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Donna is one of our best escorts, a true professional, educated and who dedicates 100% of her time to customer care and looking for pleasure. Donna is an adorable girl, with long blonde hair that looks like a golden waterfall, an incredible smile and eyes as deep as the sea, with a captivating and seductive look, able to drive every man crazy on the face of the earth.

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Donna loves luxury and high fashion brands, like Gucci and Versace, she loves always buying new clothes always to be desirable and sensual, high-heeled shoes and jewels, she wants to have only the best and give her best to her clients.
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Our escort loves spending time in intimacy with the customers and knowing all about them, the hidden passions, the secrets, the erotic fantasies, to be able to adapt and offer only the best service possible in every circumstance.
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Donna is a great professional escort, who loves her life and bring love to the world, knows well that her job is difficult, but Donna has the necessary passion and talent to make the world a better place, a hug of Donna cancels the stress and makes every man enter an elegant and passionate world, the world of pleasure.
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Donna loves luxury restaurants and where she can eat top quality food, unobtainable and cooked only by the best European chefs, with fine wine and the best atmosphere in the world. Her favorite restaurant is Gartine, and if you want to impress her and start the evening in the best way, you can book a table in the restaurant to have an intimate and private dinner.
Donna loves luxury and beautiful clothes, so make sure you’re dressed elegantly and impeccably, bring a gift or a jewel, and she will give you her beautiful smile.


Donna is not only an escort, but she is also an extremely polite girl with high culture, but she also reads a book a week and loves to visit the historical places of Amsterdam. Go with her to the house of Anne Frank, and she will tell you the sad story of the Jewish girl and will amaze you with a unique sensibility and her great charisma.


To have sex in the best way with our Donna, you have to make sure you offer her only the best, a comfortable, warm, welcoming hotel with a shower and a big soft bed, like the Amsterdam Tropen Hotel.

Donna will arrive on time, with newly bought luxury clothes, beautiful shoes with heels, jewels and sensual perfume, just for you, in the complete privacy of your luxury room, for as long as you want.

It requires maximum education, respect for the escort, a complete shower before and after sexual intercourse and the mandatory use of condoms for all sexual activity, including oral sex.

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