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Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

CoffeeShops in Amsterdam

Best CoffeeShops in Amsterdam

One of the main attractions of Amsterdam, besides the possibility of engaging the most beautiful Amsterdam escorts from all over Europe, is the very tolerant culture regarding the use of drugs, represented by the coffee shops.

What are coffee shops?

The coffee shops are local details that are extremely popular in Amsterdam and attract many tourists in search of transgression and fun from all over the world. The use of recreational drugs, such as cannabis or hashish, is permitted in these rooms without the danger of having legal problems. In these places, the drug accompanies the consumption of food and drink (usually soft drinks, such as tea or fruit juices, as cannabis, is very powerful, and therefore mixing it with alcohol could generate a series of problems), and it is a fixed stop for every person who wants to smoke weed legally. Cannabis can also be purchased in other stores, or directly in coffee shops at very attractive prices.

The coffee shop can also be the ideal place for a meeting with an escort girl by calling an escort service, a place different from the usual restaurant or a boring museum.

If you want to get the most out of the drug experience in Amsterdam, you should always remember a few small rules that will ensure you enjoy yourself without ever breaking the law.

– In Amsterdam, light drug use is tolerated and legal only in coffee shops. This means that you won’t be able to buy cannabis and smoke it in the street like a cigarette. If you want to smoke legally, you must do it in these rooms.

– You can buy these drugs in Amsterdam, but only in coffee shops. Don’t buy drugs from drug dealers in the streets for any reason (the city is relatively safe, but there are still drug dealers, and it is better not to go into the more hidden alleys alone). If you do this, you will not only encourage crime, but you will risk heavy criminal penalties.

– To enter the coffeeshops, you must be of age (in Holland the age of majority is reached at the age of 18).

– Do not overdo drugs. The staff can handle all the problems, but you should learn to recognize your limitations and not go overboard with smoking. You are in the coffee shop to have fun, not to feel bad.

– Always maintain a polite and respectful behavior. The local bouncers will not hesitate to chase you out even with strong manners in the event of inappropriate behavior.

– Hardly any coffeeshops serve alcohol along with drugs. This policy is applied to prevent people from becoming sick due to the mix of alcohol and drugs. Don’t insist on asking for a beer if the place doesn’t have it. Don’t buy beer in other areas to try to drink it inside the coffee shop, because the area has security cameras, and they will discover you immediately.

I personally love coffee shops. I’m not a big fan of weed, but I like the relaxed atmosphere of the clubs, and I’ve noticed that Amsterdam escorts are also interested in spending time in the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. Surely it is something different than the usual restaurant, and I have many memories mixed between the Amsterdam escorts and the best coffee shops in Amsterdam.

In this article, you will discover the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and I will tell you some anecdotes of my experiences with the escorts in these places.

I hope you will find this article interesting, and that you can learn about some of the most famous coffee shops in the city, which you can visit on your next trip to the Dutch capital.

420 Cafè Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

Perhaps not everyone knows that “4:20” is the universal code that refers to cannabis consumption, and one of the main coffeeshops in Amsterdam could not fail to call itself this way.

The shop is located at 27, Oudebrugsteeg, 1012 JN, and every day is full of tourists.

I remember going to this place for some time also to listen to the excellent jazz music (and even to smoke, of course).

I was particularly struck by the kindness of the staff, who advised me the best weed (I was not a great smoker, so it was better to choose a non-potent herb). The staff was very competent and friendly, but strictly enforced the rules. Smoking is not allowed in any way, it is possible to consume only weed or hashish. There are many varieties of marijuana, and no spirits are sold.

The escort who was with me was impressed by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and she also smoked with me before going to the hotel and having sex.

If I have to find a small defect in this coffeeshop, the prices are slightly too high, but I must also say that the quality of the products is very high and the coffee shop is in the center of Amsterdam, so having slightly higher prices than the competition is Ok.

