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Penelope Gold Amsterdam Escort Interview

This afternoon I have to meet with the agency’s best girl escort, Penelope Gold. Penelope Gold is one of the new escort girls who have been hired this year and who have already become the favorites of many people, especially Penelope Gold, was a great success with the public and critics.

Penelope Escort Amsterdam

I want to understand the reasons for this success and how to be different in this business, and I think Penelope Gold is the escort girl who can answer these questions. The problem is that Penelope Gold has a very long series of bookings, and the time to answer the questions is very little.

To solve this problem, I had to carefully select my questions and agree to meet Penelope Gold in a break between one service and another in the 420 coffee shop.

The escort girl is beautiful, with high-heeled sandals and a low-cut short dress, but I can see her tiredness. Many other girls have told me that this job is very tiring, and Penelope is still not used to this workload, but I am grateful that she decided to meet me during her time off. I want to thank her with some exact and exciting questions, and I hope I have all the answers I was looking for.

The escort girl greets me, and I sit down at the table. I was right, she is tired, but she is polite and tries to answer all my questions. We drink diet coke and start asking my questions in the 420 coffee shop.

“Hi Penelope Gold, introduce yourself to all our readers.”

“Hi guys, I’m Penelope Gold, but you can call me Penny. I have been an escort girl for a short time, and I love this job! I hope to have sex with all of you who are reading and to become more and more good at what I do!”

“Tell us how you got into this business.”

“Well, it all started while I was looking for ways to make money online. I’m studying to become a dentist, and the costs were endless. I was looking for something that would allow me to make money quickly and at the same time will enable me to have time for I didn’t want to work as a secretary or in a part-time shop, I wouldn’t have had time to do what I wanted and to study. It wasn’t worth it, so I started looking for systems to make money online. “

“And what did you find?”

“Lots of systems, but at least half of them are incredible scams, like those of surveys or apps where you have to do something a hundred times to get little money. I didn’t want to waste time like this, but at the same time, I couldn’t create an Instagram profile and let it grow. I wanted almost immediate results because I needed to pay bills. So the classic methods of influence marketing were excluded, I didn’t have the time to create my audience. “

“So what did you do?”

“I found out that the online porn industry was very developed, and I could earn fast. I took some hot photos and uploaded it online, proposing an erotic webcam session, half an hour for $ 50, and even after 24 hours, I already had many requests. I started making money online this way, but then the site where I worked closed. “


“I don’t know the reasons. The other girls have said that it happens in the sector. They probably have violated some law. At that point, I thought about what I could do, and I thought of taking my job as a webcam girl to the next level, or to the sex, something that I had already happened to do. “


“I had had some very successful live sex streaming sessions, so it was natural for me to have sex in exchange for money. I searched Google for Amsterdam escort agencies, I applied for the job, I passed the selection, and here I am, Penelope Gold, escort girl. “

“Was the selection difficult?”

“Well, the staff said that they receive many applications every day, and therefore, a selection is necessary. They prefer quality over quantity, so better few girls but beautiful and suitable for work.”

“How did you pass the selection?”

“I thought of some people’s advice, and I had to be different from others, do something that nobody had done, and immediately attract people’s attention. The best way to do it was to be creative. I mean, there are so many beautiful girls like me, or maybe even more sensual, and to stand out, I had to get something out of my mouth. I thought about my live sex show, and I brought a friend with me. “

“A friend?”

“Yes, and we had sex in front of the selectors, who greatly appreciated my initiative. That’s how I got the job.”

“Very interesting.”

“If you want something then you have to be ready for anything to get it.”

“Well, it’s true. So what would you recommend to a girl who wants to become an escort girl?”

“You have to be yourself, and focus everything on two things: your weaknesses and what makes you different.”


“Yes, find your faults, and transform them into your strength. Only in this way will you be unique. You must also ask yourself why a customer should choose you among all the escort girls of the agency, and give you an answer. Based on the answer, you will have to become unique and irreplaceable. But there is no magic formula, every girl has to find these answers by herself. “

“Do you have long-term plans for your career?”

“For now, I have fun, and I make money. I want to finish my studies and start working as a dentist, I can do both jobs, at least at the beginning. I don’t know what I will do for the future, we’ll see.”

“Thank you very much for your answers, they are very interesting.”

Penelope Gold has to go now, she has to meet a client at the Backstage hotel in Amsterdam. Penelope is beautiful, and I’m sure she will have a great career.

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