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Often our clients contact us, saying that they have so many difficulties in choosing a single Amsterdam escort girl for their sex evening in Amsterdam. We know that making a choice of this type is not absolutely easy, because our girls are all beautiful, sensual and know how to have sex in an absolutely perfect way.

How is it possible to be able to choose only one of all the escort girls of our Amsterdam escort agency? In the same way, we received a series of requests where two customers absolutely wanted to have sex with the same girl together. We had to solve these two problems with a single service, and for this reason, our very famous Couple Amsterdam escort service was born, the service that allows a couple of people to have sex with one of our Amsterdam escort girls or to be able to choose two girls at the same time for a night of sex with the maximum possible transgression!

As you can see, our Couple Amsterdam escort service is adaptable to any context and customer need, and we are truly proud to offer a service that is absolutely capable of solving a series of problems for all our customers. If you want to know how the Couple Amsterdam escort service works, the do’s and don’ts, keep reading this article.

Couple Amsterdam escort service: How it works

Our Couple Amsterdam escort service is an extremely simple service that caters to two types of people.

If you are a client who wants to have sex with two girls at the same time, the only thing you need to do to have the Couple Amsterdam escorts service is to choose the two girls you want to have sex with and communicate it to us. We will organize the booking and disclose all the necessary information to have what you want. If you have specific requests (for example, you also want to see a lesbian show), do not hesitate to ask us, and we will suggest the most suitable escort girls achieve what you have in mind.

If instead you are two clients (two men or a couple), and you want to transgress together with one of our hot Amsterdam escort girls, the only thing you have to do is choose the girl you are most interested in and communicate your intention to have a Couple Escort Amsterdam service and if you are two men or a couple. If you want specific things (for example, a girl who agrees to double penetrate), don’t hesitate to ask us. We know all about our Amsterdam escort babes, and we always know how to indicate the most suitable girl for your needs.

Let us know the date you want to use the escort service and the hotel where it will take place, so we can organize our girls’ bookings and allow you to have this service where and when you want.

What to do in the Couple Amsterdam escort service?

Our Couple Amsterdam escort service is a service that has very special rules since it is one of the most requested escort services. Your collaboration is precious to us and will allow us to continue offering an escort service of the highest quality for a long time to come.

Here are the things to do during the Couple Amsterdam escort service.

– All sex that will be done during this service must be done with a condom. Having sex without a condom is not allowed, not even oral sex. If you have chosen to have sex with two of our high-class Amsterdam girls escort at the same time, you will absolutely have to change the condom when you have sex with the second girl. We can understand that it can be very annoying to have to stop and put on a new condom, but it is essential to ensure maximum protection against all kinds of sexual diseases. So make sure you bring a box of condoms with you.

– If you want a lesbian show performed by the two girls you have chosen, contact us, so that we can recommend the two most suitable girls for this service. Having lesbian sex is not something that all girls offer, and we can help you find the most suitable escort girls for your request.

– If you are a couple of men, and you want to have sex with one woman, you must tell us in advance what you want to do. Not all girls accept double penetrations or double cumshots. All the sex that will be performed must take place with a condom, and the escorts girls cannot kiss anyone.

– If you want to add other services to your Couple Amsterdam escort service, don’t hesitate to let us know. The important thing is that these services can allow us to maintain a very high standard of cleanliness. So you can’t kiss girls or ask to have sex or anal sex without a condom.

Things not to do during the Couple Amsterdam escort service

You have just read the things to do during our service. Now the time has come to know the things that are not allowed to do inside the Couple Amsterdam escort service. Avoid doing these things for exceptional escort service.

– It is absolutely forbidden to force girls to do something they do not want, or that has not been previously agreed. For example, not all girls perform escort lesbian shows with each other or kiss the woman of the couple who chose the service. If you want to do these things, let us know in advance to select the most suitable girl.

– Make sure you have enough condoms to have sex with two girls escorts. If you don’t have enough condoms, our babes girls can bring a condom box with them.

– Remember that this is not a porn movie and that our girls are not porn stars. Avoid being arrogant and forcing girls to do something they don’t want. If you treat the girls with respect, they will give you all their love and passion.

We wish you lots of fun with our Couple Amsterdam escort service!

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