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The city of Amsterdam is a paradise for escorts, and this is a fact. Throughout my career, I interviewed girls in all the major European capitals, and even Prague cannot compete with the Dutch capital.
Sex in Prague is hidden, reserved for clubs, strip bars, clubs, but it is tolerated by the authorities, with only one rule: do not exceed a certain limit; otherwise all this will end.
In Amsterdam there are not these rules, sex is accepted by all, tourists visit the Porn museum every day, the red light district is one of the main attractions of the city, and the girls work as escorts, are legalized and pay taxes.
Jasemine is the escort I want to interview today to understand her mindset and to know some amusing anecdotes about her escort career.
The place of the appointment is the Haesje Claes Restaurant, and we will talk about her life as an escort in front of typical Dutch dishes.
Jasemine arrives on time, her profile described her as an exquisite girl, who loves beautiful clothes and boots, and I am astonished when I meet a girl wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, a baseball cap, and sports shoes.
Jasemine amsterdam escort
“You look surprised by my look,” she says.
“This is not the look of an escort,” I say, smiling.
“Now I’m not working, when I work my role requires an exceptional dress code, but believe me, walking all day long with high heels and keeping them even during sex is hard, when I do not work, I want to be comfortable.”
“I understand.”
“Jasemine is your real name?”
“No, it’s my stage name, we all have a fictitious name.”
“Do you love your job?”
“Yes, it’s a lot of fun, and I love making money doing something that I really like, so, yes, I’m satisfied for now, I do not want to do it forever, but for now I live the moment, and I have no problems.”
“When did you start doing this job?”
“When I was 19. I did not want to study, and I did not find a job that satisfied me, I did not want to work as a waitress or a secretary.
“Without a degree, it’s not easy to find a good job.”
“I know, but I did not want to waste time at school, I really just loved one thing, sex, I thought for a long time to become a pornstar, I talked to some actresses, and they told me to change my mind.”
“The web has killed the industry from a certain point of view.”
“I do not understand.”
“Until ten years ago pornstars made a lot of money thanks to the sale of pornographic DVDs and VHS, but now the web has changed everything. People download movies and maybe subscribe to the most famous sites, and this means less work for all, less money, and I did not want to be fucked in the ass for a little money, I’m sorry for the language, but my ass is precious, ” says Jasemine, smiling.
Jasemine sexy prostitute booking escort in Amsterdam
I have to admit that she has a nice ass.
“The porn was not suited to my needs, so I thought about the world of escorts. The idea of making money by sex has always interested me, it’s fascinating, and I love the feeling of power that I have on men. I know all their dirty secrets. “
“Did you meet strange people?”
“Strange, I can write a book about all the strange people I’ve met in. Sex is incredible, every person has a particular fetish, the good thing about my job is that you can never get bored because people have unpredictable demands.”
“Can you tell me some requests?”
“A client wants my pussy to be always perfectly shaved, no one loves old school and pubic hair, but this client hates every hair on my body, I shave constantly, but it’s fun, he wants to inspect my body before sex. “
“If you were hired by the agency immediately?”
“I sent my photographs and some small videos of my body, then I sent an amateur porn video, and this attracted the attention of the staff. If you want to get paid for sex, then you have to show that you can do it really well.”
“This job allows me to earn very well, and the secrets of men are all material for a book, or for a sex blog, I have some interesting ideas.”
“What do you love most about your job?”
“I love many things, first of all, sex and the possibility of making love with many different people. The staff makes a great selection at the time of booking, and therefore people who are not very professional or with bizarre requests are immediately eliminated. They are professionals and very polite people. “
“Great,” I say.
“I love my life, luxury, the opportunity to dine in prestigious restaurants, sleep in beautiful hotels, wear different clothes every day, wake me up every morning without an alarm clock. I’m privileged, I’m lucky. All have a price, and the mine is really high. “
“When will you meet the next customer?”
Jasemine kissing girl escort in Amsterdam
Jasemine looks at her smartphone.

“Tonight I have a tour of Amsterdam with a recurring customer, he loves high heels a lot, and I have to go buy a new pair of shoes just for him, I’m sorry, but I have to go.”
She seems disappointed to interrupt our interview.
Jasemine seems a girl consistent with her mindset. She has no moral doubts, her goal is to make a lot of money, live a good life and be able to retire one day to do something else.
The phrase she has said is the synthesis of her philosophy of life. “Everyone has a price, and mine is really high.”
Jasemine babe hooker in Amsterdam
Jasemine is indeed very intriguing, and my mind is fantastic about her with only high heels, ready to have sex with me, and I can not help but get very excited.
And I understand her success.

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