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Cafe Hill Street Blues Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Hill Street Blues with Eva Emanuela

Today I would like to tell you about the day I had with the beautiful Amsterdam escort Eva Emanuela at the Cafe Hill Street Blues coffeeshop.

I saw on the agency’s website the photos of Eva Emanuela, and I was really very impressed by her body. A real angel, it was what I was looking for in an escort girl, and finally, I found it.

I immediately contacted the agency, asking for more information on Eva Emanuela, and the staff told me that she could also do escort extra services, such as anal sex and girlfriend experience. I asked to speak directly with the girl to plan our meeting, and I got her number.

Eva Emanuela is kind and very lovely, with a clear and crystalline voice, very creative and full of exciting ideas for our meeting.

I decided to start with an Amsterdam City Tour to meet Eva Emanuela before going to a hotel to have sex (I need to know the escort before having sex to see if we have a special feeling).

Eva Emanuela loves transgression very much, and I proposed an afternoon at the Hill Street Blues coffeeshop, located at Warmoesstraat 52A, 1012 JG.

Eva Emanuela enthusiastically accepted my proposal.

Our meeting takes place in the afternoon. I asked Eva Emanuela for an informal look, because Amsterdam summer is sweltering, and then I want to see this girl’s body. I wear short linen pants, a black shirt, and black shoes.

Eva Emanuela is gorgeous with short jeans, silver heels and a black tank top. Her clothing showcases flat belly, long legs, and red nails.

I’m already very excited, and Eva Emanuela is pleased to meet me.

Our afternoon at the Hill Street Blues coffeeshop is enjoyable. The coffeeshop is undoubtedly very different from the more mainstream ones, like the Bulldog. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with funky music and a few people inside. Eva Emanuela and I sit at a separate table and look at the inside of the coffee shop and all the drawings on the walls. The staff gives us a pen and tells us that we can write what we want, and order something to drink and to eat.

I order a space cake and a strawberry milkshake, Eva Emanuela a banana cake and chocolate milkshake, plus a few weeds to smoke immediately.

My stay at the Hill Street Blues coffeeshop is enjoyable. Eva Emanuela is a lovely and intelligent escort, we talked about many things and the staff was very kind. Maybe we exaggerated with the weed because we were really excited to be together. We signed the walls (if you go there you can have fun looking for our signature), and then we left, looking for a hotel to have sex.

Forgive me if I don’t give you details of my sex night with Eva Emanuela, but I’m a gentleman, but I can tell you that she’s really willing to do anything and that I’ve done the best anal sex of my life.

Now the Hill Street Blues coffee shop is my favorite meeting place with Eva Emanuela, who has become my beloved escort Amsterdam every time I feel like having sex.

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