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Prostitution is no longer news in Amsterdam; it is commonly known across the globe. The city has been known for its liberal act. The Dutch people are one of the biggest people who love to pay for sex. The Dutch believe that they can control it if it’s allowed. In this article, I will be discussing the various type of Prostitution that is being practiced in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Prostitution service varies from escort services, window prostitution in the Amsterdam Red Light District, luxurious brothels, call girls and internet-based prostitution from home.
Prostitution in Amsterdam is legal, with a huge number of 73% are fully in support of Prostitution in Amsterdam
; however, most ladies who engage in Prostitution still finds it difficult to disclose it to their family and friends. Prostitution is seen as a regular job in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam prostitutes have been in operation since seven years ago. Prostitution in Amsterdam is just a way of life. Amsterdam is lovely and welcomes everyone from all walks of life. Prostitution also serves as-as a means of revenue for the government.
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When you look through the city, you will be amazed at how much people go about their business without being discriminated, that’s the love exhibited in Amsterdam. To become an prostitute in Amsterdam, you must have reached the legal age which is 21, as it is believed you can now make a certain decision for yourself and has well take responsibilities for your actions. Prostitution is not just a thing in Amsterdam, it is a real business in which people keep enrolling every day, and people make lots of cash from it.
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Amsterdam Window Prostitution

The most common Prostitution in Amsterdam in which most people even local tourist tend to visit is the Window prostitution. There are three main places in which window prostitution can be found, however, the largest place in which you find lots of windows is the Wallen area in the Red Light District.
Girls that are into windows prostitution, dressed in beautiful and flirtatious underwears with a charming look seating behind windows. When a man shows interest in them, they negotiate price and other important stuff that needs to be discussed. Basic service with a prostitute is 15 minutes, which includes oral sex and intercourse for 50 euros. Most people who love quickies and have low budgets are usually the ones who patronize these prostitutes. The light inside is usually red to give a special signal to potential clients about the action going on and at the same women looks good when it’s red.

What Are the Advantages of Engaging in Window Prostitutes?

For the ladies, they are independent and boss of their own, they are not obliged to pay any brothel from what they’ve made, they have to pay for the daily rent for their room, most of the prostitutes makes lots of money, as they got lots of guys every night passing by.
One of the demerits of window prostitution is that they can be seen by anyone, these have prompt most ladies not to work within their city. Most of the prostitutes are not Dutch. Most of the prostitutes are from South America, Eastern Europe. It is also dangerous working in a club or brother, however, in case there’s an emergency with the push of a button the prostitutes can alert the police or the room owner.
One of the advantages for the clients is that this is the only place where you can get cheaper sex. You have the opportunity to choose from a different woman. And the basic price is 50 euros. The major disadvantages are that prostitute’s offers lots of series in other to meet certain; however, it’s a win-win for both clients and the prostitutes.

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Amsterdam escort Natalya hot babe

Closed Brothels and Clubs

According to popular belief, most of the prostitutes in Amsterdam preferred to work in a closed brothel and clubs. This is quite different from the window prostitutes because you can see them from the outside. Guys who love clubbing have the opportunity to choose from the girls available depending on the size of the clubs. Closed brothels are mostly luxurious with each rooms having large beds and bathtubs.
Most of the girls working in the closed brothel and clubs are independent. However, they pay relatively their half earnings to the person in charge of the brothel. Most of the girls working in the brothel are usually forced to engage in certain things that a regular prostitute in window prostitution wouldn’t have done such as having anal sex and kissing.
If you are looking for a more intimate environment, you need to consider the closed brothel and the club. You can have a cool drink and chat. The famous brothels in Amsterdam are Jan Bik and Yab Yum. With these prostitutes, you can be assured of nothing but absolute fun.

Escort services

The major difference between a brothel Prostitution and an escort service is that escorts don’t look for clients, the clients are the one that calls them. The clients send them to their home or hotel. There are so many rules that guide the activities of escorts. Some escorts are a freelancer.

