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The most exciting thing about my escort interviews is that they are girls with very different stories, coming from very different backgrounds, but in the end, the reasons that led them to choose this job are very similar, precisely as escort Andalucia said.
This is why I am very interested in the nuances, the small details that make each story different from the other, those that make the difference, and I will try to get them in every interview.
This time I contacted the agency asking to speak with a specific girl. I selected Donna because I was impressed by her profile and photographs.
I wanted to know her story, and maybe I would have discovered some curious detail about her career.
Donna sexy babe Amsterdam girl
I booked a table at the Gartine restaurant, her favorite, and Donna arrives very elegantly. Her profile says she loves Gucci’s clothes, and I’m sure she bought a new dress just for this evening.

“Hi Donna, thank you for being here.”
“Thanks to you, ask me what you want, no censorship.”
“The first question is always the most trivial: why did you start doing this job?”
“Of course for the money, and of course I love sex, when I was a teenager I was trying to have sex every day, and when I had the menstrual cycle it was the blowjob festival … After adolescence, I thought about how good it was to have sex and make money at the same time, and I chose to work as an escort. My mother is a cleaning lady, and my worst nightmare is living a single day like her, wasting time cleaning floors? Absurd, no, impossible for me. When an old client fucks my ass, I make more money in this way than my mother in a month. ”
Donna has a very rough language.
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“You love luxury, you have a beautiful dress.”
“Thank you, having a lot of money allows me to shop every day, and I can buy what I want. When I was a child, I dreamed of wearing new clothes every day, and now I realized that dream.
Also, I work with my body, and I always have to be seductive, so I have to have sexy dresses, heeled shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. I do not buy clothes, I make an investment in me. ”
Donna girl escort Amsterdam
An interesting point of view.

“Do you have strange stories to tell me?”
“I can write a book about all the strange stories I can tell, for example, I’ve noticed that many old men love cosplay.”
“The cosplay?”
“Yes, you can also call them role-playing games, for example, imagine having sex with a maid or a doctor.”
“I guess that with you this cosplay goes to the next level.”
“Customers know that I try to please them in everything, and I can confess that a well-known politician likes to get me dressed as a Nazi officer and have violent sex.”
“A well-known politician?”
“Yes, I will never say the name because I signed a confidentiality agreement. I have to wear boots, uniform, hat, and then stay naked, wearing only the shoes and the band with the swastika on the arm. It’s hard doing sex with high heeled boots, and often I hurt the client’s leg with my heels, but he seems to appreciate it, and I make a lot of money.
For me they are not true perversions, it’s a game, it’s a theatrical representation, and I took German lessons to be a more credible Nazi.”

Donna amsterdam escort
Donna amsterdam escort

“Even? Incredible.”
“Well, when I play a role I like to make it as believable as possible, when I was young I was very fascinated by the theater and the possibility of becoming a completely different person, and this work also requires acting, especially during orgasm,” Donna says, smiling.
“Do you pretend orgasm?”
“Men who know how to have sex and make me cum are rare, due to egoism and a wrong conception of sex. Sex is not doing ten positions in half an hour, because it becomes just a fitness session, and it does not even have a big cock and penetrate every hole for a long time, that’s just painful. ”
“I imagine.”
“It is not pleasant to do fitness naked for half an hour attached to a sweaty man, and it is not nice to feel pain in the pussy or the ass.”
“You are a forthright person, do not censor anything.”
“I hate censorship, if you do not want to talk about pussy, then do not interview an escort, that’s what I think.”
“You are right.”
“Many other women and I want more to reach an orgasm. Things like emotional involvement, a man who thinks about our well-being and not just sex, something special. I have some clients with whom I have a great feeling, and they succeed to make me cum a lot. They don’t have big cocks, but they know how to fuck me well, their priority is my well-being, and for this, I respect them very much. ”
“Do you pretend to have orgasm often?”
“Quite often, I learned not to scream too much, and to say some beautiful words. Pretending is an art of acting, and I’m good at it.”
“Very interesting.”
“I do not want to be an escort forever, I will make real estate investments and who knows, maybe build my agency. The day when I will not have customers that can make me cum, then it will be my last day as an escort.”
Donna amsterdam ass babe
Donna amsterdam ass babe

Donna greets me with a big kiss and promises me a special discount if I want to spend a night with her.
The temptation is powerful, Donna is lovely, but I think of my family.
And I promise Donna that one day I’ll call her for an intimate dinner.

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