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The best date with Oana at the De Dampkring in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop De Dampkring with Oana

One evening a few years ago, I didn’t know what to do, and I decided to watch a movie, “Ocean’s Twelve.” The film is about a band of robbers who have to carry out a huge theft, a good movie, great acting, and one of my favorite actors, Brad Pitt, was one of the protagonists. I really enjoyed the film and saw the other films in the saga too.

One thing that particularly struck me about the film are the locations, and in particular, the scenes shot inside a famous Amsterdam coffeeshop, the “De Dampkring,” one of my favorite coffee shops when I visit Amsterdam.

From that moment the popularity of the coffeeshop has exploded, many more customers and tourists, curious to observe the locations of the film. I must confess that now the trend is over, but the restaurant has managed to maintain a good reputation and always has many customers, including myself.

The De Dampkring coffee shop is located at Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM, and I visit it at least once a week when I travel to Amsterdam, and I decided that I would spend a pleasant evening with a beautiful girl in this coffeeshop.

I am a very jealous man, and this side of my character has given me so many problems in my relationships. The thought that other men could observe my woman’s body or try to have sex with her was and is intolerable to me, and all my relationships ended because of my jealousy. I am on a personal growth path to solve this problem (generated by low self-esteem), but I still cannot be relaxed with my partner in a crowded place. I’m single now.

But I found an excellent way to solve the problem when I travel, and I want to spend a lovely evening with a beautiful woman without having to worry about her loyalty.

The system is straightforward, I hired an escort to have sex with me and to accompany me on my travels.

My favorite escort is the beautiful Oana, a sexy girl, sweet and very creative in bed. With her, I had the best sex of my life, and every time I have a free evening in Amsterdam, I hire her as Amsterdam Escort to spend time with me.

I hired Oana again this time, and I asked her to be beautiful just for me. She wore a beautiful low-cut white dress with blue heels. Oana was beautiful, and with her, the looks of the other men were just gasoline for my ego, because only I could have Oana all night long.

The coffee shop is beautiful, we ate a cake, drank a milkshake, and smoked great weed.

The atmosphere was relaxed, and Oana spoke at length with me about her future plans and her life. I love the company of Oana because she is an adorable escort girl.

Do you want to know if we had sex?

Of course yes, sex after the weed is phenomenal, and I recommend to you all one night with the beautiful Oana after spending time at the De Dampkring coffeeshop. In this way, you will have the perfect mood to get the best out of Oana.

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