I was in this coffeeshop with the beautiful babe escort Penelope Gold, here is her profile

Try her and smoke weed with her, you won’t regret it.

The Bulldog Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

If you want to go to the Netherlands and visit coffee shops, then you can’t miss The Bulldog, one of the most famous coffee shops in the world, at least once. This place has become a real brand, known not only for the quality of the drugs it sells but also for gadgets, t-shirts, and the logo, the founder’s dog.

The Bulldog that I attended is in the Red Light District, in Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90, but the place has several branches all over Amsterdam.

It can be said that the Bulldog was the first coffeeshop of the city, the founder, and still today is the leading market leader in the sector. When I used to go with my favorite escort babe, I really appreciated the relaxed and tourist-filled atmosphere, maybe too crowded for my taste, but I always managed to find a table where we could eat weed or other drugs. I really loved White Widow and Lemon Haze. In this place, you can also eat sweets and soft drinks.

Karaoke contests are great fun too, where I destroyed the eardrums of so many people by singing U2 songs horribly.

The Bulldog is undoubtedly the most “mainstream” coffeeshop, the one known by many people, but which still manages to maintain an excellent quality of its drugs. Even though these many people do not appreciate that the place is always full of tourists and the detractors call it “the McDonalds of the sector, not so good.”

Personally, I have always liked the atmosphere of the restaurant, but I can also understand the purists of the weed, who would like a less known and higher quality restaurant. And on one thing they are right, the prices are higher than the average, there are cheaper places.

Anyway, I enjoyed my Bulldog evenings with the sweet Amsterdam escort Anne Marie.

Here is her profile, she still loves the Bulldog, if you want to impress her, take Anne Marie one night in the coffee shop she is one of the best partygirl escort in Amsterdam.

De Dampkring Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

When I visited this coffeeshop for the first time, I felt a bizarre feeling of deja vu. I had already seen that place, even though it was the first time I visited it.

How was that possible?

I did some online research and discovered everything. I had seen the movie “Ocean’s Twelve” (great movie, watch it), and a part of the film was shot in the coffeeshop.

Since then, more and more people have begun to visit De Dampkring to smoke weed and to visit the characteristic places of the film. This explosion of popularity continues even today, as the staff was able to exploit the positive trend and become viral, maintaining its reputation over time.

The restaurant is located near the Bloemenmarkt, the famous floating flower market, a unique place in the world, and De Dampkring’s address are Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM.

As for the quality of drugs, it’s not bad. The restaurant has managed to keep the quality of the products high during its phase of maximum popularity, and still today it can offer excellent variants of weed and tasty desserts, such as the dark chocolate space cake or milkshakes (much better than those of McDonald’s).

If I have to find negative aspects of this place, well, I’m very sorry, but I have to say that the kindness of the staff is not always excellent. I noticed that the various staffers are very kind when the place has few people, and when the pressure rises, and there are so many customers to manage it is not uncommon to notice a certain nervousness, which can lead to rude responses, even if it never happens to me happened personally, but I saw these answers.

If you want a hot Amsterdam escort to take with you to this place, then my advice can only be the lovely Oana

She loves space cake, and if you want to impress her, don’t forget to buy a huge slice for her.

Greenhouse Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

I’m sure there is a place in your city where you can meet VIPs. And these places are always full of people who hope to see one of these essential characters, talk to the VIP and take some pics.

If we talk about coffeeshops, then this place is definitely the Amsterdam Greenhouse, located on Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191, 1012 EW, near the Red Light District.

This venue has a great Hall Of Fame of celebrities who go there when they go to Amsterdam, like Eminem, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Chris Brown. Thanks to this VIP clientele the place is always full of people who hope to meet them, and even some Escorts Amsterdam have specifically asked me to go to this coffeeshop to meet some famous singer.

I have to be honest, I’ve never met a VIP at the Greenhouse. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but clearly, it’s not something that happens every day.

