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Coffeeshop De Tweede Kamer with Sirena Blue in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop De Tweede Kamer

I’ve always been a big fan of weed, and a city like Amsterdam is my paradise. Finally, a place where you can legally smoke excellent weed but above all without being judged as a drug addict by people who have no idea who I am and what I do in my life.

I love the friendly atmosphere of coffee shops and the possibility of smoking different types of weed without having to worry about someone seeing me or the police. When I was a boy being spied on by someone was my main fear, and I never managed to enjoy a joint without the fear of being discovered by someone. When I went to Amsterdam, I saw a new world, where everything was tolerated, the laws were far-sighted, and we could smoke without the fear of being arrested.

From that moment, Amsterdam became my home away from home, and I visited every coffee shop in the city. I’m not kidding, tell me the name of a coffee shop, and I indeed visited it. My favorite coffee shop is De Tweede Kamer, located in Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam, a very old school coffee shop that represents, in my humble opinion, what a real coffee shop should be.

Coffee shops like The Bulldog and other similar franchises are too popular, the quality of the weed is not excellent, and there are too many inexperienced people at work. De Tweede Kamer is a small coffee shop, less known, where weed enthusiasts can meet, talk to each other, and smoke new types of marijuana.

And what’s better than spending a lovely evening in these clubs with a beautiful girl? I always dreamed of having sex and erotic massage with a hot Amsterdam chick, and I decided to combine my passion for coffee shops and the desire to break with a beautiful escort. I chose the best escort agency in Amsterdam, and I carefully selected my girlfriend, and I chose the beautiful Sirena Blue, a blonde girl with nice tits and round ass. She enthusiastically accepted my proposal to spend an evening at De Tweede Kamer, and we met in my room at the Hotel Ibis Amsterdam, we had sex for an hour, and then we went to the coffee shop to eat and smoke. Escort Sirena Blue was cute, kinky and intelligent, she really enjoyed sex and weed, and she surprised me when she asked me to come back to my hotel room for the second round of sex, a proposal that I accepted with great pleasure.

Now De Tweede Kamer has a new meaning for me. Every time I go to this coffee shop I remember the beautiful Amsterdam escort girl called Sirena Blue and our hot sex night.

Follow my advice: an evening with this Escort Amsterdam Girl, a coffee shop, weed, sex, and you will never forget the feeling of being really alive.

Now excuse me, the beautiful Sirena Blue is waiting for me to go back to De Tweede Kamer and then we’ll have sex.

Have a nice day!

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