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Amsterdam escort Leona life story

Mystery girl in Amsterdam Leona!

My last conversations with the girls led me to investigate their lives, their past and learn more about the criteria that accompany the selection of each girl by the recruiter of the agency.
Each agency takes only a limited number of girls to ensure a very high-quality standard, a few girls, but all beautiful, professional, and able to handle every request in the best way, in contrast to the model of the red light district, where anyone has the opportunity to work as an escort.

Leona sexy women in amsterdam
Leona sexy women in amsterdam

I am very interested in the selection criteria of the girls and to investigate the different motivations from “I want to make money.” Today I will ask these questions to the girl I have to interview, one of the agency’s most attractive escorts, the beautiful Leona!
Leona is a very charming girl, and the agency told me that she does not talk a lot about her private life and past life, but that she can make an exception just for me.
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Leona and I meet at the Bulldog Coffee Shop. I do not use drugs with customers in Amsterdam, and the agency adopts a Drug-Free policy, but the place is also perfect for drinking a beer and relaxing.
Leona is also beautiful when she wears only regular jeans, Nike shoes, a sweatshirt, and a cap, and I’m sure the escort is stunning when she’s dressed in a lovely dress and high heels.
Now she looks like the girl next door, the ideal neighbor.
“Hi Leona, thank you for being here.” The agency told me that you are a very private person, so I am grateful for your availability. ”
“Thank you, I hope my story can allow the public to see we escorts from a different point of view,” Leona replies, extremely polite.
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“Many of the girls who talked to me said that the main reason for their decision is money. What money was the reason that drove you to this life? I would like to know your background.”
“When I was a child, my dream was to be a veterinarian and to treat all the animals, I tried to make this dream come true, but the university was too tricky for me, and I left after the first semester. disappointed, because my father made many sacrifices to allow me to attend university, and from his point of view I only lost time and money.
I can not blame him, but I believe that continuing to study with disinterest only to not disappoint him would have been the worst choice. In any case, my decision has severely damaged my relationship with my family, and I have looked for a job to be independent.
I started working as a bartender and dancer in a disco, and I must confess that I was very interested in being in the spotlight.
One day a guy offered me some money for a blowjob, and I accepted. They were a lot of money, and he was a handsome boy. I would have done the blowjob for free, but being paid was an incentive. ”
“At that moment did you realize that sex could be the key to your independence?”
“Yes, surely it could be a help. That guy became my first client, and every night he paid me for blowjobs or handjobs. Perhaps he was too shy to ask me to have sex, I’ll never know, or maybe it was just the way he preferred to get excited. However, in a short time, I earned a lot of money, and I was able to quit the bartender work, concentrating only on the activity of a dancer. ”
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“And then what happened?”
“Suddenly my client is gone. He wrote me a message saying he had found a girl, so he could no longer do those things with me. Do not misunderstand me, I was happy for him, and I understood his point of view, but I had lost a lot of money, and suddenly the work of a dancer was not enough. It had been my mistake to entrust myself to one person, and I did not know what to do. ”
“How did you meet the agency?”
“I started looking for ideas on the web to work in the sex industry, but I did not want to be a pornstar, I tried to work as a camgirl, but it was not fun, I appreciated physical contact and not cyber-sex. I decided to work as an escort, but I did not want to go to the red light district, and I discovered the agency that was looking for new girls, I was because I was in the right place at the right time. ”
Are they very selective?”
“The first priority is to offer a first class service to the customer, and the best way to do that is to have selected and motivated girls. The staff immediately showed me the positive aspects of the work, and then the negative ones, to make me understand that being an escort is not just having sex and making money. ”
“What are the negative aspects for you?”
“Being an escort is not a part-time job or a normal job. First of all, you have to have maniacal care of your body, so diet and a lot of training.You must always be ready to go out with a client and have sex. I love sex, but there are days where I do not really want to do it, but I have to. ”
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“Do you have sex with people you do not like?”
“The staff selects customers, mainly for their education and for the possibility of paying, in some cases I have had sex with fat or elderly people, extremely polite, but I did not like them.”
“Was not it nice?”
“I could not wait to finish it, and I was pretending orgasms.”

The interview with Leona was fascinating, and I want to investigate the negative aspects of this work with other girls.

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