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Oana Amsterdam Escort Interview Life Story

Oana Escort Interview

My interviews with escort girls are becoming more and more interesting, and I love spending time with every escort babe and listening to everything she has to say. Every person has his story, and I am ready to tell it to the whole world.

Today the girl I have to interview is the beautiful Amsterdam escort Oana, a girl who has become extremely popular with customers and whom I wanted to interview for a long time, and whom I finally managed to meet.

Even the beautiful Oana has a long agenda of bookings, and I managed to get half an hour of her time at the De Dampkring coffeeshop. I arrived on time, and Oana was late.

The girl informed me with a WhatsApp message that she had a setback with a client and that she would arrive as soon as possible.

I hate it when a person is late for a meeting, it’s a huge lack of respect for the other person, but I know that the escort’s job can have unexpected consequences, so I wait for Oana by drinking a coke.

The beautiful Amsterdam escort arrives after a few minutes and apologizes many times with me for the inconvenience. I say that there are no problems and we start the interview. Due to the delay, I have little time and start immediately, while Oana eats a cake and drinks fresh water.

Despite the hurry, I looked at her body carefully, and Oana is lovely.

“Hi Oana, introduce yourself to all your readers.”

“Hi guys, I am Oana, a professional escort and a fashion model. I have been doing this job for many years, and I am available for evenings in restaurants, to accompany clients in social events and to have sex. I am also available for professional photoshoots. You have only to tell me what you want to do with me, and I will do it. “

“You have many services that you can offer to your customers. I guess the sex in the hotel is the most requested, right?”

“Yes, exactly, but I often combine this service with a romantic dinner in an Amsterdam restaurant, like” Vinkeles,” or an evening in a coffee shop like this. My clients often don’t just want sex from me, but try some good ones “Emotions and having a good time. In short, people want from me what they can’t have in their everyday life or with their partners, but often they can’t give it to them.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, many of my clients have been very influenced by porn. In porn, you see complicated and uncomfortable things to do in reality, and porn is a parody of reality, with gifted men and women willing to do anything. For example, anal sex. Not all escort girls do it, but customers expect it because we are escorts. “

“So customers would like to do porn with you?”

“Well, they don’t want to shoot a movie, but do what pornstars do, like fucking hard, doing anal, facial cumshot and enduring for hours before orgasm. I’m sorry they can be disappointed when they realize that real sex “It’s different from the movies. Sometimes I have orgasms, and some don’t, and I pretend to have it so as not to disappoint them. I don’t like doing it, but a disappointed customer is bad for business.”


“Because a disappointed customer is a customer that you will hardly have again, or who will rebuy the product. Furthermore, he is often the cause of negative performance, but he does not want to admit it, and I am the one to receive all the blame. Having to do business with these clients is the worst thing about the job, but fortunately, they are few. Most people just want to have fun and have sex. “

“What happens in the case of negative feedback?”

“Negative feedback is a big problem. The agency is very attentive to the quality of the service it offers, and negative feedback can drive customers away. The girl who has a negative rating is contacted by the staff and must provide explanations for what it happened, and the answers must be convincing. In some cases, the negative feedback was intentional. “

“What do you mean?”

“Many customers think that paying them gives them the right to do what they want, but it is not. Our regulation is very clear, the services must be paid in advance, and the extra services agreed before the performance. In some situations, I don’t want to have sex anal or receive sperm in the face, and I refuse to do it. And the clients try the same to do it. If I refuse, I can get the threat of negative feedback. I explained my motivations to the staff, and they understood. But there are situations where the girl makes a bad performance, and negative feedback is deserved. “

“What can be the causes of bad performance?”

“We girls are human beings, a bad day can happen. On some days you can be tired or listless. Moreover, having sex always is annoying, and in the end, it is not pleasant. Furthermore, some customers are not attractive. Being a professional escort means giving the maximum in every situation, but often it is tough, even for a girl with years of experience. “

“So what solution do you propose?”

“Don’t give too much importance to feedback. I also advise all aspiring escorts. Don’t overestimate your abilities, being an escort is difficult. Try to have an exit strategy. Also, I want to start working less, to improve the quality of my service. Less sexual relations, but higher quality. In my opinion, it is the best formula. I proposed my idea to the staff, they were not enthusiastic, but the prospect of improving the quality of the service convinced them. “

Oana must go now. You want to complete the accepted bookings before reducing your schedule. Hire her now, because this beautiful girl is really fabulous.

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