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The last interviews were fascinating, and now I want to continue exploring the dark side of the escort life. I need to know more about customers’ tastes, perverse secrets, and other stories like this.
I don’t do it for personal perversion, but this aspect of the escort’s life is hugely underestimated and has hazardous implications.
I talked to the agency about this idea of mine, and the staff suggested the name of Casey, an escort who can tell so many incredible stories.
Unexpectedly, Casey was immediately available to meet me, as if she could not wait to tell me something about her adventures.
Perfect, I thought. We agreed to meet near the Vincent Van Gogh museum, to walk and talk.
Casey has a casual look, sunglasses, tied hair, a T-shirt, sweatpants and heeled sandals. She told me she’s a big heels fan and she’s used to wearing them all the time.

“Hi, Casey, thank you for your availability.”
“Thanks to you, it’s nice to know that someone wants to hear your stories.”
“The agency told me that you have so many stories to tell. I want to know your meetings with strange customers, very special people, secrets. Tell me what you want.”
“The first story goes back to when I was working for another agency, and it was the reason that led me to leave. I am a person who does not use drugs of any kind, and when a client wants to have sex with me, I specifically ask that I do not no drugs are used, and I also include the weed. “
“Do customers want to use drugs before sex?”
“Yes, very many, especially weed. Often men are nervous or embarrassed by the presence of an escort, and thanks to drugs, they can relax and enjoy sex. And they want me to smoke too, to lose my inhibitory brakes. God, it’s embarrassing, and I always refuse. On one occasion, the client ignored my directions and brought a joint, and wanted to smoke it with me. “
“And what did you do?”
“I immediately left the hotel room, barefoot and barefoot, with clothes and shoes in hand, while he tried to chase me in his underwear.”
“Yes, I was furious, and the entire lobby of the hotel saw me naked, as I told the client to leave. I called the agency, and they sent a security man who spoke to the client, making him understand he must leave the hotel, without refunding him, because he breaks one of the rules. In the meantime, I was still naked, too angry to think of anything else or to get dressed. But this happened recently, while in the old agency there was no filter, the client only had to choose the girl and pay.
This guy sniffed cocaine and thought he was calm, a porn star, an entrepreneur, a famous person. However, he wanted to lick coke from my pussy, but I refused, and I threw the coke on the ground. He was furious, and I thought he wanted to hit me, but luckily, he was more interested in picking up drugs than putting his hands on me. I ran away while collecting the coke, and the agency was angry with me, because he was the client, and I had to follow him. I was not paid, and I left that agency, the best decision of my career. “
Casey girl escort amsterdam
“Yes, some people believe in becoming porn star snorting cocaine, but in reality, it is just a painful experience for women. A client had snorted cocaine in secret before having sex, and it was not a good experience, very painful.”
“Do you have any other stories to tell?”
“Yes, once I was contacted by a client, a very young boy. I wanted to see his documents because he was very young and he was 22. He was a virgin, and he wanted to have sex with a woman. A kind but timid boy “As soon as I took his dick in his hand, he immediately ejaculated, as in a comic movie. He was so embarrassed.”
Casey girl escort amsterdam
“Was this the first time something like this happened?”
“Yes, some clients have orgasms in a short time, but never like this. The boy was virgin and nervous; it was something that could happen. I calmed him, and then we romantically made love.”
“Was it the first time you had sex with a virgin man?”
“No, I had many virgin customers. Perhaps they interpret the escorts as” training “for other women. For me, there are no problems, and I enjoy having sex with virgins.”
Casey girl escort amsterdam
“Because I can control everything, I love being in control in certain situations, and the idea of teaching sex is fascinating.”
“Can you tell me one last story?”
“You know, we escort don’t want to know personal information about our customers, and I also use a stage name. For me, they are just customers, and if they’re going to talk about their lives for me it’s okay, but if they want advice on life or the universe, well, I’m not a psychologist.
However, this customer pays, and we meet at the hotel. He is very kind and clean and has a nice dick. I start my great blowjob, and after a couple of minutes, he tells me to stop. I was afraid of doing something wrong, but he said to me that he loves his wife, despite the quarrels, and she didn’t deserve to be betrayed. “
Casey girl escort amsterdam
“A remorse during sex?”
“Never happened before. He paid the same for my price, got dressed and left, apologizing again. I didn’t work, and I was paid, he couldn’t get better, and I started laughing.”
I thank the beautiful Casey for these stories, and I see her move away on her high heels.
Casey is a beautiful girl, and I can understand that she met a series of strange customers. If you want to meet her, you need to find her at the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel and Conference Center. You will not be disappointed by the beautiful Casey, I assure you.

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