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Greenhouse Amsterdam Coffeeshop with Svetlana

Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Greenhouse

I am a person who does not only think about sex, and who enjoys spending time with a girl doing small things, daily activities that become special if done with a girl who really wants to spend time with you and with whom you will have sex a few hours. I really like having an intimate dinner in some famous Amsterdam restaurant (I’m a man who loves good food, and I deeply dislike Chinese, Japanese and McDonald’s restaurants), or by visiting a museum famous as the Van Gogh Museum.

I’ve never been a big smoker, and I can’t stand the alcohol. The last time I tried to drink a glass of beer (I still remember it was a Guinness), I threw up all night long. But I like to spend time in coffee shops smoking some joint and drinking diet coke.

Today I have a meeting with a beautiful Amsterdam escort babe named Svetlana. I chose this girl because I was impressed by her pics. She has a sensual look and a stunning body, and I felt an erection growing in my pants, looking at the photographs. I trust my instincts, and the message was obvious: engage Svetlana for a night of sex.

But I wanted to spend some time with her, and for this, I proposed to spend a few hours in the famous Greenhouse coffeeshop, and Svetlana accepted with enthusiasm.

I asked Svetlana to have a very informal look because I wanted to see her body, and it was also a hot time in Amsterdam, and I didn’t want to sweat a lot. The Amsterdam escort babe wore flip-flops, shorts, and a black tank top, with a hat and sunglasses.

Beautiful escort girl, beautiful body, long legs, and sensual feet. I can’t wait to have sex with her.

The Greenhouse coffeeshop is located at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191, 1012 EW, and is one of the most famous coffeeshops in the city, often frequented by international singers and celebrities. Obviously, we didn’t meet Bono Vox or Eminen, but the place was still full of people watching the body of my babe escort Svetlana.

The Greenhouse has a sensational weed and has won several Cannabis Cups. We have chosen a particular weed and two slices of chocolate cake, with a diet coke and lemon tea for Svetlana. We have conversed amiably for a long time, and Svetlana is smart and talkative.  The atmosphere in the Greenhouse coffeeshop was very relaxed, with Jamaican music and an amicable atmosphere. Svetlana and I canceled our stress, and we really started to relax.

I was very excited, and then we went to the Sheraton Hotel in Amsterdam, where I had already booked a room to have sex all night with Svetlana, and trust me, words cannot explain how sensational Svetlana is in bed. The only way to find out is to hire her for a night of sex, but first, you’ll have to spend time at the Greenhouse coffeeshop to create the right mood.

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