Amsterdam Street Prostitution

Street prostitution was common before however, it has gone extinct. One of the most popular places where you can find street prostitution is the Amsterdam central station; cars would pack to pick up beautiful prostitutes. Most of the prostitutes then were illegal migrants and engaged in drugs. However, this is no longer in practice.
In 1996, a motion to regulate the Amsterdam prostitution was passed, this brought out Theemsweg, which was formed by the Amsterdam city administration.
This was the only approved street prostitution in which car size cubicles were built in which prostitutes can carry out their activities in their client’s cars; there was police -presence as well to ensure rules of laws and medical checkup was put in place to avoid any health hazards.
The major goal there was to ensure the rule of laws, avoid underage prostitution and ensure the health and safety of the prostitutes. Theemsweg, the zone was shut down in 2003 after so many illegal activities such as underage prostitution, violence and women exploitation.
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Home prostitution

After Theemsweg, was shot down, the number of streets prostitution decreased. One of the major factors that have contributed to this is the internet. Different forums online were created which gives a platform whereby you can now advertise your service. You no longer have to go to the street to look for customers, you can seat the comfort of your home to get clients online.
There are over legalizes 20,000 brothels in Amsterdam. Sex has been normalized and the major Attitudes to is by allowing it in other for you to regulate it.

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Elvira sexy babe in Amsterdam for sex

The effectiveness of Private Amsterdam Brothels

Most private brothels can be found in the residential area, it mostly a large apartment. The best way to identify such brothels is the little sign place at the front of the door a symbol which has credit cards inscription.
When you visit private brothels, you will be welcomed by a hostess; she will give you a warm greeting and take you to a comfortable room. Their approach is different from other prostitutes centers, says clients are not allowed to see each other. In private brothel, you will be given a list that contains all the cost and various options. You will be presented available prostitutes that match your preference. You can choose the girls you left and the hostess the name of the prostitutes you want to have fun with. IN private brothels, 5 -10 prostitutes are usually working at the same time. If you don’t like the girls presented to you, you can as well leave without paying any fee. After you must have picked your choice, she will accompany you to a private room, where there are a bed and other things that will make you feel comfortable. Before engaging in sex, she will ask you to take our shower; if she finds you attractive, she might join you. Then proceed to a body massage. However, you might skip it if you don’t like it. You can spend beyond the hour you paid for if you enjoy the fun, however, you will have to pay an extra fee. You might as well engage the services of other prostitutes for an hour. However, any money paid is not refundable. Some brothels will inform you when your time is almost up while some won’t, they will allow you to pay extra charges. It is imperative for you to dress up early when you are done, as clients are not allowed to be seen by other clients.

Three most popular strip club in Amsterdam is the Casa Rosa situated at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106-108. This is the best place where you can get naked girls that have an amazing body and knows how to dance. There are various clubs in Amsterdam in which you can have an amazing time out. However, it depends on the options available. The club that has beautiful and sexy ladies in April might have the worst set of ladies in September. Be careful of asking a taxi man of the best strip clubs in town it is better you find your way to at De Wallen to see one for yourself. Strip clubs are expensive, you will have more for drinks with less fun, unlike when you visit windows where you can have different ladies at a cheaper rate without throwing money around. Most of strippers club is a trapped tourist. The locals consider it to be more expensive. There are great brothels that are safe where you find the value for your money.
Why risk paying for a club girl where you can have lots of fun with a widow lady. There is a certain reason why people prefer to patronize Amsterdam prostitute. With an Amsterdam escort, you will always get the full service, without getting erotically or romantically involved. They are perfect when it comes to having sex.

Tips for first time

Whenever you are going to the red light, know that taking pictures of the women are not allowed. The place is well secured. If you are interested in them, you can always knock on the doors, and someone will open the door.
You will as find some place that is blue, behind the glasses are transgender. So if you’re interested in transgender, you can also sort yourself out.
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The sex industry in Amsterdam is highly regulated and is relatively safe. There are lots of police on patrol and for a brothel to it needs a permit from the right authority. One of the main reason why this is done is to ensure the safety of both the clients and the escort. The two major illegal practices are underage prostitution and forced prostitution. The age limits for clients is 16 years old. Prostitute have their union and are entitled to basic amenities such as health care, and other benefits given to citizens and businesses.
The sex industry is seen just like other professionals in the Netherland. There are some guides you can find around that will guide you if you want the services of the prostitutes. Don’t you want to have amazing moments with the escort to have unlimited fun that will blow your mind? Amsterdam prostitution is available for you. Anytime you are coming into Amsterdam they will be glad to give you the wonderful treatment that you can never find anywhere else. Prostitution is not just what it is in Amsterdam is a way of life in which people have adopted it to pay up their bills and meet up with the social standards. The government has as well played a significant role in ensuring the sustainability of the industry and making sure that both the customers and the prostitutes are regulated and act according to the rules of law.

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