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Georgia Amsterdam escort interview life story

Georgia Amsterdam escort

Even today, I have to interview a beautiful young escort babe Amsterdam, and I’m really very interested in what Georgia can tell me. Today I would like to talk about some extra services she offers to all customers and how much she can earn in this way.

I know that the escort babes offer a series of extra services to all the customers, and it is these extras that make the cost of performance soar, and they are the real source of income for the girls. I want to understand how far Georgia goes to earn more money. Are there limits that cannot be surpassed, or for Georgia, everything is legitimate if it is a question of gain?

These are the questions I have in my mind as I go to The Bulldog Amsterdam coffee shop to talk to beautiful escort Georgia.

The girl is already there, ready to be interviewed, and is smoking weed. Escort Georgia wears a beautiful black sweatshirt, a skirt, and white boots, a look similar to Margot Robbie in the movie “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood,” and she is stunning.

I must not let myself be distracted by the beauty of the young escort babe, I am here to do an interview, and I will be professional.

Well, the interview can begin.

"Hi Georgia, thank you for being here with me. I've been waiting so long for you to interview me. Greet our readers."

“Hi guys, I’m happy to be here. Just ask me any questions you want, I’m ready to answer.”

"Well, I want to talk about the extra services you offer. Can you tell me some of the things you do?"

“Well, in the basic rate we escort is included an hour of our time, sex, but not anal, and a blow job with a condom. That’s all the customer buys when he pays the base price of our performance.”

"And do the extras serve to make the experience more complete?"

“Exactly. Every client has specific sexual fantasies that he wants to accomplish, and extras allow you to personalize that experience. For example, some customers want a particular outfit, others love body cumshot, others in the face. And I lost count of how many men ask for anal sex. “

"Let's talk about anal sex. In your opinion, why is it so requested?"

“Well. Anal sex is still a taboo for many people. Men would like to do it but are afraid to ask, so many women would like to understand what it feels like to have penetrated into the hole, but they are scared of looking like sluts asking for it. Or women are too afraid of pain to try it. In short, anal sex is a taboo, a limit to be overcome, and only a few can do it, which is why we escort girls who are flooded with requests. “

"I guess. I talked to other girls, and they told me that so many customers insist a lot on doing it."

“Yes, because we are not considered real girls.”

"What do you mean?"

“We are women who perform paid sex; to have sex with us, it is not necessary to seduce us or attract our attention, but only to pay. Our customers can be young men, old, thin or fat, ugly or beautiful, and we do sex indiscriminately with everyone. I am convinced that most of these men would not stand a chance of having sex with a girl like us without charge, and they know it. Given this situation. their pay and paying have the right to ask what they want. They do not consider us real girls because they ask us for things they would never dare ask their girlfriend or wife. But we have been paid, and we will likely accept to do anything for an extra. Somehow we are inflatable dolls for them. “

"Is anal sex with customers pleasant?"

“In some circumstances, yes, but in others not. I prefer to know in advance if we will have anal sex to prepare myself. I try to empty the intestine and use a sex toy to widen the hole, and I carry a jar of lubricant with me to favor penetration. I like anal sex, although it is not my passion, if the client is inexperienced, it can be very painful. I have developed personal techniques to have the best anal sex possible, but on some occasions, it is not pleasant. It’s easy to understand why many girls refuse to do it even for a lot of money. “

"Your motivation is pain?"

“Exactly. A strong pain that makes you uncomfortable and makes it difficult to work. I don’t want to overdo it, but it’s not easy to try to be professional in those situations. Two of my escort girlfriends have anal sex regularly out of work, but they don’t want to do it with clients “I asked why, and they told me that their partners knew how to do it, while clients can also be very inexperienced. Anal sex is fun for them, and they want to do it only with those who can handle it.”

"I see. Have you ever been asked to do something that you refused?"

“Yes, very many times. I, too, have limits that I am not interested in overcoming, regardless of the amount.”

"What have you been asked to do?"

“Golden shower. This thing disgusts me deeply, as does playing with feces. I believe that what comes out of my body must not come back in any way, and I am terrified of germs and bacteria. A customer can also offer me a million euros, and I would refuse anyway. I have my limits, and money cannot buy everything. “

"I understand, thank you for the interview, it was a pleasure to talk to you."

“Thanks to you, I am always happy to talk about my work. If you want to talk to me again, you know where to find me.”

The interview is over. I have a much clearer picture of the universe of extra escort services. I still want to learn more about it, and I’ll do it with the next young escort babe.

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