But the Greenhouse is not only famous for VIP customers, but also for the excellent quality of its weed, cultivated with the hydroponic system and has won the Cannabis Cup several times.

The selection of products, drinks, and desserts is good. The only problem is the large turnout, so it is not easy to find a table for the evening.

I still remember the name of the Amsterdam escort girl who always wanted to go to the Greenhouse Coffeeshop, her name is Svetlana.

Here is her profile,, hire her and book a table at the Greenhouse, she loves the weed and will thank you if she can meet a VIP with a hot Amsterdam escort hotel service!

Basjoe Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

I have to be honest, the first time I visited the Basjoe, I thought I was in a typical bar, and not in a coffeeshop. The decor was informal, and the restaurant offered a great selection of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. But then I tried their marijuana, and I must say that I immediately understood why Basjoe is one of the most popular coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The quality of the drugs on sale in the shop is excellent and goes very well with the choice of soft drinks and desserts (there are also very delicious marijuana sweets).

Basjoe also has an outdoor area overlooking the canals of Amsterdam (the address is Kloveniersburgwal 62, 1012 CX), and the venue broadcasts reggae music.

I have to spend two words for the staff, extremely polite and very helpful in recommending the best weed to all customers, especially those entering the coffee shop for the first time.

The staff was also very kind to the girl escort I took to Basjoe to spend an evening together, and the team advised a light weed to get her used to the effects of marijuana.

Do you want the name of this Amsterdam escort?

She is Camelia, and she loves to spend evenings at Basjoe smoking weed and listening to Bob Marley before having sex because that atmosphere can make her really horny.

De Tweede Kamer Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

This coffeeshop is very small, so it is not guaranteed that you can find a free table just in the evening where you want to go there. In any case, don’t despair and keep coming back to find an open table, because De Tweede Kamer is a small but very interesting coffeeshop, a real “old school” restaurant.

In fact, in this place everything is at the customer’s service: you can have free maps and filters, reserved bongos and even have the staff that “assembles” the joint for you if you don’t want to do it. This place actually follows a policy that not all coffee shops respect today (in the “old days” was a widespread practice). The policy conceives these places not only as a place to do business selling drugs and drinks; but also as a place where all smoking enthusiasts can meet and interact with professionals able to help them at any time and ready to give them all the tools they need to smoke in the best way.

For this reason, the restaurant has chosen to give free accessories and to adopt a policy more focused on the quality of the products offered than the quantity, with very low prices and excellent service. The staff speaks excellent English, so it will be very easy to communicate. The De Tweede Kamer is also a popular haunt for football fans, as local TVs always broadcast football matches, mainly Dutch league, but even the Champions League and World Cup.

This coffeeshop is located in Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC. Do not despair if you do not find a free table and continue to visit it, and I guarantee you will not regret it.

Do you want to know the name of the Amsterdam escort agency I brought with me during my evenings at the De Tweede Kamer watching the last soccer world cup?

Her name is Sirena Blue (, and she loves three things: soccer, sex, and coffeeshop. She is the perfect escort babe for an evening at this coffeeshop.

Kadinsky Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

The first time I tried to go to Kadinsky I have to confess that I couldn’t find him immediately, even though I knew the address (Zoutsteeg 14, 1012 LX), because this coffeeshop is located in an alley, so be very careful when looking for it (or use a GPS navigator or Google Maps). However this coffeeshop is near Dam Square, in the red light district, and unfortunately has higher prices than its competitors.

The atmosphere is pleasant, and there is a good selection of drugs, all of the excellent quality (in particular the Kandy Kush), including the superb hashish.

The place is small, so it is not easy to find a table for the evening, but there is also a lounge on the upper floor, usually less frequented, and therefore perfect for smoking with privacy (which I also did, along with of hot Amsterdam escorts).

The staff is friendly (especially when they don’t have many customers), and is always available to recommend the best weed quality every day.

If you are hungry, you can also eat their desserts, like Brownies and drink soft drinks.

