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Oral Without A Condom Amsterdam Escort Service Svetlana and Sirena

Oral Without Condom Escort Amsterdam

Hot BJ Without a Condom Amsterdam

Hi, let me introduce myself: my name is Daiana, and I am the general manager of, the first escort site in Amsterdam! My site represents excellence in the sector and many customers honor us with their trust every day.

My job is to make sure that customer trust is always rewarded in the best way. And the best way is to always offer the best possible girls and a host of extra services that can’t be found elsewhere. I am always looking for new beautiful girls to offer to customers, and in private meetings with girls, I examine every extra service in detail, to understand how it is possible to improve them in the most effective way. I canìt wait to hear the words of my babes!

Today I have to deepen my knowledge of a very particular service that some babes offer customers: the oral sex without condom Amsterdam escort service. We at the agency are extremely strict with regards to hygiene and protection from sexually transmitted diseases, not only for our babes but above all for customers.

Today I want to talk about this service with Svetlana and Sirena Blue, two girls who offer this service, and understand together with them how to guarantee it and, at the same time, keep our protection standard very high.

Svetlana wears a long black dress, jewelry, and elegant shoes, while Sirena Blue has sunglasses, a cute black hat, and a blue blouse. Red shoes with the high heel.

Two beautiful girls whom I love.

“Girls, the oral sex without condom Amsterdam escort service is an extra service that only a few escorts offer in our agency. In addition, this service is reserved only for the elite of our clients, only for highly selected people who have proven to respect all the rules of our agency.

Svetlana, tell me about this service and what you offer. “

“I am an escort who is highly specialized in oral sex. Every day I perform perfect blowjobs, and I explained to the new girls some tricks to perform them in the best way. I love to do them as many times as I can, and the clients know about my passion. My oral sex without condom Amsterdam escort service is a service that allows the client to have all the sensations that are felt during a beautiful blowjob without a condom. The client can savor the warmth of my mouth, the blows of my tongue, the energy that I put in suck dick, and all the tricks I use to bring him to the orgasm in the shortest possible time.

I have always recommended this service to those looking for intense sensations and want to enjoy oral sex to the fullest, without any limitation. Only one thing is strictly forbidden, even in this service. “

“I guess it’s something related to the cumshot, isn’t it?”

“Exactly. Again I don’t offer the client the possibility of cum in my mouth. I don’t allow it for any amount in the world, it’s too dangerous from a hygienic point of view. The other types of cumshots are all allowed, and for now, I have always met customers who are respectful and who understand my position. “

“Very well, Svetlana. I know you, and I know that you are a girl who always takes all precautions to ensure the highest level of hygiene during sex, and I know that the clients to whom you offer this privilege are highly selected. You can continue to provide this service as long as you can maintain this quality. “

“Thanks, Daiana.”

“Now it’s Sirena Blue‘s turn. Tell me about the hygiene you offer in this service.”

“I, just like all the other Amsterdam escort girls of our Amsterdam escort agency, are continuously monitored by a doctor. Every two weeks, I carry out analyses, and my sex is always performed with the protection of a condom. In the case of oral sex without condom Amsterdam escort service, the client to whom I agree to do this service is a client with whom I have had sex in the past several times, and who has always shown education, cleanliness, and respect for the rules. The first thing I do is to inform you agency, and then talk to the client for medical tests. I don’t want to risk contracting a venereal disease for this service. If the client has no problems, then I can run this service. “

“What cleaning protocol do you use before running the service?”

“The client and I wash together before having sex. And in the case of the oral sex without condom Amsterdam escort service, I pay a lot of attention to cleaning the cock. I personally wash the client’s cock before having sex, and I discovered which is an extremely erotic and exciting thing. Washing my cock with soap and hot water is something that my clients appreciate very much. “

“Very well, Sirena Blue. I appreciate this creativity.”

“The cock must be extremely clean to perform this service. Only when I’m sure, it’s clean enough do I perform my famous blowjob without a condom.”

“You also don’t want the customer to cum in mouth?”

“No, I don’t like the taste of sperm in the mouth, and it’s not hygienic. After finishing my blowjob, I immediately brush my teeth and mouth with a mouthwash. Maybe I exaggerate with precautions, but I want to minimize the risks.”

“Prudence is never too much. Our reputation and the health of clients and escort girls are too important. Continue to behave in this way. Girls, I am happy with your professionalism, and I am sure that you will always manage oral sex without condom Amsterdam escort service in the best way. This service is a real privilege, and you know who to give it to. Our agency trusts you and wishes you a good job.”

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