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Escort Girlfiend Renata

Renata is an escort who has based her entire life on a few basic principles: champagne, sex, respect, and diamonds. She is brunette escort, tall, slim and with big natural tits.
Champagne is essential to celebrate all the best moments of an evening for Renata, as an invitation to dinner or a beautiful gift.

Sex is the best way to make money and to become rich according to Renata, it is a natural anti-stress, allowing you to experience exceptionally intense moments, incredible experiences and to show your power over people. For Renata, sex is the best way to have absolute domination over each client, because Renata is a brunette Amsterdam escort who really loves to command orders to all customers.
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Respect is fundamental to Renata’s work ethic. She gives the utmost respect and demands the same from every person, because she is a true professional, with years of experience in the industry, able to adapt to every request, but when Renata sets limits, then the customer must adapt to her will and obey Renata. She wants respect, respect is like a drug, it’s never enough for Renata.

Diamonds are Renata’s best friends, a person can disappear forever, can die or turn into an enemy, while a diamond is forever, and Renata loves to wear diamond jewelry, diamond shoes and receive precious diamonds as a gift from her customers.
The diamond is a symbol of luxury and power, what Renata wants. She can be naked in front of a person and not be ashamed, but our escort hates to remain without a precious diamond.
Do you want to get the most out of Renata? Open your wallet and buy a diamond, she will give you her soul.


Renata loves luxury, and the best restaurant for a girl like her is Vinkeles, in the heart of Amsterdam. You can book a table for two in this exclusive place and spend an evening in luxury, with refined food, fine wine and the best female company in the world, the beautiful Renata and her diamonds.
She asks for maximum elegance, so she wears your best dress, and she will do the same.


Renata is very popular in the busiest clubs in Amsterdam, and if you want to get a taste of the nightlife in the Dutch capital, then spend some time with Renata at Dam Square and the most famous clubs.
The girl has many connections with the most important people in the city, with the most popular DJs and the most refined people, those worthy to join the elite of Renata, the diamond-loving escort, your new legal drug.


Book a room in the Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam, and Renata will do what you want in total privacy.

A bit of advice: book the most luxurious place, because she loves the most unbridled luxury.
Bring a little diamond with you, and Renata will be happy to make all your fantasies come true.
Maximum cleaning, use of the condom is mandatory.

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Renata Amsterdam Escort


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