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Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read this page. You are on, the portal that represents the best escort agency in the city of Amsterdam! We are active throughout the city and throughout the Netherlands, and we have the honor of collaborating with the best escort girls from all over Europe, carefully selected to guarantee customers maximum pleasure and the fulfillment of all their most hidden desires. We sell emotions, and spending time with our beautiful girls is the strongest emotion of all.

My name is Daiana, and I’m the agency’s General Manager. I select the girls for our clients, and I always take care of suggesting the best escort babe for every need, also creating a series of extra services that can make sexual intercourse hotter.

Today I have a very important meeting with one of my new girls, Alexis, a beautiful girl who got immediate success thanks to her role play Amsterdam escort service.

Today I want to deepen my knowledge of this service together with this beautiful girl and understand the true potential of the service.

The beautiful Alexis wears a black tank top, white jeans, and black sports shoes. Her look is casual, but it is also very sensual and manages to attract all men thanks to her charm and beauty.

Our meeting can begin, I have many questions for Alexis.

“Hi Alexis, thank you for being here with me. You recently joined our agency, but you had great success with all the clients, and I congratulate you for this! Your role play Amsterdam escort service is a real success, and I want more information on this extra service that you offer to all customers. “

“CIao Daiana, thank you very much for the beautiful words. I love this agency, the professionalism with which the girls are treated, and the kindness of the staff. I love talking to you, and I thank you again. I am really very happy that my role play Amsterdam escort service has been so successful. “

“Tell me about this service. What do you think makes it so special?”

“There are many things that make my role play Amsterdam escort service special. First of all, it is an innovative and exciting service. Many customers, motivated by the curiosity to understand what type of service it is, ask for information and want to know if it is a service that can solve their needs. Stimulating people’s curiosity is the first step to success and to gain customer attention. A curious customer will become a seriously interested customer. “

“I understand, it’s a very effective marketing strategy.”

“The service has a great strength: it can adapt to everything. I’ve already had sex with many customers, and each person has their own unique personality, ideas, fantasies, and fetish. Being able to adapt to each person is not at all simple, but this service is able to satisfy any person in a highly effective way because it is not a service with strict rules, but it is a service with very few rules, very versatile and able to adapt to any request. “

“In what way? Please explain yourself better.”

“My role play Amsterdam escort service allows you to create any possible situation, to stage a real role play, and to realize many fantasies. I can be many things in the bedroom, and I noticed that this service is helping me a lot to develop my acting skills. In this service, being good at acting is absolutely fundamental. For example, I can be a sadomasochistic mistress, a submissive slave, or a rigorous teacher, or a lusty policewoman. “

“I understand. Does the client choose which character you will play?”

“Yes. Every man has particular fantasies that he never succeeds in realizing, and I am the only babe escort who can help him. For example, a client chooses the role play Amsterdam escort service to make me become a mischievous maid. From the moment in which I enter the bedroom, I become a naughty maid, ready to do anything to satisfy my master. “

“Do you also have specific outfits?”

“Over time, I realized that there are some roles that are most in-demand from customers, and therefore I bought some costumes. But each customer can tell me what they want me to play and give me a particular outfit. We can also buy it together and make our shopping kinky. The customer can purchase any outfit for me. I communicate my preferences, and he buys something. “

“I understand. The service seems very interesting. I guess you have limits that you don’t want to go beyond or accept any request?”

“I am a girl who has no limits in sex, but this does not mean that I agree with everything that is proposed to me. I do not want to play excessively violent or degrading role plays for me. I am not a girl who appreciates the BDSM thing, and it is something that I specify immediately to the customer when purchasing the service. I don’t particularly appreciate being humiliated very much. I can be a submissive slave, but only up to a certain point. I know that in some cases, I can lose the client, but this is the only limit I don’t want to go beyond, and I’m glad the staff never forced me to overcome it. “

“No problem, Alexis. We give our girls maximum freedom, and this Amsterdam escort service role play allows you to achieve success and many customers. You can continue to perform it in the way you want, and I’m sure you will still get a lot of success. “

“Thanks, Daiana.”

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