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Eva Emanuela Escort Amsterdam Life Story Interview

Eva Emanuela Amsterdam Escort

Best escort Amsterdam Eva Emanuela

Since I arrived in Amsterdam to interview hot Amsterdam escort escorts, I was impressed by their answers, and I’m always interested in doing new interviews. Today I have to interview Eva Emanuela, one of the new Amsterdam escort of the agency.

I want to know something about her past and her skills to beat the other girls’ competition and have so many customers. I was very impressed by the photos of Eva Emanuela because I saw a lovely body and a cute face. Eva Emanuela is beautiful, and I really have the temptation to combine duty with pleasure, interviewing her, and then having sex with her.

But I can’t do it, I have to act like a Pro, and so I prepare a list of very controversial questions for this girl.

The meeting takes place in the street, near Dam Square. Eva Emanuela wears a miniskirt, silver sandals and a military tank top. Today is her day off, and it is very hot. I observe her lovely legs and her tits, and I struggle to hide my erection in my pants.

Many men will pay to have sex with you, Eva Emanuela, and I understand precisely why they will do it.

“Hi Eva Emanuela, introduce yourself to all our readers.”

“Hi boys, my name is Eva Emanuela, I am 22 years old, and I am one of the new escorts hired by the agency. I hope to make happy so many boys with my skills, and have a lot of fun.”

“How did you get into the agency?”

“When I was a young girl, I took some pictures for an intimate catalog, but it was mainly a game for me. I never thought about embarking on a modeling career. Growing up, I noticed that the boys went crazy for my body and I read some books written by a girl escort, where they talked about making lots of money having fun with sex. I was no longer a virgin, and I realized that I liked sex a lot, and I thought I’d try this experience to make some money. My mother works as a secretary and returns to her every night stressed and tired home. I didn’t want that life. So I started doing the escort promoting myself on the web. “

“What do you mean?”

“I found some Facebook groups of paid sex, and I created my ad. I received many requests, but only a few really interested in having sex. When I finally found clients, I was happy to have made money, and I didn’t think about the moral implications of my gesture. “

“I do not understand.”

“I talked to many Amsterdam escorts, and they all told me the usual thing. The first few times you have paid sex make you understand whether you are really suited to this job or not. Because thinking about having sex for money is one thing, but doing it “It’s really very different. The idea of allowing a man who doesn’t attract you either physically or temperamentally to have sex with you is awkward, and you have to be able to feel pleasure anyway. You have to approach the thing as if it were a business.”. “

“Without emotional involvement?”

“It is not always possible to have it. I had sex with fat people, old people, or men who did not transmit emotions to me. In this case, you have to think that they are customers who have paid for a service and who deserve the highest quality. I am good at pretending involvement and orgasms. In other situations, I found beautiful boys and emotional engagement, and all I did was 100% real. All the girls who want to become escorts say that they have no problem having sex with anyone, but the reality is that only very few are really able to do it, and the first experiences serve to filter who is really prepared to be an Escort Amsterdam and who is not. “

“What did you think after your first experiences?”

“I enjoyed the experiences, and maybe I was lucky to find nice guys. With the money I earned, I bought good clothes and high heeled shoes to be more sensual. At that point, I decided to turn this experiment into my time job full, and clearly, my mother was not happy, absolutely not. “

“Well, many mothers don’t like having an escort daughter.”

“She told me that if it was a question of money, I could find other jobs or a solution. I replied that I wanted to make that life. For a long time we didn’t talk to each other, and only now did we get closer, but she’s disappointed. I promised her that it would only be for a short time, but for the time being, I have fun and I make money, so there are no reasons to stop, I am not violating any law, and, even if I understand her point of view, I cannot sacrifice myself for the wishes of other people. “

“Do you have long-term plans?”

“Make a lot of money, and then start personal projects.”

“For example?”

“I want to create an intimate clothing brand. I am a creative girl, and with the money I can earn in this business, these dreams would become a reality. Then I will buy a house and maybe I will enter the real estate business. I want to diversify investments, but all this will depend on how many boys wish to have orgasms with me.I’m available for extra services like anal sex and cumshot in the face for maximum monetization. If you ask me if I want to be an escort girl forever, then I have to answer no, but I don’t do it for my mother, but why it’s not my long-term goal. “

“Thank you so much for your time, Eva Emanuela. I hope you will be able to achieve all your goals, and with such a body I am sure that it will take you a short time to do so.”

“Thanks,” she says, smiling.

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