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Girlfriend Experience Escort Joya and Sarra

Girlfriend Experience Escort Joya

Best GFE Escort Sarra

Nice to meet you, I’m Daiana, the general manager of, the best escort dating site in Amsterdam! On this site, you can find any type of girl for your sex night in a luxury hotel in Amsterdam.

One of my duties as a general manager is to ensure the highest level of beauty and professionalism of the girls and to contribute to creating a series of extra top-level services, able to satisfy the requests of even the most demanding customer in the world.

If you have special needs or just want to make an erotic fantasy you just have to tell me, and we will offer you the best possible service, or we will create it just for you!

We are here to help you, and in this meeting, I intend to deepen the knowledge of a service that could interest you a lot.

Today I am extremely interested in listening to the latest experiences of two brand new escort babes that we hired during the last casting, Joya, and Sarra. In the last week, these two girls have received many requests from new customers, and I want to know from them what happened and if they had any problems.

Joya wears a short black dress, black stockings, and ankle boots with heels, while Sarra has a gray sweatshirt, tight-fitting black leather pants, and black shoes. They are really two beautiful girls.

“Well, Joya, let’s start with you, I want to know what happened during your meeting with Mr. Chris the other night. Tell me everything.”

“Mr. Chris is a client who has already had sex with me in the past, and this time he wanted to do something different. Mr. Chris was in Amsterdam on a business trip and did not want to be alone in the capital. The client was not looking for sex, but only for female company, and I was the best escort to give him what he wanted. “

“We always try to fulfill all customers’ wishes, regardless of what they ask for. I suppose he asked for a dinner date or a city tour.”

“Yes, but he also requested an extra service, the GFE escort service.”

“Oh, the girlfriend experience Amsterdam escort service, one of our most requested services.”

“Exactly. I became Mr. Chris’s girlfriend all evening, and I behaved exactly like a girlfriend. We went out to dinner at the Blue Pepper restaurant, and Mr. Chris insisted on wearing my white dress slightly transparent and white lace lingerie. “

“Maybe the outfit was too bold for that restaurant, but I trust your judgment and your professionalism. You can understand if an outfit is suitable for a restaurant like the Blue Pepper.”

“Yes, I had refused a sexier outfit. A girlfriend has to excite her man, not embarrass them in a luxury restaurant. Am I right?”

“Perfectly right.”

“Dinner was enjoyable. Mr. Chris is an interesting man, he has talked about several topics, and he told me that he will return to Amsterdam soon for a vacation, and in that case, he will choose some other extra service to have sex with me. I am happy to work with him again, he is a man who can make love very well and is polite. “

“We always select customers for our girls Escort Amsterdam, and Mr. Chris is a great customer for us. We are happy that the service has gone well.”

“All right, everyone who saw us thought we were a happily engaged couple.”

“Haven’t you had sex?”

“No, we just spent time together.”

“Very well, Joya, I am happy with your work. Now I want to speak with Sarra. Last night you were with Mr. Ruud. Tell me about your experience.”

“Mr. Ruud is a new client who has decided to experience the thrill of having sex with an escort. He wanted to try our basic condom and blowjob sex package, together with the girlfriend experience.”

“In the hotel room?”

“Yes. He wanted to experience the same emotions as when he had sex with his ex-wife. Mr. Ruud recently divorced.”

“I understand. How did you apply the extra service to this situation?”

“I became his girlfriend, and I was polite, respectful, and very passionate. I put his pleasure at the top of my priorities, I caressed him, hugged him a lot, and I called him honey all the time. They are small things. , but that can make a difference while fucking. Mr. Ruud was looking for these things, and I was the right escort girl to give them to him. The sex was very romantic, and I was his girlfriend escort looking for love. I have praised his actions, and I have to say it was the truth, Mr. Ruud is a very passionate lover, with a big dick, and would like to meet him again if possible. “

“Was the customer satisfied with your performance?”

“Very much. He also gave me an extra tip.”

“You can keep it, you deserved all the money you earned. This service allows customers to have the same emotions as from a real girlfriend, and you two babes have interpreted the service philosophy in the best way. I am very satisfied with your behavior, and I want to tell you to feel free to improve the service in any way that you deem necessary to give the maximum pleasure to the customer. We must always be able to satisfy customer requests in the best way in all circumstances. “

“I have talked to the client about every topic, but I have been very careful in avoiding any question that is too personal in nature. Customers must have fun with us and be sure that we protect their privacy in the best way,” says Joya.

“Exactly, Joya.”

“I proposed to Mr. Ruud to spend some time in some places in Dam Square. Spending time together in our girlfriend experience Amsterdam escort service is the best way to create something unique and to make the most of all the time we spend together with the customer. “

“Excellent idea, Sarra. I want creative escorts, always able to offer something new!”

The meeting is over, I greet my two escort babes with a French kiss, and I see them walking away, showing off their beautiful little asses.

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