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Oana is almost impossible to describe. Look at the pictures of this beautiful blonde escort, and you will understand that the images are more effective than a thousand words: Oana is simply a perfect escort babe, without a flaw, and with an incredible ass, round, tonic, and ready to be touched, gently slapped and kissed.
And who knows, maybe it’s also perfect for anal sex, but you will have to ask Oana personally.
Yes, because we are sure that you will not be able to get Oana’s perfect body out of your mind, her lovely face, her beautiful tits, and her awesome ass. Oana is unforgettable, and all the men who knew he could not live without meeting her at least once a week, and we can understand them.
In fact, look at her pics once again: imagine having sex with her in your hotel room, touching her ass and doing what you want with this sensational woman.
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Oana is cautious about her diet, and her food is the secret of her lovely body. This is why Oana only eats in some restaurants, which have the privilege of being able to host this Goddess. Her favorite restaurant is without a doubt the El Asador restaurant, where you can eat exceptional food with the beautiful Oana, envied by all the men of the restaurant.

Book your table immediately, and dress elegantly, and we guarantee an unforgettable evening with a beautiful woman, who will not disappoint you.


Oana loves very extreme experiences, and seeing things from a very different perspective. For this girl, a place like the A’DAM Lookout is perfect for an extreme Amsterdam City Tour!

Observe the city as you’ve never seen it before and experience incredible emotions in the company of a girl of indescribable beauty. Careful, the adrenaline will be uncontrollable with the beautiful Oana near you!


And what’s better than having unlimited wild sex with the beautiful escort girl Oana?
Nothing, for this we advise you to book the best room of the Hotel Nes immediately.

This room will be the place where you and Oana will realize all your fantasies, and you can finally touch and kiss every part of her body until the next morning.
Oana greatly appreciates hygiene and clean man. Make sure you take a shower before sex and always use the condom with the beautiful Oana.
Maximum cleanliness and respect will make you get the most out of the experience with Oana.

10 reviews for “Oana

Overall Rating: 4.6
    Best blonde ever!

    By: JJ | 3 years ago

    Oana is the best blonde I ever had. I was with 2 friends to spend a nice weekend in Amsterdam. On the first night, my friend had a reservation with her, and after he told me what a wonderful experience he had with Oana, I also booked 2 hours with her. She is extraordinary, beautiful and very pleasant! I recommend her!!!

    Oana via amsterdam

    By: Partyman | 3 years ago

    I will come in December in Amsterdam can we meet, please?


    By: Jo | 3 years ago

    I was dumbfounded when I saw her. Great experience, what I asked for is what I really get.
    Oana is gorgeous and the time spend with her was awesome!

    Matt Luxer Amsterdam

    By: Matt | 3 years ago

    I meet Oana yesterday night, she came in my room for three hours. I paid her for extraservice, girlfriend experience, and this was the best service I ever had with an escort. Thank you!

    Thank you!

    By: Ronnin | 3 years ago

    Thank you for the beautiful time we spend together. You are great. I promise you next time I will not be shy like last night 🙂 See you in August!

    Yes Yes Yess!!!

    By: Vennum | 3 years ago

    Yes, of course…! I’m delighted to be visited by Oana last night when I was in Amsterdam, and I can say she deserves more than it seems. Oana is more than pretty, she’s a beautiful woman, and when she laughs, she makes you do it the same next to her. It has a silky skin, and pleasing to the touch and even has a thin body but shapes that make you want her. Oana has big eyes, and warm, and the first contact with her inside is explosive, at least I did not have much to say ah and wow 🙂 I will revisit her when I am traveling again to Amsterdam, I hope sooner rather than tomorrow :).

    By: Mohamad | 2 years ago

    I had some bad experiences, and I was often struck by an escort especially when traveling in Europe, Oana was something that made me exchanging apparatus how to feel an escort, succeeded me wake up desires combined with fantasies hidden. I usually get an escort to get rid of it and do not stay for more than 30 minutes with a companion. When I called the agency for an escort reservation, I asked the agency for a beautiful woman who liked to have sex, and they assured me that they would send the most beautiful girl available and if I trust them to take it for a minimum of 3 hours, and it will be a pleasant surprise. I then saw Oana`s profile, but the pictures do not adequately express reality, because you have to feel it next to you, and her body and her perfect breasts seem to be partaking of my hidden fantasies. An escort who made me want to kiss her and her sensual lips on my body were like big drops of hot water walking! I do not know how much my review will convince me, but I am looking forward to going back to Amsterdam and retreat what I felt two nights ago when I was with her!

    Best time in Amsterdam!

    By: James C. Swanson | 2 years ago

    Oana was an adorable and sweet girl, scorching and sexy body, and we had a great time together, I’m definitely for sure. I enjoyed every second I spent with her and I will next time for sure. I am planning to call for her again next time I come to Amsterdam as I travel every week there. Thanks!

    By: Steve | 2 years ago

    Oana is a unique beauty that makes you think of the beautiful Amazonian women. It has sensual and seductive movements that invite you to sin from the first minute you meet it. If you set a date with Oana for one hour, the only regret is that that time is too short and you want one more and one more. Oana is a perfect company for hidden pleasures, for a night full of eroticism and sexuality, but also to socialize on different themes, her education is high one! Oana is already my guilty pleasure that created fantasies and desires that came to life!

    Oana the best girl!

    By: Andreea Pignolo | 2 years ago

    Oana is a wonderful girl and hot at the same time she is fantastic and kindly women, a professional escort one you should have!
    Had a happy 4 July near best girl Oana!