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While I speak with escort girls in my interviews, I always have a question in my head, but I do not dare to ask it.
“Do you have a family? A partner?”
From my point of view, the idea that my girlfriend has sex with other people in exchange for money is unacceptable. Not just for my pride of man, but for the loyalty and trust that are the basis of a relationship. I would not be able to respect a person who does these things to live.
I do not want to look like a bigot, but this is my way of thinking, and it is the education I received from my parents, who have been married for 30 years.
But I am a journalist, and my job is to ask uncomfortable questions, provoke controversies and scandals, because “controversy creates cash,” and I decided that today this question will have an answer.
And today I will interview the delightful Natalya.
Natalya has caught my attention because she is really one of the most beautiful girls I saw during my interviews. I have discovered that someone calls her “the miracle of God,” and I can understand why.
I want to know the story of this girl and find out if she has a family, or if she plans to have one in the future.
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Natalya is waiting for me in front of the “Eatmosfera” restaurant. Natalya wears an exquisite red coat, high-heeled shoes and a cute hat. I can only say that she is beautiful and that Natalya would be equally fabulous even with a friar’s tunic.
I understand why so many men have lost their minds for her.
“Hi Natalya, thank you for accepting the interview.”
“You are welcome.” My friends told me about your interviews, and I was very curious to talk to you. ”
“Thank you very much, my questions have no censorship.”
“I hate censorship.”
Amsterdam escort Natalya hot babe
“The first question is always the same: why did you start?”
“Obviously for the money, but also for the freedom. For me the money and the freedom are tightly tied, you can not have complete freedom without the money, and the money without the freedom to spend it is useless, it is only the paper.”
“I understand.”
“I was always looking for a job that could make me earn so much money, and that would allow me to spend time, but I could not find it, I could make money, but be stuck in the classic 8-5 routine, or work part-time and have the afternoon free, but much less money. ”
“Some girls worked as camgirls. You could do that?”
Natalya smiles. Fabulous.
Amsterdam escort Natalya hot babe
“Yes, I thought about that solution, and it was my ideal job, I could decide the schedule of the transmissions, zero effort, money, it was the solution to my problems, but my boyfriend got very angry when we talked about it.
He was an extremely jealous boy, and I loved provoking him by wearing beautiful clothes and high-heeled shoes for every occasion. His jealousy amused me until I was in control of the situation, but when he claimed to prevent me from working as a camgirl, I realized that he was just an obstacle to my goals. ”
“That is making money and work a little?”
“Exactly, and freedom.” If a boy tells me what to do, and wants me to obey this order, then I have no freedom, and for me it’s unacceptable. “Even when I was a teenager I was extremely proud, and I knew I could have any I wanted boy, so there was no reason to sacrifice my freedom for him. ”
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“And what did you do?”
“I break the relationship, and I started my camgirl business, and after a short time, I made a lot of money. I thought about bringing my brand to the next level, and I contacted the escort agency, I knew sex was profitable, but I did not believe so much, this is my job, and I will do it for a long time. ”
“Have you ever thought about building a family?”
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“Yes, why?”
“Do not you think your job is an obstacle to this goal?”
“Absolutely not, my job is perfect, and if someone does not love him, well, it’s his problem, and the money I make is a good argument to push me to the continent.
My contract with the agency does not prevent me from having a partner, but I can not say it publicly. I met a guy who understood my philosophy of life, and we are starting to plan a life together. ”
“Does he love you or your money?” An awful question, perhaps too much.

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Amsterdam escort Natalya

Natalya watches me for a few seconds, maybe I exaggerated with confidence.

“He loves both, and I love my money, so we have a common interest.”
“How would your life be together?”
“He works with the computer from home, and we can wake up together every morning, spend time together, he can work whenever he wants.
I have the freedom to go to the gym and shop when I want, and I meet customers when I have the chance to do it. He appreciates my work, and I must confess that he has a nice dick, he can become a male escort, and we could do some webcam shows. This is an excellent idea. ”
Natalya has a very particular idea of family, but I cannot judge her. She has her life philosophy and lives every day with maximum consistency.
I can say that I understand her lifestyle, but I do not approve of it.
Amsterdam escort Natalya hot babe

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