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Best day at The Bulldog Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Anne Marie at the Bulldog

The first time I heard of The Amsterdam Bulldog coffeeshop was when I was a teenager. I lived in a small town on the hill, and I didn’t know many things. I remember starting to notice the sticker with the Bulldog logo stuck everywhere, and I didn’t understand what it meant. A bar? A store? A logo of a musical band?

Some of our friends who smoked weed told me that the Bulldog was the most famous coffeeshop in Amsterdam, a place where smoking was legal and could be done at any time. I couldn’t believe it, because my friends and I had to hide to prevent someone from seeing us smoking and reporting this to our parents.

Over time, I kept thinking about the Bulldog and wanted to visit it. I finally managed to visit it during a New Year’s holiday with a friend. The coffeeshop was very lovely, the weed of excellent quality and I saw many beautiful escort girls.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to meet a girl or hire an escort, and the visit to the Bulldog didn’t satisfy me completely.

I also bought a coffeeshop T-shirt, but after a while, I ruined it with bleach. I promised myself that I would return to the Bulldog as I wanted to do, with a girl, and finally, I did it a week ago.

I was in Amsterdam for a business trip, and I had a free evening. Is there a better way to spend it than to spend a lovely evening at the Bulldog coffee shop with a beautiful escort?

I already knew the agency and chose to hire the beautiful Anne Marie (she wants to be called Mary) for my erotic evening at the Bulldog coffeeshop. I contacted the staff and made the booking, and finally, I realized my dream of going to the Bulldog coffee shop with a beautiful Amsterdam escort.

I chose to go to the coffee shop located in the Red Light District, at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90. Mary had a very casual look, flip-flops, shorts, a Bulldog shirt, and a hat on her head. Mary is so beautiful that she doesn’t need to wear heels or sexy lingerie to excite. Her body and charisma are more than enough to do it.

Unfortunately, the Bulldog was very full of tourists, and many men watched Mary’s body. I have not found the intimate atmosphere that can be found in other lesser-known coffee shops in the city. If you want to come to the Bulldog, you have to consider that there will always be people. The quality of the weed is still excellent, and Mary also sang a Madonna song at Karaoke.

She is also an excellent singer, she has a beautiful voice.

We had a wonderful evening at the Bulldog, and we planned our evening of sex the next day. I bought a new Bulldog shirt, and I’m careful not to stain it with bleach.

I recommend the beautiful escort Anne Marie, a sexy girl, a fantastic company for every evening and a real hurricane in the bed.

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