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Body to Body Massage Amsterdam Escort Elvira

Body to Body Massage Escort Amsterdam

Best Body to Body Massage Amsterdam Escort

Elvira Erotic Body to Body Massage Escort

Hello friend, it’s always a pleasure to see you on the pages of, the official page of the best Amsterdam escort agency ever. I’m Daiana, the General Manager of the agency, and my job is to hire new girls, handle the bookings and make sure that all the clients will receive a first-class Amsterdam escort service every single time. I also create the extra Amsterdam escort services that allow you to personalize your Amsterdam escort experience every single night.

Today I have one of my ordinary meetings with one of my best Amsterdam escort babes, the lovely escort Elvira. Elvira is a young lady with big tits, a million-dollar smile, and the perfect attitude for this job. She is the escort of the month, and I can’t be happier with her work. She is a massage enthusiast, and if you want a perfect massage, she is the ideal girl for you.

In the meeting, I want to talk with Elvira about her best extra service, the Body To Body Massage Amsterdam escort service. My babe Elvira is wearing a little top, a black mini skirt, and fantastic high heels. She is absolutely gorgeous today!

The meeting is ready to start, continue reading if you want to learn more about the Body To Body Massage Sex Amsterdam escort service.

Elvira, my love! It’s a pleasure to see you! You are stunning today!”

“Thanks a lot, Daiana. I always love to spend time with you.”

“You are the escort of the month! The number one! The Man!”


“You have a streak of five-star feedback incredible! I am pleased with your work. I noticed that almost every client purchase a massage service and the basic package with oral sex with condom and regular sex. Can you tell me why?”

“The answer is really simple, Daiana. Almost every massage service doesn’t include a sexual act. The purpose of the massage is to erase stress, relax the muscles, the body, and the mind and excite the client. If the client wants to fuck me, he must have to purchase the basic package or another extra service.”

“Why you don’t offer sex in the massage services, for example, in the Body To Body Erotic Massage Amsterdam escort service?”

“Because people don’t have to think that a massage means sex. We are in this situation due to the crap massage centers that offer only massages with sex. The massage is an art that allows you to rest your body and your mind, and it must be treated with maximum respect. I don’t say that a massage can’t be sensual or that a massage can’t lead to sex, but I’m tired of people that want only sex when they purchase one of my massages. I dedicate a lot of time to study all the best sex massages in the world, and I want to use my skills to help people. If you want to have massage sex with me, well, it’s perfect, but please, purchase the right service. Also, the Body to Body Massage Amsterdam escort service or the other massage services I offer has a price that is different from the price of the basic package with sex and BJ. You can’t have a good service paying a lower price. It doesn’t work this way.”

“I agree, Elvira. But we can’t control all the clients. Hopefully, we are working to have a big selection at the beginning, and in this way, you can work only with people who respect you.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“Please, can you describe the Body To Body Massage Amsterdam escort service? I want to understand why it’s so popular.”

“The Body To Body Massage Amsterdam escort service is so popular because it’s the best massage in the world. I love it, and it’s always a pleasure to perform the massage with a client. The massage’s purpose is to erase stress and to prepare the man for a big night of sex. I perform the Body To Body Erotic Massage Amsterdam escort service only in the client’s hotel room because I need time, space, and privacy to perform the massage in the best way.”

“Why you call it Body To Body Massage?”

“Because I perform the erotic massage naked, and my client is naked too. I sprinkled my body with essential oils and ointments that are used to massage and moisturize the skin, and then I smear them on the client’s skin using my body. Yes, I’m completely naked, and I rub all over the client’s body. In this way, I manage to spread all the perfumed liquids and to excite the customer a lot. Often the man cannot resist the temptation and touches my ass; he tries to put a finger inside me or to lick a tit. I am not angry, because I know that it is impossible to resist my charm and the massage unleashes all the erotic energy that is inside a man. “

“Do you focus only on the client’s body?”

“No, I also spend a lot of time stimulating the cock and testicles. Even those parts of the body deserve to be massaged and hydrated in the best way. I take the cock in erection and rub it with hot oil, then I gently pass a hand on the tip and all over the cock, so that it is entirely covered by oil and perfume, and then massage the testicles in the same way, being very careful not to overdo the pressure. The balls are very delicate and without them the man he can’t have that nice cumshot that I love very much. “

“You are really kinky, Elvira.”

“I’m an escort, that’s what I do. At the end of the massage, the client can choose to have massage sex with me or to take a nice shower with me. Usually, he wants to fuck me all night long.”

“I can understand why very well. Well, Elvira, I love your services, keep going, and you will become the Queen.”

“Thanks a lot, Daiana. I hope so.”

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