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Penelope Amsterdam Escort

Our agency is always looking for new Amsterdam escort girls for all our customers. Today we are proud to present our latest discovery, an escort girl that will become the favorite of all our customers. The beautiful Penelope Gold is a lovely girl, with an unforgettable body, a magnetic smile and an incredible talent for sex.
Watch her pics, and you will see that her body is priceless, and the privilege of being able to touch and kiss it is reserved only for the wealthiest customers, the people who are willing to spend a lot to have a quality girl, polite, talented and beautiful.
Penelope is truly a golden girl, with blonde hair and a perfect mouth, who knows how to kiss unforgettably.
If you want something new, then you already know that the escort girl Penelope Gold will be the novelty of the year, and you can’t miss her for any reason in the world.


The best way to learn about Penelope Gold and to appreciate her culture is without a doubt our Amsterdam Restaurant Service. In this service, you can spend a wonderful evening with Penelope Gold in her favorite restaurant, the Restaurant Vlamig.

You will spend an unforgettable evening with a beautiful girl, eating excellent food and drinking good wine.
Penelope Gold will wear her new clothes, beautiful shoes, and sexy lingerie, and she will be mischievous to make you incredibly aroused.
You will never forget this dinner.


Penelope Gold is a woman who loves culture and loves spending her free time in the FOAM museum in Amsterdam.

Penelope Gold will show you all the secrets of each painting, and you’ll pay an unforgettable day with her.
Penelope Gold is available to take you anywhere in the city, even for shopping or for social or corporate events, and you will always know how to be the center of attention only for you.
If you want to see the city of Amsterdam from a different point of view, then the Amsterdam City Tour with the beautiful Penelope Gold is an experience that you absolutely must try.


Have you seen the body of Penelope Gold?
Want to have sex with her? Penelope is talented and knows how to do incredible things with her mouth and her hands, and Penelope Gold loves having sex by wearing only high heels under the shower, to make a night of love decidedly unconventional and unforgettable.
If you want to have sex with Penelope Gold all night, you have to book a room at the Backstage Hotel, and Penelope will come to your door ready to meet all your requests.

Our escort will wear sexy lingerie or clothes bought just for you, and she can show you every inch of her body all night long.
Penelope appreciates the cleanliness and wants to take a shower before and after sex. Our escort always uses a condom, even for oral sex.

16 reviews for “Penelope Gold

Overall Rating: 4.9
    Lovely babe!

    By: James | 3 years ago

    Penelope is a very lovely girl. I paid her for one hour massage, and she did not rush it, she makes me feel better and the sexual services were very good. I would love to see her soon. Thank You!

    Nice boobs

    By: Erik | 3 years ago

    She have very nice boobs, she is a gorgeous blonde girl and I had an unforgettable experience and spent very good time with this babe!

    Penelope Gold

    By: Simone | 3 years ago

    I love Amsmerdam and I go there every mounth. I found this girl on eurogirlsescort directory last week, and I made a booking for hours with her. This girl is pure happiness, a sweet and gentle girl. I reccomend you to take your chance and belive me you will not regret it. Thanks!

    Best time!

    By: Benjamim | 3 years ago

    Yes guys you right. She is one of the best girl I had in Amsterdam, great services and offer good company. I am sure I will see her again next time! Cheers!


    By: Hassan | 3 years ago

    Penelope is a great blonde escort girl, with perfect natural breasts! She is happy girl and she provided me a super natural blowjob and a perfect GFE service. I am totally recommend her!

    Great experience!

    By: Mike | 2 years ago

    Hello guys! Yes she is enthusiastic, she does what you says with a good attitude and in plus she has an amazing smile. I was skeptical first time I saw her but she is real sweet and naughty. Definitely great experience!!!

    WOW she is great!

    By: Sebastian K. | 2 years ago

    WOW and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is so hot and classy and lovely, she have amazing eyes and sexy body.
    She comes in my private AIRBNB apartment in Amstelveen and she relaxed me so much.
    And her oral sex was OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You will know when you will have herrrr!!!!
    Love you babyyyy!!!!

    Appreciated time!

    By: Dean | 2 years ago

    Meeting with Penelope was impressive as she is. I find her as just as her profile described her here. I had a special, unique, and appreciated best sex time!

    I liked her!

    By: Sushill | 2 years ago

    Hot babe, accessible communication when I meet her, she is very professional and knows well how to do it…!

    Ciao sono Antonio. Great time together!!!

    By: Antonio | 2 years ago

    Penelope has a sexy body, and I spent a good time with her, she’s wonderfully friendly, joyful, sociable, a witty little girl with silky skin. I met her with a beautiful smile, white teeth, charisma.
    She’s got a lot of talent. Has a know how conversation, she smiles all the time, she is careful, responds well to your wishes. If you know her once you want to know her again and again 🙂
    Location: My room at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam
    Oral sex: 10
    Normal sex – 9
    GFE: 9
    I had everything protected.
    She is a top escort, in my opinion.

      By: Penelope Gold | 2 years ago

      Thanks for the beautiful words, Antonio. I hope you will soon be back in Amsterdam and can stay for several days 🙂

    By: Antonio | 2 years ago

    Hey, Penelope! Anytime with pleasure, can I have your private number, please? 😀

    By: Admin | 2 years ago

    Hello Antonio. Thanks for the beautiful words addressed to Penelope Gold, and we are very excited about the positive feedback. Everything you wrote is right and confirmed by our clients. Unfortunately, it would not be ethical for all of our clients to have Penelope’s private phone because we each have our own individual life outside of “professional” time. I hope you understand this and we want you to come back to Amsterdam to contact us to help you stay here as pleasant as possible!

    Top one girlfriend in my life!

    By: Gheorg | 2 years ago

    Last week I had a business trip to Amsterdam. I am writing this comment to confirm the high quality of Penelope`s services. I was booking Penelope for 3 hours, and I was so lucky to meet her in my room at the Hotel Okura. She came 5 minutes earlier, which I appreciated for her professionalism. Everything was perfect, from social communication, and stunning sexuality! She is a gorgeous girl, such a marvel to behold, a hot blonde. I loved her when I saw her pictures, but in person, Penelope is even better than her beautiful photos. Aside from the first minute when she gets in front of my door, the first impression was breathtakingly beautiful, her charisma and personality is above the expectation. Now I have the only regret why I didn’t spend more time with her? Any way I will be in Amsterdam next month, and I will want to take her to Amsterdam clubs tour too. Best experience with the no one girl in my life!

    Penelope the best!

    By: Davide | 2 years ago

    Penelope is the most beautiful girl in Amsterdam, that’s a certainty. If you know her, you will not call anyone else. It’s the second time I use her services, and she’s more and more the best one!

    Girlfriend experience!

    By: Damian | 2 years ago

    I love Amsterdam, with all it has to offer in terms of fun. I met Penelope last night and she is a nice special woman you can fall in love with her. I am aware that she offers only a paid a service, but it plays so well the role, that you have the impression that she is your girlfriend love of a lifetime!