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French Kissing Amsterdam Escort

Best French Kissing Escort Amsterdam

Welcome to, the site of the main escort agency in Amsterdam. I am Daiana, the agency’s general manager, and I want to thank you for choosing to visit our website and for choosing to choose our girls for your transgressive night in a hotel in Amsterdam.

My job is extremely delicate since I have the responsibility to make sure that all the extra services offered by our agency babes are always perfect and able to satisfy every type of customer. In this meeting, I will examine in detail one of the main extra services of the agency together with my two best girls, and in this way, you will have all the necessary information to decide if this service can be perfect for you.

In today’s meeting, I want to take some time to talk to the two most requested escorts this week, Valentina and Emilia. The two escort girls had a very busy week, with lots of requests for regular sex and for their extra services. I have to make sure everything went well.

Valentina wears a pair of white pants, open sandals with a very high heel that show off her perfect feet with red-colored nails and a black shirt. A very informal, but genuinely seductive look.

Emilia is a girl who always wants to be elegant. Today she has a business outfit, with black pants, silver heels, and a black jacket. Emilia is always the most sophisticated girl in our agency, she loves wearing new clothes for every occasion.

“Girls, my compliments for your performances this week. We have received many requests for you two, and we have many customers willing to wait for an hour of your time. We are happy with you and your work.

Valentina, some customers asked me for the french kissing Amsterdam escort service. Tell me about the service, I want to understand why it is so requested. “

“The french kissing Amsterdam escort service is the service that I make available to my clients to make our relationship even more intimate. I can kiss the client in many ways, for example, passionately or romantically or excite him with my tongue. The kiss is a very intimate moment for many people, and it is really capable of making you excited, much more than a stripper, or a nice blowjob. My clients love kissing my sweet lips, and I am always happy to offer this service. In my opinion, the kiss manages to give that something more to every fuck. I like to kiss, and I get paid to do it, so I couldn’t be happier. “

Hot Babe Frenck kissing Valentina

“Very well, Valentina. I am sure that your kisses are incredibly exciting, and I approve of this extra service. Continue to offer it to all your customers, and we will sponsor it as one of the new additional services that we can provide to all customers to make unique their night with one of our high-class Amsterdam escort babes. “

Valentina Sexy Escort French Kissing Amsterdam

Valentina smiles, stands up, and kisses me. Her kiss is sweet, but it turns into passionate in a few seconds, and then it becomes sweet again. Kissing this girl is a tornado of emotions that I can’t manage. I am excited with a single kiss, and I would like to make love with Valentina now, in front of all the escort babes.

“Wow, Valentina!” I say.

My favorite escort babe smiles.

“Let’s go back to business,” I say, holding back the excitement. “Emilia, you also offer this extra service. Please tell me what rules you use to ensure maximum hygiene for the client and for you. You escort babes must do a great job to protect your health, that of your client, and at the same time guarantee fun and passion. “

“I follow our hygiene protocol, and when the client chooses the French kissing Amsterdam escort service, I spend a lot of time cleaning my mouth. I brush my teeth for a long time, I use dental floss and mouthwash before meeting the client, and just before kissing it. I also purchased a tongue cleaner, and the results were excellent. I have always underestimated the cleanliness of the tongue, and instead, it is essential to guarantee our highest hygiene standards. “

“Excellent, and do you apply the same standards to customers?”

“Yes. The client and I brush our teeth together and use the same oral hygiene products. Brushing together is a very exciting thing, and I discovered some little tricks to make my kisses even more exciting.”

“What kind of tricks?”

“Using food to make kisses even more exciting. Kissing a person and exchanging food is something that I have discovered excites customers very much. Or kissing for a long time also in public. And obviously kissing the man’s cock. Often the kiss on the cock is more effective than a blowjob to excite the man. I also have a dream that I hope to realize sooner or later. “

“What dream? We can offer it to some customers.”

“Kissing a girl and sharing the client’s sperm in case a client chooses our Amsterdam escort service threesome.”

“Excellent idea, it’s a service we could offer if the other girls agree. Valentina, what do you think of Emilia’s idea?”

“I love it. I would like to do it with Emilia if possible.”

The two girls kiss in front of me with passion, to show that they are really close-knit and eager to have pleasure and fun.

“Well, girls, I am happy that you two have the same ideas, and I appreciate your collaboration. Together we can offer better services to all our customers, and I am sure that Emilia’s idea will bring many other customers. Our Escort Amsterdam services are highly customizable, and your creativity is essential to make them unique and suitable for customer needs. Keep it up, we are proud of you. “

My babes and I kiss with passion at the end of the meeting.

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