lose their virginity, people who were too excited and who had premature ejaculation, and even men who couldn’t handle stress and who couldn’t get an erection. But these people are classic customers. Often in my work, I meet real freaks, extremely particular people, hardly dangerous, but who often make me uncomfortable. ”
Daniela professional girl escort for Amsterdam Casino (7)
“Can you talk about these people?”
“I don’t want to name any people, so don’t ask me for too many details. One type of client I often meet is the man who has an obsession for control. Usually, he is a man who has a position of power within the society, like a CEO, a celebrity, a lawyer, or even a policeman or a military man. ”
“Policemen or military?”
“Of course, they should avoid dating escorts, but they don’t care, the important thing is to use discretion. I don’t care, I just want to get paid.”
“I see. Tell me about these people.”
“These people in their lives are used to having control over everything, and they often command subordinates or employees. When they are with an escort, they can finally realize a fantasy: finally losing control of the situation, and being humiliated. Lack of control is the ultimate humiliation and at the same time the maximum possible excitement. ”
“What do they want to do with you?”
“In some circumstances, only having sex, but leaving the whole initiative to me. In the most extreme cases, I insult them and physically strike them, to humiliate them in every possible way. They want to be ridiculed for everything: for the physical aspect, for sexual performance, for the size of the penis. I also had a client who wanted to be an economic slave: he bought me anything, even objects I didn’t want. See my shoes? He gave them to me. And he didn’t want to do sex but only spending money for me. ”
“There are so many strange people around.”
“Yeah,” says Daniela, laughing.
“Did you have any strange experiences with these people?”
“Yes, for example a client wanted to have sex with me, and then I would have to interrupt him and humiliate him, talking about how he was a useless man, unable to give me pleasure, with a small cock, and that my boyfriend fucked better . While I insulted him he masturbated and reached orgasm. ”
“Yes. For me it is work, and I agree to do these things, but in my private life I don’t want to have to deal with these people. I am a romantic girl, who wants to have sex traditionally, not always interpret the bad cop. Anyway, as long as I’m paid, it’s Ok. ”
“Aren’t you afraid when you’re with these people?”
“No, they don’t want to have control over me, so they never attack. However, caution is never enough, and the staff closely monitors customers before accepting the booking. My security is their priority, and I appreciate them very much for this. ”
“Thank you very much for your words. I have to go into this topic further.”
“We escort have dealt with every type of man, you will surely find other stories to tell.”
Daniela professional girl escort
I greet Daniela, one of the kindest escorts I’ve met in my adventure.
If you want to meet, you know that Daniela stays in the Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam Hotel. If you’re going to hire a marvelous escort, my advice is Daniela.
Hotel Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam

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