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Anne Marie escort life interview in Amsterdam

Anne Marie escort interview

Full day with an escort in Amsterdam

The hot Amsterdam summer is the perfect set to do a new interview with a beautiful Amsterdam babe escort, and today I want to talk about some new topic, something new and I haven’t yet gone into enough. But perhaps it is better not to prepare too many questions and improvise the conversation on the spot, it may be the best way to get an exciting interview.

Today I have to interview the beautiful Amsterdam babe escort Anne Marie, a sexy escort appreciated by many customers. I would like to know from the beautiful Anne Marie, some particular anecdote about her worst experiences and some strange adventure with her most bizarre clients. I’m curious to hear her stories.

I can meet Anne Marie during a break between one meeting and another, and the beautiful girl still wears her best outfit, heels, miniskirt, and a small vest, a real summer look and suitable for a hot Amsterdam afternoon.

Anne Marie greets me and tells me that I have all the time I want, her next booking is in an hour, so I can ask many questions. The meeting takes place at the Coffeeshop The Bulldog, and we drink two fresh cokes with ice and lemon. Anne Marie told me she doesn’t use any drugs (including weed) while she works.

We can start the interview.

“Hi Anne Marie, you are nicknamed” Orgasm Hunter,” introduced yourself and tell us the origin of your nickname.”

“Well, hello everyone, I am Anne Marie, but you can call me Mary, I am 23 years old and I am a professional escort. I have sex almost every day, except for the period of the menstrual cycle, where however I continue to practice oral sex. My nickname is It was generated by an online chat room, where I chose that nickname. One of the other girls in the agency noticed it and started to call me that. I have to admit that it is a great nickname.

“Do the customers know the nickname?”

“Only a few. The beauty of a nickname is to make it known only to very few people; otherwise, it becomes trivial. Furthermore, that name often generates too great expectations, and is not good for business.”

“Why did you become an escort?”

“I wanted a job that took up little time, fun, and with the possibility of earning a lot of money. I did some research, and I chose this profession. I love sex, I have a beautiful body, and I have a lot of work. I must say that it is ironic to think that I have I started this job to have a lot of free time, and now I have very little. A secretary or a hairdresser has much more free time than me, but not the same bank account. “

“Do you have sex every day?”

“Yes, it is difficult to have a day without sex. A day with little work means having sex at least once. On weekends I have at least three bookings, often with more men at the same time.”


“Yes, and I admit that they are exciting but very tiring. My week of menstruation is a vacation for my pussy, but I continue to work with dinners, meetings, and blowjobs.”

“You have an incredible workload, why do you do it?”

“Because I am beautiful and I want to monetize to the maximum. And I love these things.”

“” I guess you met so many strange customers. “

“A lot, I can write books about these people. A client had forgotten to turn off the phone, and his wife called him while he was fucking with me.”

“And what happened?”

“He answered with the speakerphone and continued to have sex with me. I remained silent and tried to make it cum, it was fun to watch as he tried to speak normally while I sucked his dick. In the end, he told his wife, “I love you,” closed the call and cum. “

A bizarre situation.”

“He really appreciated, he gave me an extra tip.”

“Another strange experience?”

“There are customers who book the booking and then do not show up or do not open the hotel room door. At that moment they are afraid of me and having sex with an escort. Fortunately, the payment is anticipated in most cases, and I lose only time. “

“Are they afraid of you or of the idea of ​​having sex with an escort?”

“I believe more than having sex with an escort and having a bad performance. Their pride would be destroyed. Having paid sex and not being able to get an erection? Total humiliation.”

“Has this situation ever occurred?”

“Sure, so many times.”

“And in these cases what do you do?”

“Never laugh at the client. I am an empathic person and try to calm him, I tell the client to take his time and relax, and we just want to have fun. Most of the time, it works. Never humiliate a person for these things, it can happen in every moment also to male pornstars. “

“You’re right. Do you have any other interesting stories?”

“Well, I met several fetishists in my career. One of my clients specifically asked for cum inside my shoes and to lick the cum. I must confess that I liked it. Another client asked me to fulfill his dream of cum on my face like a real pornstar. I accepted, it was the first time I did it, and it drove me crazy. I rewarded that client with free facial cumshots every time we see each other. I love the warmth of sperm on my face, it’s fantastic. “

“Your plans for the future?”

“Make a lot of money and then find a passive income, how to rent houses, and maybe I will continue to work as an escort in Amsterdam with selected clients. I don’t want to have a regular job, but I won’t be able to support this work rate forever. I’m attending courses in money management, and if I manage my money well, I will be able to live the life I want. “

Anne Marie Amsterdam Escort interview

“I understand, I hope you can achieve your goals.”

“Thank you.”

The chat is over, Mary greets me with a gentle kiss on the cheek and walks towards the Hotel Freeland Amsterdam, where she has to meet her client, the passionate of facial cumshots.

I envy that man, I confess.

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