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Every man in Amsterdam lost his head for the beautiful escort Svetlana from the first moment he saw her pics. We can understand it, it is impossible to resist a girl with black hair, thin, tanned and who loves to show her body in every pic. Svetlana knows she is lovely, that she has the body of a lingerie model and can seduce every man in just a few seconds, and this power excites her very much. Svetlana loves the feeling of power she can have on all men, the excitement that comes with a sexy gaze, or a naughty game with the body.
And not to mention when Svetlana walks showing off her lovely ass, because at that moment every man loses control over the hormones and is ready to turn into a faithful slave of mistress Svetlana.
This girl really loves her body and loves showing it to every client. Look at these photos with the white micro bikini: Svetlana loves to take these pictures and send them to customers before each meeting to excite. You live for desire and excitement, and if you really want to understand the meaning of these words, you absolutely must book your service with Svetlana now, without wasting any more time.

the Ko Chang Thai restaurant. If you love oriental food, sweet and sour flavors and a different kind of food, then you can eat in this place with the beautiful Svetlana, and your dinner will be unforgettable.
Svetlana will be an amusing companion, an entertainment queen who will make you spend an evening of eros and excitement only with her presence.
And imagine what can happen if Svetlana wears a beautiful low-cut dress and high heels just for you.
Book a table immediately, and you won’t regret it.

the Bloemenmarkt, the floating flower market. Svetlana will wear the dress you want and will be the most beautiful woman in the city just for you. The girl will be the best tourist guide in Amsterdam you can ever find, and she knows every corner of the city better than someone who was born there.
If you want to impress the beautiful Svetlana give her a red rose, and she will reward you with her love.


We know you can’t wait to have sex with Svetlana, aren’t you? Well, then you should know that her favorite hotel is the Hotel Vondel in Amsterdam. Book the best suite immediately, take a hot bath and wait for the beautiful Svetlana, who will wear sensual lingerie, high heels, stockings, and an erotic striptease just for you.
And after the striptease, it will be the time of sex. Relax, and leave it to Svetlana, she did not disappoint.
Svetlana performs sex only with a condom.

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Overall Rating: 5
    Best FK and GFE experience!

    By: Bill | 3 years ago

    Svetlana is unique and she is really very beautiful, sweet and gentle. Svetlana has the most beautiful eyes and a smile that will immediately hypnotize you. She is much more beautiful than in her profile pictures, and in her natural live state she has sexy and beautiful shapes. I also recommend you try her French Kissing and Girlfrient Experience services, and you will surely fall in love with this wonderful woman. She kissed me affectionately and that conquered me !!

    Nice girl!

    By: Nickname | 3 years ago

    Hello. I met Svetlana yesterday night and she is a nice person an warm friendly lovely babe. Svetlana have awesome services and I promise you she is even hotter in real life when she moves like a sexy cat, than her this pictures from this profile. Thank you darling!

    Great experience!

    By: Dennis | 2 years ago

    Thank you for your services. I reccomend her. The best!

    Great experience!

    By: Gimmy | 2 years ago

    She is nice and have a good service! I reccomend her. Thank you!


    By: Dimas | 2 years ago

    I had the pleasure of being with Svetlana last night for 3 hours, and She was incredible so so beautiful. Everything was great, and I felt like I had known her for years. An experience I’ll remember all my life. Thank you, Daiana, that you recommended me Svetlana!


    By: Horhe | 2 years ago

    Hello! Svetlana is the best babe with which you can have the best girlfriend experience service in Amsterdam. I had the best possible service. Thank you

    Bell incontro!

    By: Federico Valverde | 2 years ago

    Ho letto la recensione e questo era l’unico motivo per cui ho prenotato l`incontro con la Svetlana, certamente ero curioso di sapere se le recensioni sono vere.
    Grazie alle vostre storie ho avuto una delle esperienze più belle con questa ragazza ad Amsterdam. Non e prima, ho avuto anche altri, ma questo incontro è uno dei migliori. Grazie mille bella!

    Most pleasant 2 hours!

    By: Edy K | 2 years ago

    This girl is the best and prettier than on the pictures she has on the profile. I had a great experience I will never forget with her. Just remember as she never rushes me during the meeting, and that is one of the things that meter to me. Thank you!

    Lovely Svetlana

    By: Mark | 2 years ago

    Svetlana is a great company to be with. I enjoyed the best time with one of the most beautiful girls in Amsterdam. I welcomed her in my room, and yes, she is stunning, she came with a lovely smile as a kind person she is. Her girlfriend experience service is one of the best, and if you like her, you must try it, she is extraordinary. Svetlana the best!

    Best time with Svetlana!

    By: Andrew Odriscoll | 2 years ago

    Svetlana has a perfect body but also great psychic, she is the most beautiful woman you want in your bed, that’s how I felt.
    I do not find such beautiful words that I can describe her so well, but Svetlana, it’s definitely a very special girl. From the first minute, she was very positive with a beautiful smile but a little perverse and seductive, which has inspired me to the fullest. It can easily get you mad with her energy, her sexuality, and for sure what I felt was unique and gave me a desire I want more and more.

    East European are the best!

    By: Anton | 2 years ago

    I felt compelled, to write this review after having had this unique and explosive meeting with Svetlana this week. I saw her profile ad and read some of the comments on her page, from which I understand she is an open-minded woman, and I hoped that the level of service would be what I will expect. I asked for a one-hour meeting in the lobby of the hotel and then an hour in my room because I also like to know the partner with whom I share the sexual experience. I will not go into the hot details, but I can only say that she is the love of my private escort life … Try and please confirm if I have been right or wrong!

    Beautiful Svetlana

    By: Tom | 2 years ago

    Svetlana is a fantastic babe, sweet and hot girl, much more beautiful in reality and she knows what she is doing and how to make you happy, full of energy but also warm in the same time. Best choice I had until the next experience. Thank you, baby!

    I know her from London!

    By: Tony W | 2 years ago

    I’ve known her for more than a year and I can say that I never met another girl in this industry like her and probably will never meet another one because she is excellent as human and the second she is the best girlfriend. I will never find words to describe this girl, but in few words, she is smart, sweet, sexy and most of all she is educated and have a great sense of humor which makes you feel like you are with her for many years and don’t want to leave her. Thank you, darling, as always!

    Real in flesh and bones!

    By: Sir Andrei | 2 years ago

    Wow, she is real and very sexy lady, I did not believe the first time but she is very real and very sexy. I spend a nice time with her. Can not wait to see her again.