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In the course of my career, I interviewed lots of escorts, and I started to understand many things about their lives. These girls have chosen to undertake this profession for many reasons but to achieve this choice of life it is essential to be in the right place at the right time, and only one city offers resources, mindset, and opportunities for those who want to enter the escort business by the door main, and that city is Amsterdam.
The city of vice, of eros, of unruly transgression, but also the capital of beauty, of art and with an incredible charm.
Perhaps it is this incredible contrast to being so fascinating and to attract millions of tourists every day, who can visit the Van Gogh Museum at the same time and then hire an escort for the whole evening or for an erotische massage.
Today I want to talk to Alexa, one of the agency’s best escorts. The agency has assured me that Alexa is one of the most requested girls and that she has a fascinating story to tell. The girl loves art, and she has proposed to meet us in the Van Gogh Museum, one of the places where Alexa offers her city tour service.
Alexa is already in front of the museum waiting for me, wearing a winter jacket, jeans, and a woolen hat.

Alexa hot call girl in amsterdam
Alexa hot call girl in amsterdam

She looks a lot younger.
“Hi Alexa, I’m happy to meet you.”
“Me too.”

Alexa seems entirely at ease inside the museum. The girl observes every single painting very carefully and reads a small booklet. Surely she has a high culture.
Alexa noticed my look.

“I grew up in a wealthy family, I attended the best schools in the city, and I know the story of Vincent Van Gogh perfectly. He is my favorite painter.” it respects, calm and smiling.
“A rich family?” I say, and I immediately realize that I seem stupid and reason with preconceptions.
“Yes, exactly, my father is a very wealthy entrepreneur, and I have never had money problems, I’m not an escort for this reason.”
“I did not mean that.”
“I get it, yes, a lot of girls do it to make money, but it’s different for me, I have income, and I’m sure I’ll never have financial problems for my whole life.”

Alexa hot erotic massage amsterdam
Alexa hot erotic massage amsterdam

“Tell me your story.”
“Growing up in a wealthy family is not secure from many points of view: My family is made up of doctors, entrepreneurs, my uncle is a journalist, and my sister is studying to become a doctor. enormous expectations of the parents Yes, I can say that my life was planned, and I had to become a lawyer, marry some boyfriend from a wealthier family, possibly that of a minister, and raise children.
I did not have the right to choose what I wanted to do, but I was rich, I could buy what I wanted and satisfy my every whim. ”
“Many people wanted a family like yours.”
“Because they only look at money and the positive aspects, but you also have to consider all the stress and the feeling of living in a cage, a golden cage, but still a cage, and I wanted to run away.”

Alexa blonde escort amsterdam
Alexa blonde escort amsterdam

“Sex has been your way out?”
“Yes. The children of these rich families are often the most perverse, and you know why? Because they have everything they want, and they do not know what to get for adrenaline. In the private college I have seen and participated in unbridled orgies, and every single time I had only one desire: to do it again. ”
“How did you control this desire?”
“I did not check it, I encouraged it, I was downloading porn videos and doing the same things with the guys, and every time I had a rush of adrenaline, and one day I thought something like” hey, these girls do what I do I want to do, and make money. I can do it too. ”
But it was not money that convinced me, even though I like it, but the idea of making money by doing what you love. I did not want to be a lawyer; I wanted to have sex and tantra massage. ”
“Does your job enjoy you?”
“Yes, I love sex and adrenaline, and the staff does an excellent job of filtering, selecting only the best customers for me and all the other girls. We are not in any danger, and we can choose what to do.”
“Is your family happy with your life?”
“No, of course, but I’m an adult, and I have the right to do what I want, I’m not welcome in family lunches, but nobody can rule me out.”
“Will you stop one day?”
“I talked to my mother once about my choice, she was not happy, she was furious and humiliated, and I promised her one thing: I would have stopped the day that it would not be fun anymore, but for now that day is still far Every customer is totally different from the previous one and every day I live new experiences, so the day of my exit is still very far. ”
“What advice do you want to give to those who want to be an escort?” I say.

Alexa hot erotic massage amsterdam
Alexa hot erotic massage amsterdam

Alexa remains thoughtful for a few seconds.

“You should have the talent for this job, a predisposition for sex and you do not have to have taboos, you have to have fun and rely on professional staff, you must have a beautiful body and know how to dress.
But above all, you have to have a way out. I have my family’s money, but the other girls have only their savings. You must prepare an exit strategy to be able to stop whenever you want and on your terms. If you do not have the plan, do not start this job. ”
Our conversation is over.

Alexa amazed me; she is intelligent, wealthy, her choice seems a gesture of rebellion against the family, but also the desire to do what she loves.
The staff was right, Alexa is interesting.

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