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Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam Escort Sorana

Happy Ending Massage Escort Amsterdam

Sorana Best Escort Happy Ending Massage

Hello darling, and welcome to, the official site of Girlsescortamsterdam, your favorite Amsterdam escort agency. Please, allow me to introduce myself, I’m the General Manager of the agency, and my name is Daiana. I’m the one in charge, and it’s my responsibility to give you the best Amsterdam escort service possible. I created the best extra services for you, and I’m always ready to help you when you want.

Today I have a meeting with one of my best escorts, the cute Escort Sorana, the Queen of Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service. I want to talk with Sorana about the service and try to understand the full potential of the service.

Sorana is wearing a cute pink sweater, black trousers, and silver boots. She is wonderful, and I can’t wait to talk with her.

Our meeting can start, we have a lot of things to talk about.

“Hello, Sorana, thanks a lot for being here. I know you have a lot of bookings, and I appreciate the fact that you are able to find time for me.”

“Don’t worry, Daiana. I always have time for my boss. You treat me so well, and this is my way to repair your trust.”

“You have a lot of bookings, and the clients are thrilled at the idea of spending time with you. What is your secret?”

“I don’t have any secrets. You can see that I have a stunning body and the right mindset for the business. I love sex, and people can see my passion and professionalism.”

“You are a massage expert, right?”

“Yes, I love massaging people, and I know all the types of massages in the world.”

“Can you give me more info about the Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service?”

“Yes, the Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service is the service where a client can have a wonderful massage and cum at the end.”

“Can you explain? What kind of massage you perform?”

“If a client chooses to purchase the Happy Ending Amsterdam escort service, I will perform a regular massage on his body, touching all his body parts, like the neck, the shoulders, the back, or the chest. I touch the dick too, but the focus of the erotic massage isn’t the dick or find a way to excite the man. The purpose of the massage is to relax the body and the mind of the client. And at the end, when the massage is over, I can concentrate all my attention to his dick, and give the client an orgasm.”

“How can you do it?”

“Usually, I perform a handjob. I am really good at it and every client cum in minutes, but if the client is looking for something hotter, I can also perform a footjob. I noticed that a lot of people love footjob more than a handjob, and I decided to offer this performance too. The client will reach orgasm and cum, and the service is done.”

“I get it. So, the client will cum on your body?”

“No, the client will cum on his body, and maybe on my hand or on my feet. I don’t allow the client to cum on my face or on my body in this service, and if he wants to do it, well, he must pay me a big extra. However, I can’t control the size of the cumshot, and I am not angry if he cum on me. I will become furious if he does it on purpose. I have a specific service for the cumshot on the body or on the face, and if he wants to do it, he should purchase the right service.”

“I understand, and I agree with you. So, if a client purchase this service, he doesn’t have sex?”

“No, the service ends with the cumshot. If he wants to have sex, he must purchase the basic package or another Amsterdam escort extra service. Usually, the client is happy with the Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service, but some men want to cum 2 times, and they purchase another service.”

Sorana Best Escort Amsterdam
Sorana Best Escort Amsterdam

“I understand. So, why a man should purchase this service?”

“There are many reasons, Daiana. The main reason is time. Having correct sex takes a long time, and people don’t always have an hour to spend. The massage lasts a few minutes, and my skills allow me to cum a man in a maximum of five minutes; I know, the client can have a nice orgasm, relax body and mind and save time. Also, I get paid, so choose the Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service is a win-win situation. “

“I understand. Are there other reasons?

“The massage is very powerful and has a tremendous erotic charge, even if the massage I perform in the Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service does not have an erotic nature. Nobody can resist a beautiful, completely naked woman who massages your body, and it is inevitable to get excited. The erotic massage allows you to download the erotic charge accumulated and to remain calm. Failing to have an orgasm when you are very excited is very frustrating and can generate a significant dose of stress, so massage is the best way to cum without having to have sex. The concept is the same as masturbation, but in this case, it is me, a beautiful Escort Amsterdam babe, who performs the handjob or the footjob, and therefore the client is much happier. “

“I understand, Sorana. I love your service, and you can keep going with the Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service.”

“Thanks a lot, Daiana.”

The meeting is over. If you are looking for a quick solution to get an orgasm, remember our Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service!

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