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In these interviews, I met mainly girls who were born and raised in Amsterdam or the Netherlands and only a few girls who came to this city to become famous escorts.
I am well aware that the Amsterdam mindset is very tolerant of this type of activity, which is encouraged within certain limits, tolerated and even encouraged, given the amount of money they can bring, but what can be said about escort work in others countries?
If a girl comes to Amsterdam to work, does she do it because she wants to make money in the central market, or because in her country she doesn’t have the chance to work legally?
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I have to answer this question with today’s escort.
That’s why I looked for a girl who wasn’t born in Amsterdam, but who was born abroad, and my attention was drawn to the beautiful escort Almita. Her profile says she is a girl of German origin.
Germany is a country I’ve visited many times, and the classic German stiff attitude doesn’t fit well with an escort’s lifestyle and a Dutch-tolerant society. But these are just my assumptions, and I want to understand Almita’s story well and find out what are the reasons that led her to become an escort.
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Being able to get Almita’s attention was not easy, because the girl is often outside Amsterdam to meet exceptional clients, or she has the weekend entirely engaged in a series of meetings, or with the same client for three consecutive days.
Fortunately, after a series of email exchanges, I managed to get a meeting time with the beautiful Almita during one of her rare days off, at the Coffee Shop Bulldog.
I had to ask a few questions because Almita wanted to relax, so what she did to me was a personal favor.
I go to the appointment in advance, and I find out that Almita is already there, drinking orange juice and eating chips.
This girl is very different from the on her profile photos, no high heels, short dresses, loincloths and topless.
Almita only wears sweatpants, a tank top, sunglasses, and flat shoes. Today Almita wants to be comfortable and relax, but I can see her shapes under tight pants, and breasts, and I understand that Almita is always fantastic, regardless of what she wears.
Almita looks at me, and greets me, gesturing for me to approach her table.

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Almita hot sex massage amsterdam

“Hi Almita, thank you for your time, and sorry if I force you to talk to me during your day off.”
“Don’t worry, you have been talking to me for a long time, that’s the least I can do.”
“So Almita, you were born in Germany, right?”
“Yes, in a town called Kirchhurdem, small, in the middle of the mountains, a breathtaking view, a country where people live well and without problems.”
“Why did you go away?”
“Because my lifestyle could not coexist with that of my parents. I loved having fun, showing my body, exercising power over men, but in a small town, this is not often accepted. A great open-mindset was needed, which in my case has been totally missed. ”
“I’m sorry, growing up in a retrograde environment is not easy.”
“I can understand my parents, I was not an easy girl to manage during my adolescence, and I really caused a lot of problems.”
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“What kind of problems?”
“Nothing serious, I was just a girl who wanted to have fun in life, and I loved to provoke men by wearing sexy clothes and throwing explicit erotic messages. Often some acquaintances told my parents everything I did, or the boys would hit each other for jealousy that I unleashed.
Yes, I liked the power of playing with sexuality and the desire of men, but the relationship with my family had become very tense. For this reason, I decided to calm down and got engaged with a boy, Klaus, who at least, in the beginning, seemed very kind, but I realized that he was not the person I imagined. ”
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“What happened?”
“Again nothing serious, but Klaus became extremely jealous. I did nothing to lighten the situation, and I kept on provoking with heels and miniskirts. For me, it was just a game, but Klaus was starting to get more and more annoyed, and he wanted to limit my freedom, and for me this was unacceptable. ”
“You’re a girl who hates being controlled, right?”
“Yes, my freedom is precious, and nobody can limit me. The quarrels with Klaus became more and more frequent, practically one a day, and in the end, I interrupt the relationship, and you will exacerbate my provocative behavior to continue to humiliate my ex-boyfriend “Relationships with my family were now compromised, and I thought of making money by becoming a famous escort. My decision was the point of no return with my family, and I decided to move to Amsterdam, where I could find the best customers and work.” with the best agencies.
I had some savings, and now being an escort is my job. When I have sex or I am paid for erotic massage with a client I am still humiliating Klaus, and I no longer have relations with my family, for them, I am shame, and they represent a world that I want to erase from my life forever. ”
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“I’m sorry.”
“You don’t have to worry, I don’t suffer for people who have shown that they are only interested in one thing: to prevent me from living the life I wanted for fear of damaging their reputation. For me this is unacceptable, and it is a behavior that I hate with all my strength.
I’ll never go back to Germany, or maybe I’ll do it in a long time, for now, I’m still too angry with my family, and I have no interest in spending my time on it.
I’m happy in Amsterdam, I make money with sex, and that’s important. And nobody will control my life. ”

The chat with Almita impressed me, her story is fascinating, and I can only esteem a girl who dared to burn bridges with the past to live the life she wants.
A real model of behavior. Find her near the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, Kattengat 1, 1012 SZ Amsterdam!

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