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Andalucia is a young brunette escort from the cold countryside of Russia, and who knows what to do to warm her heart and the soul of all her clients. Andalucia has a beautiful body, tonic and proportionate, which excites in a second and that every man loves to madness.
Andalucia is always working to find new ways to excite customers and to satisfy their most hidden fantasies, in exchange only for love, time and money.
Andalucia gfe sex amsterdam
Andalucia loves money a lot because it is the means to be used to have a lot of free time and the freedom to do what you really want in life. Andalucia loves spending money on luxury clothes and accessories, such ah3s bags, hats, and jewelry, shopping with all her clients and talking about each topic. Andalucia is an extremely professional escort, and she loves her job, and every day she satisfies all her clients in the best way. Andalucia is available for erotic massages of all kinds, sensual and tantra, for any kind of sexual experience and to overcome the limit.
Andalucia Amsterdam escort babe
Andalucia has the elegance of a Russian princess, the need to live surrounded by precious things, from closets full of clothes, costly perfumes, new shoes every month, the freedom to do what you want and be your own boss. Andalucia loves this life, and she tries to pass on this passion to all customers every night.
Andalucia is perfect for those looking for a creative escort, but at the same time that respects the traditions and really loves every customer.
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Andalucia loves to dine in intimacy with a client to be able to know him better and to show her personality. The best location to get to know Andalucia is without a doubt the Sherpa Restaurant, which has an atmosphere that allows Andalucia to feel close to home and feel incredible emotions.
If you want to make a good impression with Andalucia from the beginning, then immediately book a table at this restaurant, and choose the best menu, Andalucia will love you instantly.


Andalucia was not born in Amsterdam, but she really loves this beautiful city, and every opportunity is perfect to explore it and get to know new places. If you want to spend an unforgettable day, then go with Andalucia to visit the Rembrandthuis, the home of the famous painter. Andalucia loves art very much and will become a perfect guide for you, much better than Wikipedia or the official guide of the museum.


Are you tired or stressed? No problem, the sexual massage of Andalucia and her sex can work wonders with a man. To experience her talent first hand, just book a super luxurious suite in one of the city’s best hotels, the WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam, Andalucia will come to your door with massage oil and a sexy outfit customized just for you. Andalucia will never leave you alone until dawn, and you can really erase stress and fear.
Maximum cleaning. Andalucia does sex only with the condom.

11 reviews for “Andalucia

Overall Rating: 4.8
    Happy hollydays!

    By: Gore | 11 months ago

    Happy holidays guys. Andalusia is nice and she is really good at what she does. She knows how to suck dick well, and she fucked me soo good! Thanks for this!

    Oral sex

    By: Eddy | 11 months ago

    One hour booking, she is good in blowjob service. She gave me a natural bj and I finishet it only doing oral sex. Nice experience!

    Nice massage!

    By: Sasha | 10 months ago

    I rent her for 2 hours! One hour massage and after that I only needed norml sex. She was ok. Thanks!

    Best climax

    By: Harry | 9 months ago

    I had an incredible time with this girl, she is gorgeous, had a sexy body and lovely face. She is the fifth escort I’ve been calling since I’ve been in Amsterdam, an some if them were not friendly as this one. She come into my room and she gave me the best climax I had of all girls I had here, fully recommend this babe. Thank you for your great service! Harry

    Pretty Super Babe!

    By: Cedrik | 9 months ago

    Hey! I am finaly here in Amsterdam for the first time and the first impression is, wow guys, anyone must come here in Amsterdam at least once in their life. I no longer have to “consume” with the fear that they will catch me 😇. I am a consumer of “good things” especially good womens 😜. I met Andalucia yesterday, she come here at the Radisson Blu Hotel. I
    thought that as beautiful as she looks, I will not spend more than an hour with her, and that everything will only be about sex. I was wrong, because to my surprise, Andalucia is more than a beautiful woman. This girl has a rich general culture that made me “lose” the notion of time. We talked, we drank and I “consumed” and of course we made love, probably due to the fact that I have a nice connection to the bar but also from the fact that I also paid a girlfriend experience service. This girl is the bestial guy. super, super, super. Thanks. I recommend her!

    Good time

    By: Hans | 9 months ago

    I called her and invite her for 2 hours in my hotel room in Amsterdam. Everything was good but I discover after that this girl is not sn independent girl, she is from an escort agency. Aniway she looks great and she is a nice girl. I usually look for independent girls because I had some unpleasant experiences, but Andalucia made me a beautiful and unforgettable evening!

    Great GFE time!

    By: Ayan | 8 months ago

    Anda is a real goddes of love. She gave me an great experience girlfriend service that I always wanted. In fact, I discovered that if I want to have a flaky sensation with a girl, the option is to take a girlfriend experience extra service and the time spend will be unforgetable. Thank you love!

    Try contacting her and you will surely want more.

    Best Escort

    By: Mulan | 8 months ago

    I was nervous when she arrived, but Andalucia soon made me feel relaxed. Real as photos, super good services and she is so lovely.
    I took her for one hour, and she says 2, but of course, I paid another hour :). Thanks for make me feel good dear.

    Andalucia Lovely Girl

    By: Thibaud | 7 months ago

    Hi, I am Thibaud
    The first thing that struck me about Andalucia is the beauty of her eyes, beautiful and like pieces of ice. I immediately contacted the staff of the site by WhatsApp, and I booked Andalucia for three hours. All I can say is that the girl is gorgeous, and I could spend my whole life watching her eyes. Andalucia also has a legendary body, and she is my favorite escort. I am in love with her!

      By: Admin | 7 months ago

      Dear client, we are glad that our beautiful Andalucia has spent a wonderful evening with you, and we are happy that she has become your favorite.

    Best time!

    By: Badr | 7 months ago

    Seeing Andalusia’s escort profile, I started reading the reviews from the “old pals” clients she had innthe past. I was a little skeptical, but I still said to try driven by her beauty, because that’s what I’m looking for. I called and made the reservation with the young brunette lady, and she arrived on time.
    Andalucia really is a beautiful, open and real girl and the pictures are real.
    I opted for 2 hours plus GFE extraservice and the 450 € I paid were very well invested.
    Although she says she’s been doing this job for a while, she’s still doing pretty well. A fit and quality service.
    I wish her success in her doing here in Amsterdam and I will definitely want her services when I return to Amsterdam.