If you can find it, Kadinsky is a great coffee shop to spend an evening in an intimate and very relaxing atmosphere.

I give you an advice: I know some Amsterdam escorts who love this place, and you can have fun bringing them to Kadinsky one evening. One of the girls who love this place is the stunning escort girl Rosie Red. Here is her profile, feel free to contact her and propose to spend an evening at Kadinsky, she will be thrilled.

Hill Street Blues Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

It is often thought that coffee shops are all the same as places to smoke, with beautiful furnishings, welcoming, very similar to clubs.

There is no denying that the widespread use of coffeeshops and the arrival of thousands of tourists every year has helped to spread this idea of a coffee shop, but fortunately not all the clubs are like that.

Diversity is essential, and being able to offer something really different from the others is fundamental to being ready to conquer a niche market, and the Hill Street Blues coffeeshop has managed to do so, creating an absolutely unique atmosphere.

The great peculiarity of the restaurant is perceived as soon as you enter. The walls and ceiling are full of autographs, writings and stickers, left by customers over the years (the escort who was with me and we left our signatures, I challenge you to find them), a way to personalize the experience in the room.

You can listen to great funky music, and the prices are low, both for coffee and drugs, and there are many sweets and soft drinks, also suitable for non-smokers who want to enter the Hill Street Blues (I recommend the banana cake or smoothies of fresh fruit). Perhaps it is not the most glamorous coffeeshop in the city, but it is still cheap, has excellent quality products, and is a viable alternative for those who want a different coffeeshop than usual.

If you are looking for this place, you will find it at this address: Warmoesstraat 52 A, 1012 JG.

I still remember the name of the hot Escort Amsterdam who signed the wall with me. A beautiful evening, with a sexy girl, good food and a bit of transgression before having sex in my hotel.

The name of this girl is Eva Emanuela, the lover of French Kisses, and this is the link to book her service:

Contact her and use her services to spend an unforgettable evening at Hill Street Blues, and sign the wall with her. It will be a beautiful memory that will always remain engraved in your mind and on the wall of the coffee shop.

Trust me, you won’t forget Eva Emanuela easily.

Smokey Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

Smokey is one of the most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam and is one of the largest, able to comfortably accommodate at least 150 people. The place is trendy and has one of the largest drug selections on the market, including accessories such as maps and filters. Marijuana sweets and even marijuana tea cannot be missing either. I tried the tea, and I must say that it is phenomenal, you have to drink it at least once in your life.

Smokey also offers soft drinks and fruit juices. Smokey also has another exciting feature. The staff said they wanted to be not only a coffeeshop, but also a real point of reference for people, giving all customers spaces to relax and play, not just tables for smoking, eating or drinking.

In fact, Smokey is also equipped with pool tables and a massage table (there are no sexual services if you want to have sex the best place is the Red Light District or, where you can play and relax without problems.

Smokey is definitely a great coffeeshop, maybe the prices are too high, but the drug offer is excellent, and the extra services are definitely something extraordinary.

If you want to try Smokey here is the address: Rembrandtplein 24, 1017 CV.

I spent enjoyable evenings at Smokey with some excellent escorts. My favorite is the stunning Emily. Here is her profile:

Feel free to book her for a wild night of transgression in Smokey! Emily loves to overcome the limit and break the rules!

Grey Area Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

Gray Area is one of the most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It has some peculiarities, such as being managed by a staff of Americans, and not of Dutch.

The American-style approach to business, very different from the Dutch, has allowed Gray Area to become one of the leading coffee shops in the city, winning several Cannabis Cups for the very high quality of its weed.

Gray Area was also one of the first coffee shops to offer customers quality such as Double Bubble Gum, Stonehedge, and Wobbler, as well as a large selection of bongs.

