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Alexa Escort Girl In Amsterdam, 24 years old from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Alexa Blonde Amsterdam Escort


Alexa was born into a family of extremely wealthy entrepreneurs and has grown into the most unbridled luxury. She has always had beautiful clothes, sports cars, jewelry, fashionable shoes, money and the possibility to satisfy every whim in a short time.
But Alexa was not satisfied with this life, because she felt that something inside her could not be filled, and she wanted to understand how to satisfy that need. Alexa read many biographies and traveled all over the world, and thanks to her experience she realized that her burning fire was an unstoppable desire to transgress and break all the rules that had limited her life.
Alexa then began to experience sex in all its forms, with men, women, with erotic toys, with more people, and each experience made her extremely happy, and one day she decided to turn her passion into her career.
Alexa has worked hard on her body, training with innovative oriental methods and with a perfect diet, to obtain her stunning body, which, together with her natural talent for transgression, makes her ideal for all customers looking for something unique and never seen before.
Alexa can dominate and be dominated, loves extreme games and situations that can hurt, she wants physical contact, and a strong manly man, able to put energy and passion in every sexual relationship and that can really give her the 100% of her love.
Alexa is the name of this Empress of transgression, is the name that you will remember forever after only one hour of passion with her because Alexa will show you things that you did not even think existed, and that she regularly does.


Alexa likes to dine at the “Krua Thai” Classic restaurant. Book a table with her in the restaurant to observe the culture and charm of Alexa, and how she manages to make even a typical dinner at the restaurant erotic and exciting.
Alexa demands elegance and will send you photos to allow you to choose the best dinner outfit.


Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful European capitals, and you can visit it in a very new way with the beautiful Alexa. Visit the Albert Cuyp Market with her and o shopping together. It will be an experience you will never forget and that Alexa will make transgressive and hot.


Alexa is a sex bomb, and will prove it in a private meeting in a luxury hotel room. Her favorite is the Wyndham Apollo Hotel Amsterdam, but she can reach you anywhere in the city, ready to drive you crazy with her talent.

Make a list of what you want to do, and Alexa will respect it.



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