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Hi, and thanks for choosing, the official website of the # 1 escort agency in all of Amsterdam! I am Daiana, the agency’s General Manager, and I want to be the first to welcome you.

In this agency, you will find only the most beautiful girls in Holland, sexy, sensual girls, ready for anything to satisfy your most hidden desires and to make you happy.

My role in the agency is to make sure that you are happy, and that you can only receive a top-quality escort service, which also contains additional extra services that can allow you to make your night unique with an escort, finally realizing that fantasy that you had in your head for a long time.

Today I have a meeting with my best escort Penelope Gold, a girl who has many bookings, requested by many customers every day. Penelope (I call her Penny) is a girl who offers many exciting extra services, and the trendiest one is the Striptease Amsterdam escort service. Thanks to this service, Penny has become the queen of the agency, and today I want to understand why.

Penny wears a yellow dress, white stockings, and pearl-colored heels. A very bold but effective color choice on her perfect body. Penny is always beautiful.

Our escort interview meeting is about to begin!

“Hi Penny, thank you for being here with me. You are the agency’s best escort, and you deserve to join our VIP Escort club. We are really happy with your job, and I don’t have enough words to praise what you are doing. I noticed that your most popular service is now the Striptease Amsterdam escort service. I would like to understand why. Please, tell me in detail about this service. “

“Thank you for your words, Daiana. I am happy to achieve this success, both professionally and personally. Being desired and being able to excite men is always a great pleasure for me and my self-esteem. I have invested a lot of time in my diet and training, and I’m really happy to have achieved these results. Yes, currently, my clients really appreciate my Striptease Amsterdam escort service, which I run in their bedroom before leaving with our sex. “

“So, it’s very difficult for a client to just want to use the Striptease Escort Amsterdam service?”

“Yes, exactly. Very few men want to see a striptease, and those who want to do this go to a club, they don’t pay a professional escort to see just one strip. I don’t mean that it didn’t happen, but it’s a sporadic event. “

“I understand. We always try to differentiate ourselves a lot from the girls who work in the clubs. You are the Elite of the escorts, the girls of, always remember that.”

“I know, Daiana, and I can assure you that no client has ever preferred a night club girl to me. My Striptease Amsterdam escort service is second to none and can excite every man. I can perfectly dance any kind of music. “

“Did you attend dance lessons?”

“When I was a little girl, I did ballet lessons, and growing up, I liked going to dance in a disco. I also learned to dance to Latin American music. During my life, I also worked for some time in the clubs where I danced and did a striptease. Then I realized my potential, and I became a professional escort. My professional experiences have allowed me to have the necessary skills to guarantee first-class escort service with any music at Striptease Amsterdam. “

“The striptease service should only be performed in the hotel.”

“Yes, to ensure the maximum possible privacy. The client chooses the music on his cell phone, and I start dancing, taking off one garment at a time. Many people want to see me dance completely naked, while others are very fond of seeing me in heels. I respect customer directions, and I have no problem dancing with any type of shoe or dress. “

“What kind of song is usually used?”

“Romantic songs, or even disco songs. Clients have no particular pretension for music, they are much more interested in seeing my body. I give suggestions regarding music, and then I start dancing.”

“Have there been people who have tried using the service for sex?”

“Yes, but I have no problems with that, as long as they also pay for the basic package with sex and condom blowjob. I have a problem with people who pay only for the Striptease Amsterdam escort service and then want to have massage sex or just sex. I can understand that seeing me naked is too tempting to resist, but pacts must be respected. “

“Exactly. Don’t hesitate to report any unpleasant situations with customers. Your safety has our priority.”

“Thanks, Daiana. There have been situations where the other guests in the rooms have complained.”

“For what reason?”

“Usually, complaints arise for two reasons: the volume of the music chosen by the client is too high and disturbs other people, or the noise caused by the heels while I dance. I like to be naked and only wear heels, but I don’t want to cause problems to anyone. Fortunately, there were never any consequences. “

“You must try to avoid these problems, Penny. You are our best escort, you have the ease of managing the service in the best way. You have my permission to continue using this service, and I am sure you will improve it again. Continue in this way, and we will do a lot of business together. “

“Thanks, Daiana, it’s always a pleasure to work for you.”

Our meeting is over, and Penny leaves, with the grace of a real dancer.

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