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My meetings with the escorts for my series of interviews are proving increasingly fascinating. I’m discovering some exciting things and I’m starting to look at things from a different point of view, but I’m still interested in learning the history of many other girls, and to understand if for them becoming an escort was a choice or the only way to succeed in work.

A life story of Beautiful escort Rochelle

Today I have to talk to the beautiful escort Rochelle, one of the agency’s most fascinating escorts, who every day receives requests for dinners at restaurants, days together in an Amsterdam City Tour, or for sex at the hotel.
Being able to talk to Rochelle was not easy, because she has a tight schedule of bookings, and I had to speak to her several times to get a piece of her time. Rochelle Amsterdam escort hotel Maybe this interview will be short, but I will do my best to ask controversial questions and hope to get some interesting answers for my interview with the beautiful escort Rochelle.
I meet the beautiful escort Rochelle on the canals of Amsterdam when she finally has half an hour free from the commitments. The girl has a meeting with a client, and she is very beautiful.
Rochelle is wearing a black suit, with a white tank top, sunglasses, and black pointy high heels. Rochelle looks like an entrepreneur or the owner of a fashion store, and perhaps this is the role she must play to make her client happy in a role play escort.
However, she is gorgeous.

Rochele Escort Amsterdam

“Hi Rochelle, thanks for your time.”
“Thanks to you for your patience, I’m sorry I only have a few minutes, but I have so many requests, and this is the best I can do.”
“You have a lot of success with customers.”
“Yes, I can’t complain,” says Rochelle, smiling.
“What is the secret of your success?”
Rochelle watches me in silence for a few seconds.

“I don’t know, maybe because I’m a beautiful girl,” she says, laughing, “or because my clients understand that I love sex and spend my time with them.
When a client pays a lot of money to spend time with me, is buying my body, and a small amount of my time, but he does not want only sex. If a man wants just sex from a girl, then he could do it with his wife, or with his girlfriend, or go to speed date.
A man wants to have the feeling of being loved and pampered, to feel strong, virile, desired by a woman. My clients are looking for feelings of well-being, and I’m happy to improve their day, even just for an hour through sex.
I could say that for me sex is an art form, and it’s my way to improve people’s lives. We are like painters and writers. ”
“I don’t understand this comparison,” I ask.
“Artists and writers try to entertain people, to communicate sensations through their work. The tool to communicate can be a song, a book, a picture, a statue, even a comic book. We escort communicate with our body, and sex is our tool for communicating sensations and for making people experience personal emotions. ”
“Now I understand better. So you interpret this work as charity work?”
“No, absolutely not. This is a business. I love giving well-being to people, but at the end of the day, I want to be paid because customers use a part of me to be happy. Even painters at the end of the day want to sell paintings in exhibitions, and all writers aspire to write best sellers. ”

Everything is based on money then.

“Yes, the world is based on money, and no one can change this, but we can try to do something we love or something necessary so we can work better.
I love sex, and I do it for free with friends and with people I like, but my body has excellent value, and clients who pay for my time understand it. In some cases, I had sex with people I didn’t appreciate for the character, or from the physical point of view, and then the idea of giving well-being helped me to do my job professionally. ”

How can you have sex with a man you don’t like?

“I ask three times my fee,” says Rochelle, laughing.
“Seriously, it’s one of the negative points of my job. The staff can make a selection, but it can’t prevent customers from having sex with one of the girls if they have the money to pay or don’t have suspicious behavior. In some cases, I had a hard time having sex, and the experience was not pleasant. The only thing I could think of was hoping that it would all end as soon as possible.
In other cases, I was thinking about well-being, and I behaved professionally, but in most cases, I have sex with good-looking or educated people, so for me, it’s a pleasure.”
“So this work also has negative points?”
“Every job has positive and other negative points, and it is essential to evaluate them carefully to decide if it is worth doing. From my point of view yes, also because I was born into a low-income family in Ukraine, and I can assure you that money they were very few.
I didn’t want to be poor anymore, and sex was my way to escape poverty. Some things I say are part of my gimmick, but now I’m sincere. I hate poverty, and I’m terrified of becoming poor again, that’s why I adapt and have sex even with people I don’t appreciate.

“I see. Thank you for your time, Rochelle.”
“Thanks, I have to go to a client now. I have to play a cosplay of a businesswoman. Some clients have strange fantasies.”

The beautiful Rochelle moves away. I hope she continues to have sex only with people she loves, and I appreciate her desire to improve people’s lives.

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