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When I was younger and spent weekends in Amsterdam with my friends, I was very attracted to escorts. I loved those beautiful girls, always available to spend time with me, ready to have sex, some true goddesses.
I have to admit that on many occasions the idea of having sex with escorts and giving life to wild nights teased me, but I always preferred to look for another kind of girl, also because I did not have too much money for myself as a young man, and to pay a luxury escort was beyond my money supply.
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Now that I have to interview an escort for work I got to know these girls, their stories, their personality, and I must admit they are fascinating, and the world of escorts is more human than I ever imagined.

Today I have to interview one of the agency’s most wanted escorts, Andalucia, and being able to have a meeting with her was difficult because she is always full of bookings, but in the end, I managed to have an hour of her time.
The first thing that strikes me in Andalucia is her eyes, and I immediately understand why men go crazy for her.
Andalucia’s eyes are blue, the color of the sky and the deepest sea, a color very similar to ice, very rare, and that make this girl unique. During my interviews, I did not meet any girl with these eyes.
Andalucia comes from Russia, and some claim that that kind of eyes is typical of Putin’s country, but it’s not true, that kind of eyes is unique, it’s very rare, it’s a gift, and Andalucia used her eyes to become one of the escorts more requests from the agency.
Andalucia sexy girl babe in amsterdam
The girl is waiting for me at the table I booked at Sherpa Restaurant. She is wearing an exquisite white dress, boots, and a cute hat. Andalucia loves her look and puts it on display whenever she can.

“Hi Andalucia, thank you for having found the time to talk with me.”
“Thank you, and I’m sorry if I have only a few minutes, I have to go to a client, I have very little time for myself, I really work a lot.”
“In your opinion, what are the reasons for your success?”
“I’m beautiful,” says Andalucia, with a stunning smile.
“I agree.”
“Seriously, we are an escort that all men want; unfortunately, I have to say an uncomfortable truth: most of the men are immature children who are afraid of every single responsibility and who always look for an easy way out. their idols are the pornstars who have sex, cum on our faces and go away, towards the next pussy.
The men I meet have family, children, wives, responsibilities, and want to run away, at least for a few hours. I do not like this kind of person, leadsmoney does not stink.
Andalucia escort brunette in Amsterdam
Then some businessmen use us escorts for our beauty because we are eye candy. The other day I was at a corporate dinner with a very important CEO that wanted to look cool with a nice girl at his side. ”
“What is the reason that leads you to do this job?”
“Money, nothing more, nothing less. Money is the reason every person does anything, and I wanted money to have the freedom to do what I want, I have a nice body, I like sex, and I used my talents to make a lot of money. Sure, I like my job, but listen to my words, all the girls who will give you a different answer from “I do it to make money” are liars or deluded. The only reason that makes me want to have sex with an old man is his money. The only reason that pushes me to do a threesome with a couple is the money I can make in a short time. ”
Andalucia escort brunette in Amsterdam
“Do you do everything for the money?”
“Not everything, I have some limitations, like violent sex, but I have no problem with cumshot, with lesbian sex, with a threesome, and with anal sex, if the price is right, Andalucia does everything. I was born in an impoverished family, and every penny I earn allows me and my family to live a better life. ”
“Does your family appreciate your choice of life?”
Andalucia companion amsterdam
“My parents are simple people, they are disappointed with my choice, but I have the right to do what I want with me, body, and I have noticed that they really appreciate the money I send each month, I have no children, and probably I will never become a mother, so I have some difficulties in understanding their mindset. I imagine that my mother wanted a better job for her daughter rather than the escort, and my father is ashamed to talk to me about relatives, but in Russia, there were not many honest ways to make money. I’m happy to be in Amsterdam and have the chance to do what I want with my life. ”

Andalucia Amsterdam escort babe
Andalucia Amsterdam escort

“Do you want to work in this sector for a long time?”
“Of course, this job is a real gold mine, and I want to exploit it until my body is beautiful and my seductive gaze. I’ve talked to escorts who are over 40, and they have lots of clients, even young people, so the business is strong, I want to dedicate myself to this activity as a full-time job, so I will hardly have a family, but it’s not a problem for me because a son or a man limits my freedom, and I want to be free. ”
Andalucia watches her watch.

“Excuse me, now I have to go to my client, he loves punctuality.”

I say goodbye to Andalucia, an interesting girl, but from a certain point of view that lives in an eternal dream. She wants to be free, but she is a slave to money and her desire to be free and without ties.
I hope that one day she can indeed be the master of her life.
But I have to admit that those blue eyes are magnetic.
Andalucia, eyes of the soul.

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