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Couple Amsterdam Escort Service Rosie Red and Eva Emanuela

Couple Amsterdam Escort Rosie Red

Couple Amsterdam Escort Eva Emanuela

Hi friend, I want to be the first to welcome you to, the main escort site in Amsterdam!

My name is Daiana, and I’m the agency’s general manager. My job is very important and allows all the girls to be able to work with a professional agency, able to promote their services in the best way, and to the clients to rely only on highly qualified professionals for their hot night in a hotel in Amsterdam, Airbnb rental place or a private personal apartment in Amsterdam.

In this exclusive interview, you will be able to see my working method while I speak with two of the best escorts of the agency to understand how to improve our extra services and make them even better. The extra services allow us to make your evening with a babe unique, and we are always motivated to improve them as much as possible.

Our babes are all beautiful and carefully selected to satisfy every customer request. Often, however, our loyal customers do not know which girl to choose, and I can understand their difficulty. Choosing just one of our Amsterdam escort girls is very difficult, but there is also a solution to this problem: picking two girls and giving a view to our couple Amsterdam escort service!

Today I want to talk about this service with two veterans of our agency: Rosie Red and Eva Emanuela best Couple sex escorts.

These two escort ladies have always offered the couple Amsterdam escort service in different circumstances, and they can give me all the information I need.

Rosie Red wears a yellow sweater, tight gray pants, and black shoes. At the same time, Eva Emanuela loves to provoke in any situation, and she wears a white dress without underwear. When Eva Emanuela crosses her legs, I can see her shaved pussy, and I’m very excited.

“Hi, girls, today I want to know more about how you manage our couple Amsterdam escort service. Many customers are requesting it right now, and I want to know what you can offer to satisfy their fantasy.

Rosie Red, you are the veteran of these situations, you can start. “

“The couple Amsterdam escort service is my favorite because there are so many variations to make it! In this way, I can really express all my creativity in sex. The traditional way to do couple sex is to hire me together with one of my friends and having threesomes in a hotel room for a few hours. In this way, my friend and I can suck cock at the same time, create sexual positions where an escort is penetrated, and at the same time, licks the breast or pussy of the other girl, or even using vibrators and sex toys. There are many things I can do with my friend, and every time a client chooses the couple Amsterdam escort service, I start thinking about new erotic games, and I get a lot of excitement. I also love when the client takes a cumshot on the two of us. We can also play with sperm. I’m just getting very excited about talking about it. “

“Not only sex is included in this service, is it?”

“Exactly. We can also combine this service with the Dinner Date Amsterdam escort service, with our Amsterdam city tour escort service, or even with the girlfriend experience Amsterdam escort service. What’s better than having two beautiful sweet girlfriends who are eager to please you? You see, Daiana, the couple Amsterdam escort service adapts to many uses. Furthermore, customers are attracted to this service because it is something they are unlikely to do in their life. Few can say that they had sex with two girls at the same time, and we can make that wish come true. Also, an excellent lesbian show with my friend excites anyone involved. “

“Perfect, Rosie Red, you surprised me with your ideas. Continue to be so creative, and the couple Amsterdam escort service you offer will undoubtedly become your bestseller.”

“Thanks, Daiana.”

“Now, Eva Emanuela is your turn. You perform the couple Amsterdam escort service with another escort?”

“Usually yes, but often clients ask me to be able to have threesomes with another person they bring them. The client’s partner, for example, or a friend. I noticed that several men have this erotic fantasy: having sex with an escort with his wife and see her do lesbian activities with a stranger or have an orgy with a friend. In this case, if I have to have sex with two men, I am always asked if I do double penetration. “

“If you have sex with people who are not escorts, I expect maximum professionalism and a maximum level of hygiene.”

Best Escort Couple Sex Service

“Exactly. Every client has a condom, and before having sex, we wash altogether. In this service, there is no oral sex without a condom, and when the client has sex with two escorts, he is obliged to change the condom every time he decides to fuck the other girl. “

“Constantly changing the condom is very uncomfortable.”

“I know, but it’s the only way to be able to guarantee the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. Customers understand this, and this does not harm their experience in any way.”

“In what situation can you do your best in your couple Amsterdam escort service?”

“I really like having sex with one of my friends. Two girls and one cock. If I work and have sex with a friend of mine, it’s all much better, we can also have lesbian sex and start a friendly competition with the client.”

“Can’t you do it with all the other escort babes?”

“I’m a professional, and I have no problem doing it, but with a friend, it’s all much more fun.”

“I like your point of view, Eva Emanuela. We will advise our clients to select two girls who are friends so that we can guarantee an even more intense and engaging couple Escort Amsterdam service for them. Well, girls, you can go, the agency is pleased with you. “

I greet the two babes, and we agree for a couple Amsterdam escort service between us, I want to try their performances.

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