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Hi, and thanks for being on the pages of, the official website of the best female entertainment agency in the city. I am Daiana, the general manager of the escort agency, and I would like to thank you for the time you have dedicated to us and for choosing one of our girls.

If you are on these pages, it means that you are looking for information on the extra services that our escort ladies Amsterdam can offer to all customers.

Well, you are in the right place at the right time, because one of my responsibilities is precisely to make sure that I only offer the best extra services to all my customers and to develop new ones together with all my girls.

Today I am in the company of the beautiful Escort Andalucia, one of my best Amsterdam escorts, to discuss together the Parties Amsterdam escort service, one of our new services that have already met with considerable success.

Andalucia has a beautiful white dress, black stockings, and golden heels. This girl has a lot of experience as an escort, and all her ideas have always been a huge success.

I trust Andalucia, and I’m very curious about what it means.

I don’t want to waste any more time, our meeting can begin.

“Hi, Andalucia, good morning. You are awesome today! It’s always a pleasure to meet you.”

Andalucia Best GFE Party Girl Amsterdam Escort
Andalucia Best GFE Party Girl Amsterdam Escort

“Thanks a lot, Daiana. I love to be pretty, and I represent the agency every time. I must look beautiful and professional.”

“I love your attitude! Yesterday I talked with some clients, and I receive some awesome five-star feedback. Your Parties Amsterdam escort service is trending right now! Congratulations!”

“Thanks a lot, Daiana.”

“Please, can you tell me the experience you had with Mr. B?”

“Mr. B is my best client. He is so kind and polite! And he is a genius in bed. I had a wonderful evening last Saturday with him. He chooses to use the Parties Amsterdam escort service because he wanted to have fun with other girls and his company’s stakeholders in his hotel room. Wow, Daiana, it was wonderful.”

“Can you tell me why Mr. B asked for the Parties Escorts Amsterdam service?”

“Mr. B is an important CEO for a big company, and he wanted to impress his guests to sell more stocks of his company. His idea was to have a wild party in his hotel room and to offer some female entertainment. In a few words, he wanted to have a party without rules, and the best thing to do was to ask for our Parties Amsterdam escort service. You know better than me that the girls that offer the Parties Amsterdam escort service are specifically trained to be able to gain the best in every situation, and we can handle every party, even the wildest ones, in the best way.”

Party Girl and Sex Escort
Party Girl and Sex Escort

“Yes, we invested a lot of time on your training, and we are very happy with the results.”

“Yes, and Mr. B was happy too. Every single time he is delighted by our work.”

“Of course, Girlsescortamsterdam has the best babes in town. But please, tell me more about the service.”

“In the Parties Amsterdam escort service, the client can select the best girls to attend the best party ever. We can dance, we can talk, we can entertain the guests with striptease and sex all night long. In Mr. B’s party, I had the honor and the privilege to have sex with Mr. B and a very important company financier. Thanks to the Parties Amsterdam escort service, Mr. B was able to provide a wonderful escort for his guest and to have the best sex of his life. He was so happy!”

“So, in the Parties Amsterdam escort service, you join a party and have sex?”

“Yes, but that’s not all. In the Parties Escort Amsterdam service, I give all my attention to the client, and I put all my effort to ensure that the party will be great. I can talk about several topics, I can dance, I can attract the attention of all the guests. In this service, we don’t sell only sex; we sell emotions. Nobody wants to attend a party without girls and without fun, so our service is vital. We bring joy into the party, and I always love to help people.”

“This is awesome, Andalucia. Mr. B was so happy, and he told me that he wants to organize another party next week. Are you available?”

“Yes, I am always available for the Parties Amsterdam escort service. I can also join my client even outside Amsterdam and go to a party in another city, like Rotterdam or Eindhoven. I just need notification in advance. I am always ready to satisfy the client’s requests, and I love to party all night long.”

“Wonderful, Andalucia. There are so many parties in the country, and we can’t miss every opportunity! I am really happy for your success, and I am sure that we will have more success in the future. What are your suggestions to improve the Parties Amsterdam escort service?”

“I suggest to extend the service to the Bachelor Party and to allow the babes to go to clubs with the clients. In the Parties Amsterdam escort service, we must go to the client’s room and have the party in the suite. We will be able to satisfy more requests if we can attend the parties in the discos.”

“Great idea, Andalucia. We will create another service for discos.”


Our meeting is over. Andalucia is a beautiful escort babe Amsterdam, and if you are looking for a partner for a private party, well, you just find her! Don’t forget to ask for the Parties Amsterdam escort service!

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