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Hello, and welcome to the pages of, the official website of the # 1 escort company in Amsterdam! In this agency, you will find all the best escorts in the city, all ready to satisfy your every request and to give you hours of pleasure in your bedroom.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Daiana, and I’m the agency’s General Manager. My job is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, proposing the girls best suited to the needs of each customer, suggesting extra services, and making sure every one is perfect. Customer feedback is essential for my work and allows me to focus on the defects of our service so that we can improve them and transform them into strengths.

The extra services that are offered by our girls are definitely our strong point. The additional services allow us to make your escort experience unique and to realize your every secret fantasy.

Today I have a private meeting with one of my best escorts, Saranella, to talk about her best extra service, the Best GFE Amsterdam escort service. I want to understand the potential of the service and deepen my knowledge of escort Saranella‘s work.

Saranella wears a beautiful short and low-cut white dress, jewelry, and silver high heels. To fall in love with this girl, you only need a glance, and Saranella makes dozens of customers fall in love every day. That’s why her Best GFE Amsterdam escort service is so popular and has hugely positive feedback.

Our meeting can start.

“Hi Saranella, thanks for being here with me. I want to congratulate you, you have had a surge in popularity in the last period, and this makes me very happy. The customers are really very satisfied with you, and I have not collected, not even negative feedback from you. It’s not easy to have this impressive average of positive feedback, but you did it. “

“Thanks, Daiana, I’m just trying to do my job the best way. If the customers are happy, then I am happy too.”

“You are always modest. I have received very positive feedback on your Best GFE Amsterdam escort service, which has become the extra service most requested by our customers. I want to have more information about this service.”

“Well, this is my favorite additional service. I love performing it, and clients notice it. It is an extra service that doesn’t necessarily include sexual performance, even if it happens quite often. The Best GFE Amsterdam escort service is a service that he focuses a lot on the emotions he can give people and how he can influence them, generating constant positive feelings, well-being, and the desire to do it again as soon as possible. “

“Emotions are very powerful. I always claim that our services must be emotional first, and then sexual. You understand my work philosophy, and these are the results. Very good, Saranella, I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks, Daiana,” says Saranella, smiling and showing me her breast to provoke me.

“Tell me about the service. I want to know your opinion on why customers choose it so often.” I say while I touch her sweet breast.

“The idea of ​​this service is very simple, but at the same time very effective. The client who chooses the Best GFE Escort Amsterdam service has the opportunity to spend time with me to do different activities. I will become her girlfriend for everything the time he will decide, and I will act like the best GFE ever! “

“I’m sure you’re a beautiful girlfriend,” I say, playing with her nipples.

“I am romantic, faithful, sweet, but if necessary, I can become jealous, possessive, mischievous, and passionate. I will be what the customer will decide. Every man has an idea of best GFE, and my Best GFE Amsterdam escort service will allow my client to fully realize his fantasies and to spend time with the woman of his dreams. “

“That’s why all customers who try this service can’t wait to do it again with you.”

“The service is so beautiful and pleasant that everyone can’t wait to do it again. Just try it once.”

“What kind of activities are you asked to do in the Best GFE Amsterdam escort service? I want to know both sexual and non-sexual activities.” I said, undressing.

“Customers want so many different activities. For example, the dinner date with their new GFE. Usually, they ask me to wear very elegant clothes, heels, and sensual lingerie, because they want all the other men in the restaurants to notice me. I eat in famous restaurants, I am envied by many men, and I have beautiful clothes. I am a very fortunate girlfriend. “

“Really good. Other activities?”

“On some occasions, I visited Amsterdam with my client. Visiting the Red Light District and seeing some friends in the windows with a client was slightly surreal, but also exciting. In a nutshell, men want me as their girlfriend to be able to do what they want and have the company of a beautiful woman. I am loyal and not interested in other men, and all my attention is paid to my client. Also, I never fight, and everything my client says is right. His wishes are orders for the best GFE in Amsterdam. “

“And in sex?”

“The customer can choose the basic package with sex and condom blowjob, and I can assure you that no one has ever complained about my performances. Or he can choose another extra service to make his night hot with his GFE. The client can choose, and he can make me do what he wants. Men want a woman who loves having sex and who does not create problems, and with my Best GFE Amsterdam escort service, I solve this desire of men. “

“You are awesome, Saranella. You can continue to perform the Best GFE Amsterdam escort service every time you want.”

“Thanks, boss.” She says, smiling.

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