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A great prejudice against the top escorts is to consider them only as extremely precise, disagreeable and unwilling to change their opinions, as if they were just robots, programmed to act in that particular way forever, waiting for a system update operating.
This injury may be right under certain circumstances, but not all German women are like that, and Almita is proof that prejudices can be wrong.
Almita is a real Escort Amsterdam woman, her skin pale as silk, her hair long and blond as golden threads, high precision in every aspect of life, but at the same time the ability to improvise and be guided by instinct.
Almita has the blood of the Valkyries in their veins, the legendary warriors of mythological sagas, celebrated by poets, philosophers, and musicians for courage and pride, and she is equally courageous and proud.
Almita is courageous because she is not afraid to compete with the other escorts of the agency because she has a perfect body, a natural charm and the typical energy of the German people, which pushes her to improve her body continually and to always be a step forward compared to other escorts regarding sexual tricks. The competition is a great motivation that pushes Almita to grow and become the best possible escort.
Almita is the favorite of many customers thanks to her creativity. She can take a toy, a food, a situation, and immediately turn it into something extraordinarily sensual and that can excite every man. Think of Almita and cream, in your opinion, what can you do to get excited about that food?
You can even adapt and use all your favorite erotic games, improving them with her creativity.
Almita is also proud because she does not accept compromises and mediocre people. Almita always gives the best to every customer, and she demands 100% of commitment and respect, respecting her German nature.
If you are looking for a perfect, sensual woman, a real sex bomb, then the proud Escort Almita is what you are looking for her.


Informally meet Almita by booking a table at the Parallel Amsterdam restaurant, her favorite restaurant, where she will put you at ease and allow you to spend a pleasant evening with her, beautiful food and exquisite wine.


Almita has lived in Amsterdam for many years and knows all the secrets of the city. Visit the Rembrandtplein with her to get 100% of this experience and get to know all the secrets of nightlife in the Dutch capital.


Almita will use all her talent in bed in a private meeting in a hotel room. To put her at ease, you can book a room at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel and spend pleasant hours. Almita will only wear seductive clothes and will be able to make asexy massage you naked all night long if you wish.

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Almita Amsterdam Escort Massage


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Overall Rating: 5
    i have enjoyed every moment

    By: Rod | 5 years ago

    I found Almita a great woman with a beautiful body. Almita is very attentive and good looking. Sexy women !! Enjoyed every minute with her even 3 hours passed very quickly, it worth the money. Thank you for your time dear!