The reputation of the place has allowed it to become trendy and is one of the main meeting places for those who love smoking. The location is small, so it’s not easy to find a seat every night, but you can try to book a seat (I did this when I wanted to go to the Gray Area with a lovely Amsterdam escort). The staff is very kind and friendly and always knows how to recommend the most suitable type of weed.

Gray Area is located at Oude Leliestraat 2, 1015 AW.

Many escorts loved going to this place, because it was a trendy place and because the quality of the products was very high. In particular, Saranella loved this place, and she frequented it whenever possible, during work and during her days off.

Saranella is a beautiful girl, you can hire her for an Amsterdam City Service and spend an unconventional evening at the Gray Area, which will then be the antechamber of a hot night of sex.

Here is her profile:

Saranella loves every kind of weed, but her favorite is the Double Bubble Gum, one of the Gray Area specialties, and if Saranella loses her inhibitory brakes you can expect the unexpected in the bedroom.

The Dolphins Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

The Dolphins is a place that follows the philosophy of being different from the competition to be able to offer something unique to all customers. This exciting coffee shop is built with a marine theme, with lots of dolphins decorating the whole venue. The choice perhaps a lot of displaces, and in fact, you can ask what the connection between a dolphin and the weed is, but at the same time it is impossible to deny that this place is really very particular, and I love dolphins!

The coffeeshop consists of two living rooms, one on the ground floor with very comfortable furnishings, and where most people spend their time, and a second room, smaller, upstairs, more intimate and with fewer seats. Both rooms have free Wi-Fi, and it is possible to consume different qualities of marijuana, sweets, space muffins, soft drinks, and hot chocolates.

The staff is very kind and also rents various smoking instruments.

If you want a decidedly unconventional place, then The Dolphins is the perfect coffee shop for you. This is the address: Kerkstraat 39, 1017 GB.

I remember that an escort, in particular, loved animals very much, especially dolphins. For this reason, I thought that spending a pleasant evening at the Dolphins could help put the girl at ease, and my idea was successful.

Alexis has had good times and great memories with me at Dolphins, and I will be happy if she has more emotions with you in this coffeeshop.

If you want to hire the beautiful Amsterdam escort, Alexis, this is her profile: I am sure that you will have a wonderful time with her in the Dolphins!

Abraxas Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

Abraxas is one of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam, active since 1992 and has always been considered one of the best coffeeshops in quality/price ratio.

The success of the restaurant has been constant over time and has allowed the opening of a second store, smaller and with a piece of different furniture, all made of wood.

The restaurant is also famous as a meeting place for reggae music lovers, who can listen to new songs and all the great classics of Bob Marley and other famous singers.

The first shop is located at Jonge Roelensteeg 12, 1012 PL, and is a large coffee shop on three floors, with an outdoor seating area. Each level has a different theme and graffiti on the walls (you can write too).

The second store instead is smaller and has only one theme, inspired by fairy tales, and the address is Spuistraat 51, 1012 ST.

In both rooms, it is possible to smoke excellent quality marijuana, hot chocolate, baked goods and also buy smoking accessories, including a series of official merchandise, such as t-shirts, cups, and bags.

The staff is very kind, but it is rigorous on a rule: if you choose to smoke on the ground floor you can’t go upstairs.


Because the various floors are connected with a narrow spiral staircase, and climbing it after smoking could be dangerous. I heard that some guys fell off the spiral staircase, getting hurt, and I agree with the staff policy.

I really appreciate the music and ideas of Bob Marley, and for this reason, I am always thrilled to go to Abraxas to smoke and listen to good music.

And when I do these things with a hot Amsterdam escort babe who shares my same passions, it’s even better. My favorite escort for Abraxas evenings is the nice escort girl Andalucia, a perfect combination of education, sympathy, and transgression, perfect for fun evenings in the coffeeshop and for a wild night of sex (I don’t want to give other details, I’m a gentleman).

Here is her profile: Feel free to contact her, Andalucia is always available for a night at the Abraxas with you!

