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Hi, and welcome to the pages of, the official website of your favorite Amsterdam escort agency. We are the best agency in the city, and we can provide female entertainment for you when you want, 24/7. My name is Daiana, and I’m the General Manager of the agency.

It’s my responsibility to ensure that you will receive only the best Amsterdam escort experience ever when you choose one of our escort girls. I’m always interested in creating new escort services for your experience, to allow you to personalize your night of sex and realize all your hidden dreams. Every day I have meetings with my escort girls to create new services and analyze all the client’s feedback.

Today I have a meeting with Dephane, the #1 escort of the week. Dephane had a stunning week, full of bookings and satisfied clients, and I want to talk with her about one of the most popular escort extra services of the agency, the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service.

Dephane Sensuele Amsterdam Escort
Dephane Sensuele Amsterdam Escort

Dephane is a beautiful babe, she has a perfect body, a sensual gaze, and an ideal attitude for this job. Today she is rearing a short, colorful dress, a necklace, and very high heels. She is so sexy right now!

I don’t want to lose time, our meeting can start right now.

“Hello, sweetie! It’s always a pleasure to meet you!”

“Thanks, Daiana. I’m always happy to meet you.”

“First of all, congratulations on your awesome week. You were so popular! All the clients asked your services and the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service in particular. Can you tell me your secret? I want to understand your success.”

“Well, I don’t have a particular secret for my success. I always try to do my job in the best way and to give something to the client. I am always happy when a client loves my job. I have a great talent for sex, and I love it. Being paid for having sex is the best job ever, I can’t be happier.”

“I’m happy to hear your words. The clients told me that you are full of passion and energy, and they can feel your love for sex. They left high-rated feedback for the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service. I want to talk with you about the service.”

“Ok, what you want to know?”

“You have a massage background?”

“Yes, I worked in a massage center for 2 years.”


“Yes, I learned how to perform the most popular massages, like the erotische massage, the body to body massage, or the Nuru massage. When I left, I decided to use my skills in my escort job, and the results are excellent.”

“Yes. Why you left the massage center?”

“Money issues.”

“I understand. So, what is the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service?”

“The Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service is the escort service that allows the client to experience the sensations of the traditional Dutch sensuele massage. The Sensuele Massage is an ancient technique focused on helping the client to erase the stress from his mind and body, and to give a great erotic desire. I’m able to do it thanks to the specific technique of the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service.”

“What kind of technique? Can you explain it to me?”

“Yes. In a nutshell, and trying to be as simple as possible, the human body has many nerves and erogenous zones, which can generate excitement and sexual desire. They massage the right nerves, and by stimulating the erogenous zones correctly, it is possible to get what you want, like boosting the release of stimulating hormones or loosen the body from stress and nervousness. Sensuele Massage focuses on the manipulation of some specific nerves and on touching the particular erogenous zones of the client’s body. These areas are the neck, shoulders, nipples, and cock. These erogenous zones are very receptive and can unleash a tremendous erotic force. My Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service is a massage that focuses on these areas, to prepare the client for sex or to give him tremendous sexual energy. “

“So a massage does not include sexual performance?”

“No, if the client wants to have sex, he must also purchase another service, such as the anal sex Amsterdam escort service or the basic package with a blowjob with condom and regular sex. In some circumstances, the massage was sufficient for the client. Not everyone associates the sex massage. “

“I understand. The important thing is that customers are always satisfied with the service, and everyone has talked about your Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escorts service excellently.”

“Thanks a lot, Daiana.”

“You perform the massage only in the client’s hotel room?”

“Yes. To perform the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service in the right way, I must have time, and I want to protect the client’s privacy, so the client’s hotel room is the ideal location for the Sensuele Massage Escort Amsterdam service. I want to perform the best massage ever every single time, and only in the hotel room, I can meet my quality standards.”

“I love your professionalism! You use something kinky in the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service?”

“I can use some essential oils, for example, I like to use an orange-flavored essential oil, and some hot vax to excite the client. I can also use soap and hot water, especially when I massage the client’s dick. It’s almost like, and handjob and the client must be careful not to cum in my hands because otherwise, the massage will be over. The massage doesn’t include any sexual activity.”

“I understand. At this time, no one never complained about your massage or your work. Well, Dephane, I am really delighted with your work and your ideas. You can continue to perform the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service every time you want. I’m sure you will have great success!”

“Thanks a lot, Daiana.”

So, if you want to have the best massage in Amsterdam, choose our Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service!

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