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Escort Brunette Jasemine

Jasemine is a real blonde fairy, cheerful and sensual escort, who loves every man very much and has a unique body in the world, toned, skinny and with a big breast. Jasemine has chosen to join our agency for a short time, and she has already become one of our central escorts thanks to her charisma and to the natural talent that Jasemine has to make people happy.
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Jasemine loves to talk a lot, touch the man’s body and make it exciting with little games and lewd gestures at all times of the day, and Jasemine has a particular taste for seductive clothing and leather. Her wardrobe is full of leather clothes, jackets, and boots created by famous designers and Jasemine wears them in every meeting with customers.
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Jasemine loves luxury and wants always to have the opportunity to buy what she wants, make money and have no bosses. She is her own boss, and only Jasemine has the power to decide how to use her body. Customers know that this blonde fairy is entirely unpredictable and that they must obey her orders to have the right to have sex with her and to spend time with Jasemine.
Jasemine is unpredictable, sensual, a lover of luxury and money, it is an explosive combination that has shocked the escort market in Amsterdam and is loved by all our customers.
Jasemine is perfect escort for people who get bored quickly and who like to improvise in the bed.
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Jasemine loves to meet clients for a private dinner in one of Amsterdam’s best restaurants, the Haesje Claes Restaurant, where you can eat typical Dutch food and talk about every subject without any complaints with the beautiful Jasemine. Book a table immediately to become a friend of the blonde fairy.


Amsterdam is the favorite city of Jasemine, who loves walking in the historic center and shopping with customers. Do you want to try an enjoyable experience? Go with Jasemine to visit Begijnhof, one of the city’s most representative neighborhoods. Jasemine will wear her leather boots and will be very polite and likable, and the whole world will envy you.


If you want to have sex with Jasemine, you will have to book an extra-luxury suite at the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam. Jasemine will arrive at your punctual suite, with sexy lingerie bought just for you and a new sexy dress. Jasemine has no limits in bed and will make you a pleased man in no time and you will count the days that separate you from your next private meeting with Jasemine.
Jasemine wants to agree in advance all the sexual performance, she is cautious about cleaning, and she only uses Durex condoms to have sex. Wash your body before touching Jasemine, and she will appreciate your education.

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Overall Rating: 5
    Jasemine gorgeous

    By: Haitham | 11 months ago

    Yesterday I had a booking with Jasemine in my Hilton hotel suite. First time when I see her profile I was skeptical but when I saw Jasemine in front of my room I was pleasantly surprised. I liked what I saw in the photos when I choose her, but the reality is more generous because she is very beautiful, educated, positive and she was a true professional girlfriend. She respected my demand not to ask my name at the reception, and came directly to my room, arrived on time at the appointment too. She is identical to the picture and has satisfied my fantasies, doing everything we planned together with the staff. The price was proportionate to the services as she offered exactly what I needed for the extra services and all I paid for it was a real pleasure.
    I am delighted. I will book her again for sure. Thank you Jasemine for all you did for me, Haitham from Hilton!

      By: Admin | 11 months ago

      Hello Dear Customer, Thank you for your Choice in Jasemine reservation. She told us only beautiful things about your meeting, and that you are a real gentleman, you certainly have a chosen education and you know how to behave with a woman, that’s the secret for which jasmine has exceeded your expectations. Thank you!

    escort JASEMINE

    By: simion | 8 months ago

    She is an exquisite woman. She made massage and pleasure at the same time, but she asks me 100e plus for GFE, and I paid her 320e for the 2 hours, so total was 420e… I liked her, but for me, it was a little bit expensive.