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Leona is a girl who has always been surrounded by an aura of mystery, which behaves mysteriously and likes to be very reserved.
We, too, of the agency know little about the past of this mysterious escort girl, who decided to use her fantastic body to give pleasure to the world. Every man who meets Leona immediately falls in love and turns into a loyal customer.
Perhaps Leona is the last descendant of a family of witches and has discovered magic to fall in love with every man madness immediately?
Or the merit of the success of Leona is to be a real sex bomb and to possess a body worthy of a Renaissance sculpture?
Leona does not need love potions to seduce men, to be the best escort she just needs to look the man in the eye and know all his most hidden secrets because Leona is able to steal your soul.
Leona steals your soul and to regain it every man must prove to be a real man and spend time with this witch of love, and start a relationship destined to last forever.
Leona has discovered this gift and knows how to use it in the best way to be the most requested escort of the moment. Her mystery and her seduction are the two main reasons for her success, and Leona is always determined to get what she wants and to give more and more love to people.
She studies every day the techniques of seduction and experience new erotic games, she is looking for a limit to overcome and a winning strategy to make anyone fall in love.
Leona’s limit? The sky.


You can get to know Leona better while eating a delicious dish cooked by the starred chef of the Vis aan de Schelde restaurant, based on fresh fish. Sorinela knows how to talk about many topics and can entertain you throughout the evening in a pleasant way thanks to her charisma.
Leona loves the elegant man, and you have the right to decide how to dress and if he will wear underwear.


Visit NEMO, the excellent science center on the Amsterdam boat together with Leona. She is a witch, but she also knows the value of science and can be a superb escort for every place. She is also perfect for shopping and for evenings in a trendy club or in the main square.


Are you looking forward to experiencing Leona’s talent for love? All you have to do is book a room in a prestigious hotel, such as WestCord Art Hotel, and Leona will give you the best of her in your bed to make you live an unforgettable evening and reach the maximum point of pleasure.

Your privacy will be 100% protected because she is a real pro.

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4 reviews for “Leona

Overall Rating: 5
    leona was excellent!

    By: Marcus | 1 year ago

    She is very lovely inside and out. Everyone will enjoy her. Guaranteed.

    Leoana angel face

    By: Sinnerman | 10 months ago

    Leona is a woman with an angel face, and she has some breasts that will make you want them and want them, and after that, want them again. Her body is one worked at the gym for sure because it sees on it. Leona is an educated but also fun and very sexy girl with whom you can easily talk without getting bored. Leona has a bulging bottom and big natural breasts that you will want to eat not just with your eyes :). Great service, thanks!

    Hot and perfect boobs!

    By: Giorgio | 8 months ago

    Yes, yes, that is true, Leona has the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen. Leona is sexy, and she is an amazing woman with a beautiful and sexy body, and I had one of the best sex skills I received. Leona knows how to make top oral sex while she cares with her perfect breasts. Leona is an amiable girl. A top service. Thank you a lot!

    By: Damian | 6 months ago

    An excellent service! She is a young, adorable, and clean girl, her skin smelled of roses, which made me even more excited. The breasts are almost perfect, natural, and firm.