Amnesia Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

Amnesia is a trendy coffee shop in Amsterdam, which is aimed primarily at a very young clientele and tourists. It is located near the Red Light District and is one of the smaller coffeeshops, but this “intimate” atmosphere, combined with the choice of furnishing the entire store with warm and enveloping colors, contributes to creating a very intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The weak point of this choice is the fact that the place is tiny, and therefore, it is not always possible to find a seat. You can still try to book a place (I do this when I go with a hot Amsterdam escort, I don’t want to risk making a wrong impression by finding the full room).

Amnesia offers vaporizers, bongs, and maps to all customers and has a good selection of drugs, sweets, and soft drinks.

I am sure that if you can find a seat, you will spend pleasant hours in this coffee shop.

Ah, I was forgetting the address, here it is Herengracht 133, 1015 BG.

I noticed that most of the clientele is young, but for me, it’s not a problem, especially when I’m in the company of a very young and sensual escort like Nancy. All the boys envy me for being with a beautiful girl who loves to transgress.

My advice is to choose the beautiful escort Nancy for this coffeeshop. Here’s her profile, I’m sure you’ll be immediately impressed by her pics.

Do not hesitate to contact her and propose an evening at Amnesia. I’m more than sure that Nancy will accept with great enthusiasm.

Popeye Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

When I was a child, I loved Popeye cartoons, he was my favorite character, and I was thrilled when I found out that a very popular coffeeshop in Amsterdam was just called Popeye.

I wanted to visit him immediately and was impressed. The Popeye is designed to give a great feeling of open space, with large windows able to let in lots of natural light at any time of the day. Furthermore, Popeye offers a great selection of music of different genres (you can listen to electronic music, rock, techno, reggae and many other styles on the same day) and the prices are attractive, but the quality of the products is high.

Furthermore, the Popeye is not only a coffeeshop, but it is also a place where you can eat sandwiches and have breakfast (I often have breakfast in this coffeeshop, they have excellent sweets).

It may not be the best coffeeshop by price or location, but it is an exciting place and can be a good option for smoking high-quality marijuana at a low price.

And I love Popeye.

Here is its address: Haarlemmerstraat 63, 1013 EK.

On some occasions, I have had the privilege of spending an enjoyable day with a sensual escort babe in this coffee shop. The girl really appreciated the intimate and private atmosphere of the store and was happy to come back again at the first opportunity.

Her name is Dephane, one of the best girls I had the honor of spending time with and having sex with.

Here is her profile, I’m sure you will agree with me that Dephane is really amazing.

Have you seen her pics? Dephane is lovely. Contact her and tell her you to want to go to the Popeye, and you’ll get an enthusiastic response.

The Rookies Amsterdam Coffeeshop!

If you are looking for a coffee shop that is not too mainstream, that is little frequented by tourists, then The Rookies is your ideal choice.

The restaurant has been active since 1992, yet it has never been seriously considered by tourists, who have always preferred other more publicized places, such as the Bulldog or the Gray Area.

The Rookies have nothing to envy to these places, and perhaps being attended by fewer people is an advantage, because it has allowed the staff to focus more on the quality of the products. In fact, in this coffeeshop, it is possible to find unique products of excellent quality at economical prices.

The smoking area can accommodate more than 80 people, and the staff is always very kind. The music selection includes many musical genres, and the volume is never too high to the point of being invasive.

The place is never too crowded and also has a good proposal for soft drinks and food, including Italian coffee.

If you are looking for a tranquil place to spend some time, then The Rookies is the right solution, where you will be sure not to find annoying tourists at any time of day.

The address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145, 1017 PZ.

My favorite escort to take to The Rookies?

The beautiful Elvira, here is her profile:

Feel free to contact her, Elvira is always available for an evening at The Rookies with customers!

Here’s what I think is the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Do not hesitate to report other places, and I will be happy to try them for you, along with one of the other hot Amsterdam escorts!

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