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Sirena Blue Escort Life Story Interview In Amsterdam

During my interviews with hot Amsterdam escort girls, I noticed that most of them are single girls who devote all their attention and their time to work and care of their body and look. This does not surprise me, because this work is definitely not suitable for women who are engaged, married, or with children. But I’m curious to know if any girl from the agency is engaged and how she manages to reconcile her job as a hot Amsterdam escort and a relationship with a man. I imagine a very open mindset and a lot of love are needed to be able to manage this relationship in the best way, and this can be material for an excellent article.

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I contacted the agency and asked to speak to a girlfriend who was engaged, and the staff told me about the beautiful hot Amsterdam escort girl Sirena Blue, a blonde girl, seductive and with an incredible body.

Sirena Blue is currently engaged, and she was happy to talk to me. I organized a meeting at the coffee shop De Tweede Kamer, an intimate restaurant with few tables, ideal for a friendly conversation with a girl.

Sirena Blue arrives on time wearing a beautiful white dress, black heels, and a delicate make-up. A lovely girl and in fact, I understand why she is one of the agency’s most requested escorts.

I have little time to talk, I have to use it in the best way to get the answers I’m looking for and then start the interview.

“Hi Sirena Blue, introduce yourself to all your fans.”

“Hi everyone, I am a hot Amsterdam escort of 25 years, and my name is Sirena Blue. I have sex with my clients, and I can fulfill all their desires, even the most perverse ones. There is nothing I can’t do to have what I want and love this job. I hope to meet you all and have so much sex with each of you for hours. “

“How long have you been working as an escort?”

“For 5 years. I have always worked with this agency, and our collaboration has always been positive. I am a veteran of the agency, and very few other girls have been here for longer than me.”

“Have you always been engaged in your escort career?”

“No, at first, I was single, but I got engaged two years ago.”

“I am very curious to know how it is possible to combine escort work and being engaged. Can you tell me about your relationship?”

“Yes, without problems. What do you want to know?”

“How did you meet your boyfriend?”

“I met Albert at the disco while I was celebrating the birthday of a friend of mine. I immediately noticed that handsome boy, and he invited me to have a drink. We danced together all evening and then we went to his house to have sex. He was impressed by my body and my sex and erotic massage skills, and he wanted to see me again. Soon something was born between us, and I told him what work I do. He didn’t appreciate it, but he was interested in spending time with me.

It wasn’t easy at first, then he realized he was in love with me, and I was in love with him. I must admit I really appreciated his decision not to force me to quit my job. I was free to continue or find some other work, but it had to be my decision. “

“Did you want to quit this job?”

“I understood his position. It is not easy to accept the idea that your trusting has sex and nuru massage with other men, but I made a lot of money, I had a particular lifestyle, and I did not want to abandon it. I believe that loving someone also means accepting his or her decisions. Albert understood my position, he didn’t accept it, but love for me was too strong, and we started our relationship. “

“How do you manage your work and your relationship?”

“I never talk about my work at home, talking about how I was fucked or facial cumshots is something that irritates Albert incredibly. When I’m with him, I’m not Sirena Blue, the hot Amsterdam escort girl, but I’m just a girl “I’m in love, and I use my real name. I always have sex and tantra massage with him and spend time together. Albert is jealous, and I’m afraid that over time, jealousy can wear down the relationship.”

“Have you ever thought about quitting being an escort?”

“Yes, one day I would like a family and children, but to do this, I need a lot of money and financial security. I am saving a lot of money to buy a house, and I am looking for ways to invest my savings to have an income. I want to quit this job until I can still make so much money. Albert agrees, but this situation is wearing him down. “

“Could you stop now?”

“Yes, but I would still like to make more money.”

“Are there any other escorts in your situation?”

“Few, my friends prefer to be single to work and have no pressure. I’m one of the few engaged girls. I’m afraid my relationship will end sooner or later, and maybe I’m selfish not wanting to change my lifestyle. “

“I’m sorry, I hope you find a solution.”

“There are only a few solutions, and we are trying to make this work. For now, I don’t want to overthink, and I enjoy the happy moments with Albert. The future is far away, and I want to live the present. I still have clients to meet and money to earn “Albert has already shown that he loves me, and as soon as I finish being a hot Amsterdam escort girl it will be my turn to reward him, he will be my only man.”

Our conversation ends, and the beautiful Sirena Blue walks away. I hope you can maintain your relationship. Sirena is a girl who is in conflict with her nature and with what she really wants. I hope she can win this battle.

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